Chinese National TV Reporting Impending UFO/ET Disclosure by Obama Government

Alfred Lambremont Webre, Seattle Exopolitics Examiner, January 21, 2011

Chinese National Television Xinhua news is now reporting an impending extraterrestrial disclosure by the Obama administration.

The unprecedented national China TV news bulletin that U.S. President Barack Obama may be preparing to disclose U.S. relations with specific extraterrestrial races was broadcast on the official channel Xinhua on January 4, 2011 on the eve of China President Hu Jintao’s state visit to the United States.

President Hu is presently visiting a Chinese language facility in Chicago, IL as of this writing on January 21, 2011.

View China National TV reporting impending ET disclosure by Obama administration readers can view the China TV news broadcast above in this article on by clicking in the URL below:



The original Xinhua news article and news broadcast can be accessed at this URL:

ET Disclosure Race?

The Xinhua China TV broadcast on the official news channel stating that President Barack Obama may be preparing an official U.S. disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence by one perspective may be fueled by an “Extraterrestrial disclosure race” now developing between China, the U.S., and other major space powers as to which nation will be the first nation will use the authority of its Head of State and secret ET files to authoritatively declare there is an extraterrestrial presence on Earth.

The first nation to authoritatively announce the Extraterrestrial presence stands to gain world prestige and trust in the eyes of the increasingly extraterrestrially-sophisticated more than 6.89 billion personspopulating the Earth at this time.

One journalist, Michael Cohen, notes that “Prime time TV news broadcasts announcing the upcoming US UFO admission…. have been beamed to the living rooms of hundreds of millions of intrigued Chinese citizens.

“Commentators and analysts now believe a new cold war over alien and UFO secrets is underway between the two superpowers.

“The historic decision [by Xinhua by Chinese national Television agency] to broadcast this news is seen as stemming from fears that the US might steal China’s glory and admit an alien presence on Earth before Beijing does.

“In fact, neither side particularly wants to admit to the public that they are in contact with aliens, however at the same time, they do not want the other side to do so first. In other words, if there is UFO admission both nations want it to be their moment of glory.

“The recent news broadcasts are probably a way for progressive elements within the Communist party to nudge the notoriously cautious President Hu Jintao by bringing to his attention the possibility that America might steal his moment and come clean.

“In an era where both superpowers possess enormous nuclear arsenals it is essential that the race to UFO disclosure does not heat up into fully blown conflict, or else alien observers themselves might be forced to intervene.”

An opposite view by a China ET observer

One veteran China observer of expolitical affairs takes an opposite view.

He writes, “The political processes associated with Chinese National Security including elements forming political mass [interpret UFOs as] a danger to the stability of Chinese Society.

“Chinese say ‘eat rice’! remember that for as long as you are watching Chinese politics. They eat rice but do not spit any out whilst talking. These people are strategists and the finest poker players on the planet. They will not disclose anything.

“The Youtube video in Mandarin is of President HU talking about websites in the USA that put up sensationalist articles on UFOs, ET and disclosure. He spoke about the USA making some good films like CONTACT but some rather exaggerated and over the top films like 2012.

“Everyone in China knows that the China /Obama disclosure story is a rumor; but at the same time everyone knows that China is being buzzed by UFOs which have closed 2 airports and created amazing aerial displays from time to time, particularly noted by Chinese academics in astronomy.

“My view is to forget about this China/Obama disclosure issue at this point in time because most people here see disclosure as an organic process, under ET timing and methodologies; a process which is intensifying alongside changes in the earths basic resonances. A necessary cosmic conditioning process for masses by the ETs, without the need for a disclosure date by a terra politician. China see’s the US people as helpless, trapped by financial disaster and under extreme control of a shadow government. They love the US people but despise the US shadow government.”

Chinese science and the extraterrestrial presence

In 2010 there were major overflights of UFOs over Chinese airports, shutting the airports down. Whether all of these are of extraterrestrial origin remains to be seen.

The extraterrestrial presence appears to be a more open one in mainstream Chinese science than in mainstream western science.

A leading Chinese extraterrestrial expert, “the oft-quoted Zhang Yifang, professor of physics at Yunnan University and Director of the Kunming UFO Research Association, recently claimed aliens are alive and well and living in Yunnan, Heilongjiang and Xinjiang. ‘The complicated terrain of these places makes them perfect for observation of us earthlings,’ he says. ‘But I believe they are nice and they have no intention of attacking us. Perhaps they are shape-shifters camouflaged as human beings or they have manufactured human-like robots to watch us.’”

“’UFOs are not just rumors, or fake science like some people think,’ he told That’s Shanghai. ‘It is a fact that the entire human race has to face. It needs our attention and study. Although the majority of mainstream scientists have a negative attitude towards UFOs at the moment, there are still some who recognize their existence. Since the late 1970s, UFO witness cases have started to appear frequently, and more and more scientists are starting to study it too, for example, Pan Junye, an academic at the China Engineering Academy, Zhu Jin from Beijing Observatory, and Wang Sichao from the Nanjing Observatory.’

“As if that wasn’t spooky enough, scientists at Nanjing’s Purple Mountain Observatory say that during last summer’s eclipse, they filmed an unidentified flying object near the sun for a full 40 minutes. As observatory director Ji Haisheng says, it will take months of footage analysis before the team can reach a conclusion, but still!

“Lou Jinhong, Director of the Shanghai UFO Research Center, is Shanghai’s No. 1 UFO expert. He served in the PLA’s No. 9 Aviation School in the 1970s, studied aircraft and later went on to work at the Shanghai Aircraft Research Institute. In short, he knows his flying objects, identified or otherwise.


“Lou acknowledges that 95 percent of reported UFO sightings are just hoaxes or misunderstandings, as witnesses often mistake Venus or Jupiter for more mysterious heavenly bodies.

“All the same, Lou is convinced that his own sighting was no mistake. ‘On September 26, 1971, I was serving in the PLA’s No.9 Aviation School, and my troop was located in a small valley in the suburb of Laohekou, Hubei. After dinner, we walked to the park to watch an open-air film. I can still remember, it was a colored film from North Korea called Flower Girl. The sky was very beautiful and clear, dotted with many stars. I looked up in the sky by chance and suddenly saw a spiral-shaped object slowly flying across the sky. It was twice as big as a full moon and the speed was similar to an airplane. We were all from the aviation school, so we had learned aircraft principles, discussed aircraft stories and seen many real aircraft. But no one had ever seen anything like this. Back then, no one had any idea what a UFO was, but we all definitely eliminated the possibility of it being any kind of manmade object. Since then, a giant question mark has been stamped in my head.’

“Lou argues that it’s only rational to assume Earth is not the only special planet. The conditions necessary for developing life aren’t so extreme, so we shouldn’t be the only sons of the universe, he says.

“’If I really had the chance to meet aliens, especially humanoids with intelligence, I would treat them like my own friends and family, welcome them with enthusiasm and attention, and chat with them so we would learn from each other. I believe if they can travel to our planet, it means their politics, economy, technology and culture must be more advanced than ours. So through communication, it will have an immeasurable impact on the development of us human beings.’”


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  1. Why is this article that is dated January 21 2011, being posted now ?

    • Because articles do not always come into my awareness on the day they are written/released. Articles are not invalid just because time has lapsed since their writing. Also, I believe that may be a typo.


      • I see, I just got really exited when I saw the title. This might be relevant because tonight is Obamas State Of the Union Address

  2. If you listen carefully to the youtube reporter, he actually said that this piece of news that they were reporting originated from a gossip web site from the USA.

    • Thank you for pointing that out. Unfortunately I don’t speak Mandarin…


  3. Regardless of the source for this announcement being gossip, isn’t it still extremely significant that Chinese mainstream media would be reporting on such an issue?

  4. obama disclosure on e.t.? nonsense! he had every opportunity on different occassions and almost ridiculed it like in the press gallery.
    he didn’t even offer to lift national security oath restrictions on officials who wanted to testify against government ufo coverups.
    he is no different than gw bush.
    john mccain , bill clinton and in particular ronald reagan pushed far harder FOR disclosure.

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