High Council of Orion: Stay Grounded Through These Changing Energies

High Council of Orion via Karen Doonan


Welcome dear ones we are here to further guide and support at a time where many will feel like they are walking through a dream that no longer makes any sense. Much of the information that is being put out across the planet earth is now disinformation, chaos has reached such levels that many are now having to process conflicting information and we guide for all to try to find balance within. For all is within, the outer simply a reflection of what is going on inside of you. The human reaction to change is often fear and that fear is exaggerating the chaos that is now occurring across the planet.

The Galactic Federation is here dear ones, it has always stood watch over the human race and now unprecedented numbers of humans are now experiencing the light ships and able to digest that the human race is not alone. As many more humans begin to accept TRUTH and accept their stellar origins then more and more of the light ships will be seen. You cannot see what you cannot understand and that is being shown to many, many humans across the planet. All is in plain view dear ones and no one hides anything from you.

The teachings that have kept your enslaved energetically for many aeons are now beginning to thin and for those who are working at moving through the veils this will reveal great wonders to them. Wonders that were always before their eyes and always there for them to see. We ask now for all to begin to detach from the chaos and the lower level energetic vibrations of those who are not awake and who cannot feel what is happening across the planet. For to fall in vibration and fall to the misinformation will see you hit chaos and be engulfed by that chaos.

Many humans across the planet are in survival mode and this mode was implanted into the human race, we ask why you need to allow this mode to kick into your life experience if you are able to find silence and balance within. For the survival of the human race is secure, there is no information that has been given out that says otherwise and we ask once more for you to process ALL information from whatever source through the heart. Trying to logically work out the coming days and weeks will see you going around in circles, inventing scenarios with your mind that feed into and off the chaos that is unfolding.

Chaos is a natural part of the cycle of life. Chaos is needed to break down that which was there for it no longer serves the human race in any way. Many humans are failing to see this and are falling for the media stories and disinformation that is being broadcast. We guide once more for all to detach from the media no matter the source and to process all with the heart. No one is having this life experience in exactly the same way as you are having this experience yet we note many humans being swayed by those around them. Dear ones those around you who are not awake and who are deeply asleep are not having the same human life experience as you are having and do not have the ability to go within and to centre and rebalance. We ask for you to hold the space for these humans as you anchor yourself and find inner balance. Assuming that the world thinks as you do is the error that many finds themselves making, only you have this life experience no one else in the exact same way.

We guide in relation to the grounding of your energies and guide most strongly for you to do grounding exercises daily to help with many of the symptoms that are being experienced across the planet. As the new energies flood across the planet many are experiencing extreme tiredness and change to sleeping patterns. To address this we guide strongly for you to do visualisation exercises that see you grounding into the planet fully. Many are unaware of the need to ground and reach out to us. Dear ones you are in human incarnation and as such need to be connected to the planet that you are incarnate upon. The need for you to synchronise with planet earth is vital at this time. Your mother goes through many deep changes and this is reflected in the weather patterns that are now sweeping across the world.To harmonise with mother earth, your home planet for this incarnation it is vital to ground into the planet. She will be able to energies and to stablise your energy system. Many are finding that they feel slightly “space out” and this is a result of the new stronger energies. It takes some time to absorb and to anchor the new energies into your energy signature and drinking plenty of fresh water and being careful what you ingest in the way of food will see this anchoring moving at a pace that is acceptable to you. For many are continuing to eat and drink as they previously did and this is at odds with the new energies and how their body is reacting to these new energies.

It is also vital to rest where you can, we watch as many struggle through the day, intent in continuing to do at the detriment to their energy signature, this leads to further confusion for in the extreme tiredness is the ability to absorb lower energy patterns which further make the energy signature wobble. Add all of this together and mass confusion results. If you are finding the chaos difficult, if you feel it is all overwhelming then we guide rest. To rest it may be necessary to further ground before attempting sleep as the mind begins to try to find a logical reason for all that is occurring within and on the planet earth. These are teachings of illusion dear ones and should be detached from. Trust and faith in Self is what is needed at this time of vast change.

We guide in relation to the experiencing of others emotions. Many are now beginning to realise that the new energies are allowing them to experience the emotions of those around them. We guide in relation to this and guide to remind you to clear and shield your energy signature to help with overload. Overload is where you are unable to process all the information that is downloaded, this results in dramas being ignited around you. Unable to cope with more information you may find yourself experiencing lower energetic emotions such as anger and rage as you feel compressed and contained. This will pass if you are honest with yourself and take time out to rest.

We guide that the information that you are taking in is not only in one format. To read words on a page sees you digest the information contained in the words but also the energetic vibration of the words. As humans are now anchoring more light then the vibrations they are able to process increase, this may lead to overload as you begin to get used to this and begin to get used to processing higher and purer energies. The previous energies that engulfed planet earth were lower level once as these clear the higher energetic vibrations will sweep in. This is uplifting and joyful for many humans who are awake but draining if not properly anchored and absorbed.

View this as a learning stage dear ones for you are now in the playground that you were promised, no longer slaves to the old energies you are now free. But that freedom has to be accepted and anchored. The ways of the new will see you begin to embrace all that you have dreamed but the creation of those dreams is now speeding up. Do not underestimate the energy that is used in the creation of dreams, until you get used to the new energies we guide for you to take it easy and not to try to push forward too quickly. It serves no one if you are drained and unable to function due to extreme tiredness.

We are the High Council of Orion and we come through our channel to guide and support and to reassure that all is well. The changes are needed and indeed will be implemented. Much is changing at various levels within your world, many dimensional changes are taking place and the result of this are various symptoms, many of you may experience delayed or missing time during your day, this is the body responding to the changes in different dimensions, for you are not only in this dimension, you may exist in many, many dimensions at once and all changes

create a ripple effect. As you begin to work on harmonising the energies then your vision and your hearing will get stronger and you may be aware of us around you. Many are now experiencing energies much stronger than ever before. It is vital to work with these energies and to anchor and absorb them for all is changing within and upon planet earth. You are in human form and changes to the planet do affect every human alive on the planet.

We step back now to allow you to absorb our words, we are here for all humans at this time, simply reach out to connect with us and we will answer. Your hearing will continue to hone itself and your eyes will continue to adjust. Look to the skies dear ones, for we are all around you. We have always been amongst you, for ALL ARE ONE.

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