Wes Annac: Conversations with Mikos

Mios via  Wes Annac


My chats with Mikos are generally more friendly discussions rather than informative talks, but there is some information in this message that both Mikos and I hope you all find useful. The following communication is a product of two separate mornings of discussion between myself and Mikos. 


Wes: Hello Mikos, my dear friend! My, it has been so long since we have chatted!

Mikos: Indeed!


Wes: When was our last communication friend, back in August?


Mikos: Ah dear Wesley, how I have missed your measure of time when we communicate! Indeed it has been quite some ‘time’ as you on the surface are so fond of, but as you know, we here in the higher realms and these cities and landscapes of Agartha, do not feel the steady progression of time as you on the surface do. Do you remember that television show you were watching Wesley, in which discarnate spirits were ‘stuck’ in a house? One of the souls made a mention of existence being ‘one long today’. You remember that, yes?


Wes: Indeed I do Mikos. That phrase really stuck out for me and made me realize what it must be like when the experience of progressing time is cut off, and one only experiences the NOW at all times.


Mikos: We are glad that you viewing such material was able to help put such matters in perspective for you Wesley. However, of course as you know we do not experience the hardships that those fictional characters feel, them being ‘trapped’ in that one area of Creation.

Wes: I know what you mean, friend! Perhaps we should move this conversation along as the souls reading this are not going to know what we are talking about!


Mikos: Ah, such is the nature of inside discussion dear one! Worry not, as when you inhabit more pure realms of consciousness, nothing can be ‘hidden’ so to speak or unknown by others. Every thought, emotion, every feeling is felt by all in the higher realms. Can you image Wesley, feeling one splinter of happiness and having that one little sliver radiated by all around you and turned into the most Joyous, Harmonious and orgasmic feeling that one can ever wish to experience?


Wes: Whoa, pretty colorful description there my friend!


Mikos: Indeed, sometimes what can be labeled as ‘intense’ descriptions are needed to describe the true joyous bounties that the higher dimensions offer for all. Trust me dear soul, when you and all other dear awakening souls on Gaia’s surface are able to catch one glimpse of the all-the-time experience we enjoy here in the higher realms, it would and will be the most intense experience you have ever felt. It will be intense, but that in no way means it will not be joyous or ‘feel good’.


The higher realms will feel like nothing you have felt before, as while existing on Earth’s surface you have chosen to cut yourself off completely from these Lovely feelings which we enjoy every single moment of our amazing existence. You can feel this Loving energy dear Wesley, only in small glimpses. I can tell from my ‘vantage point’ so to speak that you can feel my immense happiness and have always been able to feel it. Remember when we were first starting our communications dear Wesley?


Wes: Ah, yes I do. I thought it was my own ego-filter that made every sentence you spoke end with an exclamation point. I do remember the ‘hello Wesley! We are so happy to see you progressing!’ And it would go on in that fashion. Are you saying that was not my ego filter making you seem overly-excited?


Mikos: First I would like to say dear friend, that in these higher realms there is no such thing as being overly-excited! There is no such thing as being overly-anything! And yes, you were possessing a bit of an ego filter at that time as you were just beginning to hone your skills of bringing us and our energy through, but believe me dear one, you did not mis-read my level of excitement, of happiness at every moment. We are all this happy!


Wes: That is wonderful to know, dear friend! I would Love to be able to feel, even for a moment, the Joy and happiness that you get to feel all of the time!


Mikos: Ask and you shall receive dear one! Focus on receiving and…

Wes: WOW! Are you serious? That is what it feels like? That was amazing!


Mikos: I can feel your exaggeration dear Wesley, and it is appreciated and enjoyed. Once you are able to get on with transmuting the last of those lower energies you are still holding within yourself, [my] energies will break through that guard of unhappiness that was serving to keep them away and hold them back.


Wes: Alright, you busted me… I didn’t feel very much but what I did feel was quite great! Now, let’s talk about these energy gates.


Mikos: Talk away!


Wes: I have been in discussion with the Hathors, the Ascended Masters and a few others about the energy-gates coming online and sending Earth’s way more pure forms of Source energy. I have been told of the process of sending this reality-creating energy to us on the surface, and I have also recently become aware of one of these gates of energy existing right in my own back yard, so to speak. I had assumed that the souls inhabiting the lower realms of our sun send this Source energy to Earth and it comes directly through our bodies and chakras to create our reality as we are the Supreme Creators of this reality we are in. However, I have started to become aware of another step in this process, that has to do with the energy gates existing invisibly in many places in Earth’s atmosphere. I do not know all about it, so would you care to explain a little bit?


Due to chaotic events manifesting right as I was talking with Mikos (and it subsequently leading me to frustration and lower energies) the connection was a bit cut-off for this communication. I picked up the communication the next morning so that we could continue the message.


Wes: Well Mikos, shall we give this another go dear friend?


Mikos: Yes dear Wesley, let us begin this discussion right where it left off!


Wes: Sounds great dear friend!


Mikos: Indeed, there is another step in the process of sending this reality-creating energy to your world and through your bodies, that you were not yet aware of until your recent discovery. The energy sent to Earth’s astral realms from the lower realms of the Sun, is directed through by various beings working on higher astral levels of the Earth. You have known these beings as the Hathors, Wesley, but there are many more types and variations of beings working in the astral realms of the Earth to bring the Source energy through.

As this energy comes along to those souls in Earth’s higher astral realms, just as with all of the souls who previously received the energy, they will dim the purity of the energy a bit to fit in with the lower realms it is being sent to. After a certain point, the energy must bleed through from the etheric and the astral, to the physical which is your realm and of course, further along to the astral realms even lower than your physical.


Wes: Ok, this makes sense so far friend. I had assumed that we were the ‘gates’ that brought the energy through from the etheric to the physical, as we have the torsion fields within ourselves that make it possible for interaction with the etheric realms.


Mikos: You are very close to being correct dear Wesley, and can I just say how proud we all are down here of every soul on the surface, every Atlantean who has both woken up to the truths of Life around them, and the reality that is the very hollow influence that the ‘elite’ in power on your world operate with. I could get into a whole other discussion about them guiding you to destroy Atlantis and Lemuria, but perhaps we should stay on topic.


Wes: Agreed friend, there will always be plenty of ‘time’ to talk about that!


Mikos: Anyway, yes dear Wesley you do all carry the torsion fields or what some know as chakras within you, and you receive the Logos energy through your chakras and this is how you are the Supreme Creators of your reality, as you are the final beings that this energy comes through to create your reality and beliefs. This is why we have stressed the importance of monitoring and guiding your own thoughts and feelings, and if at all possible not letting them be of a lower or depressing nature (unless of course one wishes to feel low and depressed – that is their freewill choice and we never judge) as you will be creating more damaging experiences if you stick to a mindset of depression.


So yes dear Wesley, you do in fact have the final say-so about how your reality is manifested, and it simply takes breaking the cycle of frustration and unhappiness, and making a clear and honest effort within yourself to feel and experience only the greatest of good, only the happiest and most wondrous of feelings. Believe me, when you are able to radiate joy and happiness no matter what frustrating or otherwise situation occurs in your Lives, you will have truly become a Master walking upon the Earth.


Wes: I have been getting hints of the right way to go in terms of what you are saying, though it is much easier said than done.


Mikos: Well dear friend, is that not what makes it a challenge?


Wes: Very good point friend. Proceed.


Mikos: Very well then. Now, the only missing piece so to speak that you have not yet been informed of, is that the Hathors of these Earthly astral planes and all of the other souls inhabiting Earth’s higher astral realms who send this energy down, they do not directly send the energy from their etheric realms straight through your bodies and chakras. First the energy must feed into Gaia’s recently-established Light grid, and that is where the [invisible-to-the-naked-eye] energy gates that are established all around Gaia’s atmosphere come into play. Dear souls, it is not just you all who carry these torsion fields, these direct links to the astral planes within you. Dear Gaia also has these torsion fields, both within her in our Crystal Cities and our fields, but also in her atmosphere.


Wes: Why can we not see these torsion fields, these links to other realms?

Mikos: Can you see the torsion fields you carry within you dear one?

Wes: No, no I cannot.


Mikos: And yet you still know and understand that you have them, yes?


Wes: Indeed friend I do.


Mikos: In fact, you would not be in communication with me at this very moment if you did not have the chakras established in your subtle bodies, correct?


Wes: Correct dear friend, I see what you are saying now.


Mikos: And it is much the same with Gaia and Her atmosphere; without these gates of energy, these warp points already existing in Her atmosphere, we would have had a substantially difficult time [re]establishing Her Light Grid! And when I say we, I do not just mean us here in Agartha and your extraterrestrial brethren and sistren. I mean all of us, as even many unawakened souls on Earth through their interaction with the sleep realms helped form, recreate and maintain Gaia’s Light Grid. You are still helping to this very moment dear souls!


Wes: I understand now, thank you for the information Mikos. Before we go ahead and call it quits for today, would you care to give us a basic outline of how, with this extra step now brought to my/our attention, this Logos energy is sent to our reality and through our bodies to manifest from say, the astral realms of the sun?


Mikos: I would be glad to, dear friend! As you know from your communications with Solara, those beings inhabiting the realms of our Sun receive this energy, in slightly distorted forms from the previous souls receiving it who had distorted it to fit in with the realms of the Sun. Those souls in the astral realms of the Sun receive the energy and dim it’s purity to fit in with the lower astral realms it is going to be sent to.


Wes: I have to stop you for a second. How many astral realms are in the sun?


Mikos: Ah dear one, that would be like trying to count the blades of grass across entire countries! There are many, and they have their own parallel astral realms which make the Creation go on into infinity. Our Creator would not have it any other way! The souls inhabiting the numerous realms of the Sun receive this energy and dim it before sending it on through to other realms. Eventually, this energy reaches the higher astral realms of Earth, where beings such as the Hathors bring it on through and dim it some more, to fit in with the densities of Earth. Mind you dear souls, the Hathors that Wesley is in communication with, are a few of the numerous Hathors who are performing various different tasks for the Light on a moment-to-moment basis.


Those souls send the energy down to denser Earthly realms after dimming its purity, and eventually this energy reaches the realms just ‘above’ and the realms matched with your third dimensional, surface-Earth realm. Now, as spoken of above, this energy needs a way to come through from the astral to the physical. And so what happens is, this energy is sent through the warp-points (energy gates) established in Gaia’s atmosphere, where it is then brought through to your physical plane as it manifests your reality, moment by moment. Can you imagine dear souls that this seemingly hard to understand process is in fact occurring every single moment of existence, to maintain yours and many, many other realities?


Wes: It is truly mind-boggling my friend. How does this energy come through us to Create our reality, if it is also coming through these torsion fields in Gaia’s atmosphere?


Mikos: Just like that dear soul!


Wes: Ha-ha, ok. I know that statement of yours must be easier to understand from a higher dimensional perspective, but would you care to explain a bit more for us surface earthlings?


Mikos: Certainly! Until your ascension processes take you to higher realms of consciousness which will both expand your current chakras and open up chakras that you didn’t even know you had, your bodies and spirit require a little assistance to bring all of this energy through. It would be too demanding, take too much of a toll on your physical as well as subtle bodies were you all to bring all of this energy through yourselves.


Tack on the fact that many still Living in the surface third dimension are completely unaware of anything like what we are discussing, it would violate their freewill to send their bodies so much Logos energy for them to Create with, as the constant reality-creating Logos coming through them would make them aware of the process, simply through the strain that bringing this energy through without any assistance would put on them. It would be an imbalance!

And so, we have established these more expansive torsion fields and gates of energy in Gaia’s atmosphere. Some of these gates are now reacting vastly to the new energies coming in and to the newer gates opening all around Gaia’s atmosphere and outside of her atmosphere as well, and as such they are beginning to get very strong. You have heard of such strong gates that have warped people through them, to astral realms of Earth and at times, to us here in Agartha. We have a special, ‘teleportation pad’ if one wishes to call it that, here in Telos near our library, for souls who are coming through these warp-points by accident.


Wes: Well, thank you for talking with me today and yesterday Mikos, I think from these two mornings we have worked up quite a communication. I look forward to chatting with you again very soon, hopefully not in four months!


Mikos: Worry not about that dear Wesley. As long as you wish me to, I am here for you and with you, and that goes for all who wish to feel the energy of the Divine.

Thank you to Mikos.

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