St. Germaine: Mental Caring vs. Active Caring

Saint Germaine via Aruna

Many of my chelas have become less conscious because of their dire circumstances. Facing their fears is the only way to move forward. Instead of giving up, they need to keep looking for answers. Instead of making just any cause an answer to their need for money, the request for divine intervention is more  congruent with their heart’s actual desire.

Ascension was a mass delivery of new consciousness to all who did what was needed to ascend. The first wave of ascension has already occurred, but the call to those not yet ascended has not been fully disseminated. Only those who are now ascended can deliver those who have not been able to clear their incorrect beliefs about themselves.

Happiness cancels dross. Happiness can delete at least half of the negativity trapped in cellular memory. Casting aside your disturbance is what activates an ongoing energy of caring that develops within the human heart. Beginning on 11-11-11 we did all we could to cause more caring on all levels of man’s development. Angels are only caring. Angels do only giving, they do not consider their own career or monetary desires. We want you to be angels in human form—giving to all, not only those in obvious need. All of mankind is needing caring right now. What does caring appear as? Whatever enables another to care about themselves. It is not an act of delivering good thoughts or meditating to link up with those in need. To give an angel’s way is to act on the heart’s desire to give, not just make a mental delivery of light.

Peace in the consciousness of only one man can deliver more to humanity than a mental action that seeks to control another’s destiny. In the direct giving method, caring is the only thought. Praise and drama about caring actions is not a reason to give, the mind doesn’t need any more applause. Only complete angelic giving matters to mass consciousness.

Fancy clothes, great cars and placating children are not going to improve man’s destiny. The acquisition of cars, clothes and anything other than good health are not reasons for delivering angelic caring. Only giving from the heart matters. Clothing does nothing to cleanse negative thinking. Practices that calm the mind donate more than directing caring thoughts to an area or an individual. Cancelling an area’s negativity will not occur and no choices of a material nature will get delivered. Give with your own hands and act with your mind only as needed.

Choosing a method to give can be easy. Ask God to lead you to the one needing your action. Always follow your own inner guidance to make a choice. Caring comes with no attachment to outcome. Face the darkness within without telling any lies to the other dancers in the story. Fabricating any detail in what you say to another is also lying to yourself. Bring accurate messages to life. All who deceive by delivering messages that are not what they are actually thinking are draining the energy out of an opportunity to care. Fighting for attention with words is about control, not caring.  Mandates that deliver caring answers are delivered to the angels to act on. Other caring options will become available to you when unqualified caring becomes your way of being.

Clear your darkness by naming the cause and deciding that this was what was needed for your growth. Your cells will allow more detachment when fear is not in the way. Accept that those who die or leave you, or make themselves sick do so because it was their decision, and this decision has nothing to do with you. Stop discussing death as a negative occurrence. A death can bring others to more awareness about their own death and dying choices.

Clear out the dross of your mental desires and focus on the delivery of caring to others. All your dreams can answer the dream of another, as they are also you.

When freed of dross, those who have contributed to another’s ability to love will be an anchor of light. It is a divine man who loves as a natural way of being. Caring comes naturally when the negative ego has been dissolved. Awaken to this in yourself by being more caring.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
by Aruna

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