Today: Worldwide Visualization for a Better World – Saturday, Jan 21, 2012

2012 JANUARY 21

Worldwide Visualization for a Better World: Saturday, Jan. 21, 2012

Zingdad: This year is the year of great change. I think what Mathew’s vision and the Pearl’s Worldwide Visualisation for a better world is keying into, is the will of our collective psyche for us to get together and to bring our co-creative energies to moulding those changes so that they are as peaceful and loving as possible… that the changes serve the greater good of the all. And THIS is what my guided meditation (see below) is about. It is a powerful experience that every person that wishes it can have – and can share with thousands around the globe – which will bring to them the realisation that:

1.  We are One

2.  We create our reality

3.  We are responsible for our creations and must therefore create with awareness and love

You are invited to join this worldwide meditation/intention event that lasts ONE HOUR and starts at the following times:

9 AM California – 12 Noon New York – 5 PM GMT – 6 PM Spain

7 PM Jerusalem – *Please adjust for your time zone.

If you can make at that time that would be great. But a close second-prize would be to join the meditation any time on that day.

The visualization event was created by Mathew Hart, given to him in a dream event recently.

(Click here to read the original story posted January 8.)

To learn more about this event, please go to: Zingdad’s site

In addition, Zingdad has created a guided meditation, endorsed by Mathew Hart, to be used during the worldwide event. You can click on the following link to download it:

Worldwide Visualisation Guided Meditation

Note: You will be downloading a zip archive including an MP3 audio track and a PDF instruction sheet. It has all the details of what to do and how to maximuse your experience.

Here is the video Mathew created, based on the vision/message he received.


To view the video with French subtitles, click here: French

To view the video with Spanish subtitles, click here: Spanish

Here is the written transcript of the video:


I have a vision for the future and it is beautiful.

I see honesty, transparency, and correct thinking in all governments.

I see an end to disproportionate military spending and an equitable reallocation of funding to humanitarian causes, education, infrastructure, job creation, health-care, and environmental preservation and clean-up.

I see an end to corporate interests in government, and an end to the weaponization of space, and an end to unnecessary reliance on fossil fuels, and other non-renewable resources. I know that alternate sources of energy exist, are viable, and can be ultimately inexpensive, but that they have been repressed by misaligned interests.

I also know about false-flags, and media manipulation, and Big Pharma’s quest to keep everyone sick, and Big Agriculture’s quest for world food dominance using unsafe and untested G.M.O.’s. I know about the growing financial divide between the 99% and the 1%, and I know about the N.W.O. and its schemes for population reduction.

And yet, I stand in my light, without fear, and with a beautiful vision for the future because I know that I live in an abundant world with plenty of resources for everyone.

Whether we are 7 billion, 10 billion, or 15 billion, I know that we have the technology, the resources, and the intelligence to find peaceful solutions to our challenges, to create a world without poverty, without starvation, without disease, without war, without suffering.

I know this because I know the truth — the truth that comes from within — the same truth that is within all of us.

And I am compelled by this truth to stand tall, to live in the moment, and to be all that I am, regardless of what is happening in my life or in the world around me.

I have a vision for the future and it is beautiful.

And it is unfolding right now, one awakened heart at a time, on schedule, in alignment with the highest good, and perfect in every way.

Happy 2012 everyone!

Music by Sigur Ros – “Hoppipolla”

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