The Pleiadian High Council: You are Undergoing a Master Ascension

Pleiadian High Council via Wes Annac

Wes: Hello to the Pleiadian High Council. How have you been, friends? It has been quite a minute since we have chatted.


Pleiadian High Council: Hello dear Wesley, we are feeling wonderful as always. It pains us to watch you go through what you do, but if you had our perspective you would know that the lessons which are turning you inside out, are serving to expose demons in yourself, that you grew comfortable with and acquainted yourself with whilst in the low vibrations of Earth. These demons originally came to you as incarnate people on Earth, who were and still are of a very dark nature. You befriended them and grew a relationship with them for survival purposes. You have been told that you spent incarnations in Illuminati families, yes?


Wes: Yes dear friends I have, though I do not remember much about it.


PHC: Indeed dear one. You met those souls before your ventures into the Illuminati families, and they followed you into such families, playing the [various] role(s) of your father, brothers and sisters, through various Illuminati incarnations, respectively.


Wes: So I am correct in feeling that I have associated with these beings before, and that they are not just some dark entities who have attached themselves to me because of my vulnerability with my channeling?


PHC: Dear one, you are performing the Creator’s work! At this stage of your journey, at this final incarnation, would it make any sense for us or your guides to let any darker being through to influence you, that you did not directly wish for interaction with? The time of dark beings coming to this world and doing whatever they please is over dear soul. As such, neither you nor your spiritual guides are letting any dark entities that you were not previously associated with, come through to usurp your energy. The beings around you at present (and yes dear soul, it is still more than one) have been with you for a millennia on the Earth plane, and they are now making their final stands against you as you proclaim your Love and dedication to the ascension of Earth.


Dear soul, you spent quite a few incarnations in some nasty past lives, and we do not say that to label or make you feel like a villain. We simply wish for you to be, even only slightly, aware of the level of darkness you had immersed yourself in based on the karma you gained from the experience of Atlantis. If you were fully aware of all that you had done, you would understand why you are still to this day being tempted by these last few influential ‘demons’. We know that you will get past these lessons dear Wesley as you are now carrying the Light of Source within you at all times, and no matter how low the lower actions you may commit or speak of even in this your current incarnation, that Light is shining brighter than it ever has and it shall be your guiding Light out of the darkness that even now you find yourself having trouble getting away from.


We would like to guide to all dear souls, when you feel darkness coming up within yourself, when you feel urges or impulses that seem to be of a darker nature, that you yourself may not quite understand why it is coming out of you the way it is, we wish you to know that you are feeling old darkness, old experiences, even if only slightly. Your astral bodes still carry all of the experiences of past Lives on this world, and the actions you committed in these past Lives, be they of the Light or dark, are now coming up for your final review and release.


This is one of the final, yet most difficult aspects of your ascension dear souls. As you truly begin to ready yourself to integrate more pure forms of energy that will serve to dispel and transmute the darkness held within, this darkness must come up for karmic review, so you can see how you react when feeling such lower emotions and past karmic feelings. Think about it dear souls, when looked upon from a different perspective, would you not rather have it that way? Would you not feel a bit incomplete after ascending if you did not face the last heavy feelings and emotions of the karma of your past Lives, head-on?


We do wish you to know that what you are feeling now with these karmic emotions and thought patterns coming up for release, is a very small aspect of the actual pain and suffering that many of you felt whilst in the lower realms of Earth. We would never wish for you to be given more than you can handle, and while many of you feel at present like you are being given too much to deal with, we know that you carry the Light within you to dispel all darkness and we know that your Love and reason will prevail. When you see the darkness in others, try to look past the surface happenings and ask yourself why you are being shown these lower actions of another. Why are you being shown brutality, or other happenings of a lower vibration?


Consider dear souls, that when you witness such heart-wrenching things as you are sometimes exposed to on Earth, consider that as you see such things you are actually being shown a part of yourself, a part of yourself that has been for so long still immersed in darkness. This is a very swift ascension process, both for Mother Earth and for all of you. The ascension process of a planet is usually progressed at a much slower pace, but with matters on Earth what they are, a speedy ascension of sorts is necessary. Of course, that does not mean that you are not still receiving a genuine ascension experience; it is simply much more difficult. It is, if you will, a Master Ascension. As that is what each and every one of you are becoming – Masters!


However, a part of becoming an Ascended Master is learning to recognize when lower karmic issues are coming up to the surface for review and transmutation.


Dear souls, everything does indeed happen for a reason, and you are never given random events in your lives; they are meant to make you question why you are being shown what you are. At times we wish you to question what you are being shown in your Lives as those questions will lead to more questions, deeper ingrained questions with which the answers will lead you to very higher states of knowledge and Universal Consciousness. However, while it is very good to question the events set before you, we wish you to know that nothing ever happens to you ‘just because’ – your guides never give you difficult Life lessons just to watch you struggle. Ah dear souls, if you only knew how focused and concentrated all of these efforts really are!


Everything that happens to you on your Life path, is first Created not by us, not by your guides but by YOU – by higher-dimensional aspects of yourselves hanging just off of the boundaries of the third dimension, who in accordance with your Higher Self manifests the Life lessons for you to be shown. As mentioned above, this is an accelerated ascension process with Earth and all Living upon Her surface, so those of you who are in this ascension for the long haul have and may continue to experience very difficult, at times gut-wrenching Life lessons. Pain has been a necessary aspect of the lower vibrations, as the feeling of pain is the opposite of the feeling of Love.

Dear souls, every lower emotion or feeling – pain, frustration, anxiety, grief, fear – it is all the same lower vibrations and feelings, simply packaged differently. And the same goes for the higher feelings – Love, Joy, ecstasy, excitement, and general happiness, all of these feelings are expressions of the higher dimensional feelings of pure Love, in which we in the higher realms feel and exist as. When you feel pain come up in your Lives, remember that it is an aspect of the old, of the lower vibrations which are now being transmuted on this world at a rapid pace.


When you feel grief, anxiety, frustration, any of those feelings, remember that they are the same low vibrations, simply packaged differently. At times, you have a tendency to let yourselves feel and harbor a lower feeling or emotion, rather than letting it go or transmuting it, because it is a ‘special’ brand of fear or pain that you feel needs to be continually felt. Perhaps the pain is due to an energy block, or a traumatic experience felt in past Lives or even current Lives. You wish to continue to feel these lower emotions, because you brand them as special, as feelings that are somehow not a part of the same lower vibrations that you are growing past.


You feel that this pain needs to be harbored and felt, when the truth dear ones is that like all pain, like all frustration and all feelings of a lower nature, such feelings are now coming up from within, from old and lower-dimensional past Lives, to be transmuted and forgiven, to start its energetic Life anew as pure Source energy. We make the call to you now dear souls: do not let yourselves harbor these old and lower feelings and emotions. Transmute them and let them fly freely throughout Creation!


It is not just these energies that are being transmuted and turned anew, dear souls. This is the ascension process of Earth, and every last atom inhabiting her surface, be it what you may consider to be ‘inanimate’ or not, every atom and molecule of Creation on Gaia’s surface is ascending. Ponder that dear souls, and we will be with you helping you to understand the monumental effects for the Light that simply letting go of and transmuting those lower energies that come up for review, has upon yourselves, your spirit complexes and your world.


Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council.

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