Saint Germaine: Identifying the Controllers’ Methods

[Note From the Healers Journal: After reading this article/channeling this morning, I was unsure as to wether I should post it or not– not because it decried many of the common notions in the lightworker community or cast doubt on some of the messages out there now, but because the channel seems to either be unclear or has only a mediocre grasp of english grammar (no offense!).  Either way, the message feels akward/wierd to me and I am looking to start a dialog and get an idea of everyone’s feelings on the truthfulness of this post.  How does it sit with you?  What are your thoughts?  Use the comment form below the article.]

Saint Germaine via Aruna

All of the predictions that have been made by the controllers are not accurate. How do you determine what is from the controllers and what comes from the divine architects of the New Earth? Start with this checklist:

1. Controllers decide what will keep darkness alive. Are you moving into communities that co-create happiness or are you waiting to be moved to another place on a master plan of collecting the most aware? Which would the controllers advise?

2. Are many going to collectively ascend because they have done their clearing or is all clearing not needed? Are the controllers advising you to demonstrate more love? Are they directing you to do clearing?

3. Are the controllers demonstrating the light in any of their messages? Are they guiding you to becoming more divisive or more caring?

4. Can you ask them questions about the darkness in anything? Are they suggesting that you live with negative attitudes towards those not as caring as you are? Condemnation is the way to be dense. Condemning anyone for anything is a dark, negative attitude.

5. Prayer is not mentioned when controllers decide on a new comment to deceive. Are you giving divine connection any consideration in the fantasy based material?

6. Place yourself at a controller’s desk composing a drama that feeds the continuation of a dream. What are the guidelines?
a. Distract from what is actually occurring.
b. Make up a good dream that takes its place.
c. Convey the lie that they get the dream because of their great contribution to humanity.
d. Allay their fear so you can control them when they are afraid.
e. Prepare them for moving toward the thing they fear the most— control of their mind.
f. Make messages that are only what they want to be told.
g. Answer their concerns with an active dialog about the darkness in another.
h. Answer man’s desire for more delights with the conditions you make up.
i. Cleverness is the key—distract them  so they do not even consider most of the actual conditions about to occur. Call for the disclosure of this darkness.
j. Never give any data that would create demand for a shift in consciousness above denial.
k. Continue to eliminate humanity’s ability to determine their own destiny by placating their concerns with wishful thinking.

What comes next is managed demonstrations of crowd control. Are they giving you guidance about their most calculated guess, their ability to control all? Are you able to call them on their deception? Can you do anything to delay them in carrying out their actual calling— making about half of the population content with anything that distracts them from whatever can be done.

Who are the controllers? Are they Masters disguising themselves as controllers? Of course not, they are controllers disguising themselves as Ascended Masters, Galactic Federation envoys and Archangels, etc. Our domain of contact has been denied, and the controllers are now leading almost all channeling that comes out of the hearts of those also in denial of accurate material.

Clearing allows you to connect with divine consciousness, instead of only accepting what you hear or read. Get your own contact with the Masters instead of depending on channeling that is made to deceive you. Are you able to see the denial going on when you accept their tone and direction for the future? This denial destroys your mission of bringing in the light.

The Counsel of the Galactic Federation contains deceivers. Some are from Orion. Others are not only dark, they are not even able to connect to you with a caring demeanor. Change is their desire—change of their own destiny. One way to take over a new territory is to deceive the ones who currently are in that territory. NESARA, and all other concepts that reward “doing nothing”, and blocking all the mental light that can increase awareness is their game. Capture the light in quiet concentration on divine alignment. Breathing, not anger is the way.

Is your glow melting indifference? Are you able to diffuse negativity? Celebrate life and give when there is an opportunity. Giving is the key to a more congruent life with your own heart.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. My opinion is this.

    The messages we get here are usually clear, straightforward, understandable, caring and logical, though sometimes long-winded. And they don’t contradict each other.
    They resonate, they are reassuring.

    This one up here though, is confusing, it’s not clear what exactly it wants to tell us. In fact it doesn’t really tell much, rather it asks a lot of questions.
    The feeling you get from the question tsunami is, like from a scolding parent.
    “I must have done something wrong, but what is it?”
    It instills a feel of unease, uncertainty or even fear.

    Therefore it does exactly what it accuses the other messages of.

  2. I agree with Sey, this message does not flow. It seems to be a message composed logically from the head rather than the heart. I did not finish reading it because it felt wrong. As if someone had spent hours trying to get it right and sadly failed. Good effort, and perhaps a good intention, but trying to pass off your own thoughts as something channeled from a higher realm is a hard sell and not likely to work while you are still in 3D. Bottom line, it is not from St. Germaine IMHO. It could have been a mornings inspiration after some lucid dreaming or perhaps even the composer of this message spent a sleepless night trying to logically figure out the answer to his or her own questions and then in the morning wrote it down.

  3. I agree with Sey and Joel. Message doesn’t ‘feel’ right. Very confusing and hard to get a bottom line take-away message/lesson from this. I resonated with Steve Beckow’s recent post over the weekend about not giving in to fear or fear provoking tactics going on around us right now. This messages seems to provoke fear – fear of being wrong or on the wrong ‘side’, fear of being tricked, etc and it ultimately just results in confusion, which ends up causing fear. Just focus on staying centered and keep sending out those vibrations of light and love towards yourself and everyone else.

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