Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 72

By Aisha North

Today´s missive will in many ways go into the unknown for many, as we would like to delve deeper into the mysteries of the universe. This may sound fancy, but let us just start by saying that this encompasses so much more than what is apparent to human eyes and indeed any instruments build by humans. You are in so many ways blind to the truth, but that is not your own fault. As we have repeated on many occasions, the human mind has in so many ways been literally blindfolded, and you have been let loose in a very simplified version of the universe, much like children inside the fences of a safe little playground. In other words, you have been separated from the wholeness that the rest of creation is immersed in, and you have been left to fumble and stumble your way inside this enclosure so that you can learn to crawl before you are let outside into the wilderness so to speak to learn to use the full potential of your abilities. For many, this little playground is more than enough, and they struggle to fathom even the simplest of mysteries hidden behind the bushes that covers the ground of your little world, but for a small part of humanity, they cannot help themselves but to seek for the treasures they are so certain are waiting outside the walls of their little haven, and for you, the time has finally come to be allowed outside to play with the rest of us. But in order to do just that, you will have to let go of so many of the misconceptions you have been fed whilst enclosed inside the narrow parameters of a ”normal” human life, and this is what we will once again take the task of helping you with.


We have already touched upon the very intriguing question of time, and how your earthly concept of time is a very narrow one. Already, some of you have started to dip into the vast ocean of endless timelines the rest of us are so used to navigating, and we venture to say that this might have been a little confusing at best. It is by no means an easy task to stay focused when you realize that time is indeed a very malleable source of energy, as you have been born and bred to look upon it as something very constant and unchangeable. This ”still matter” is very far removed from the rush of energy we encounter every time we dip into the timelines, as to us, it is indeed something very living and moving. Time is not the only non-constant entity once you remove yourself from the shackles of a straight and narrow human life, and this will cause much disconcertion as you are all so used to living in very strictly limited confines in so many ways. A linear concept of life is indeed the narrowest of confines, as you do not think that you have any powers to adjust anything in your defined timeline, whereas for us, we can see that any little action taken in the so-called current time will not only affect the upcoming events, it will also alter the actions already undertaken. In other words, our ”history” is very malleable, and it is continuously changing as we evolve further and further. So many humans spend an inordinately amount of time regretting past actions, and they berate themselves for things they have done in a previous part of their lives. For us, that is never an issue, as every time we consciously make a decision on something, it simultaneously alters any connected issues carried out in an earlier part of our lives. This may sound very confusing to you, but it is indeed a natural part of living in a multidimensional universe, or multiverse if you will, and soon, this too will come as natural to you as breathing. It is nothing you have to learn, rather it is something you need to remember, along with so much of the inbred qualities you have been separated from for such a long time. The process of remembering all of this information might be a bit of a challenge however, as so much of it goes against everything you have previously taken for granted or as ”written in stone” as your saying goes.


Now what does this have to do with the universe you might ask. Well, in order for all of you to become fully fledged members of it on par with the rest of us, you need to realize that the picture your scientists are painting of your universe is almost like a drawing made by a very small child. It is mere sratchings, akin to those some animals do when they get a little stick in their hands. This is because just like children, you cannot fathom how this vast creation is put together, and as long as you are only able to detect a very few of the wavelengths of energy that this multiverse is made up of, it is like standing in a totally dark room and trying to describe something by touching only a small part of it with your hands. Even if there seems to be an almost constant stream of new ”discoveries” made by your space scientists and physicists at the moment, and the constantly re-invention of all of their little machines, they can only keep on scratching the surface, as they will not and can not detect the underlying information carried throughout this vast ocean of time and space. For you, the story will be very different indeed, as you are undergoing so many changes that will enable you to see, smell, touch and hear things that will be literally non-existent to others.


For generations, mankind has decided that the secrets hidden in space is something that must be traveled to to be found out, and you have build more and more sophisticated kinds of vehicles that has enabled manmade missions into even farther reaches of the universe. In addition, you have build vast arrays of giant antennas, where eager ears have been listening for years in a valiant hope of hearing some kind of ”intelligent message” being beamed in your direction from the deep darkness of space. We find this very entertaining indeed, as the distance from your world to ours is the tiniest one you can imagine, and there is no need to man a rocket in hope of getting to our shores. As we have talked about earlier, the multiverse is much like a layered cake, comprised of an uknown number of realities superimposed on top of each other, and in order to travel from one to the other, there is certainly no need to don a spacesuit and set your hopes on surviving a long trek into unknown territory. It is almost like in that old film were all you had to do was to click your heels, and then you would automatically be transported to another world. This is what it is like for the rest of us, and some of you have made your maiden voyage in the same manner already, even if the memories of said journey might be a little bit murky in your brains. There is a very obvious explanation for this, because in order for you to literally survive this transition from a single universe being to a multiverse being, your brain and your physical body have a lot of adjustment to do. It would do you no good if you managed to shift into another dimension, but you literally lost your mind doing so. It might sound like a very, very tempting journey to do, but even for those well prepared beforehand, it is a mighty challenge to comprehend and adapt to it all, so you will as in all other cases concerning your ascension be taken through it in increments. We know that some of you are very impatient indeed, but alas, this process cannot be forced either, so you will just have to bide your time. But never doubt that you will be a fully fledged member of this mythical multiverse sooner than you think!


Let us just return to the matter of your scientists and their futile efforts in decoding the mysteries of the universe. Do not forget that for some of them, the time has come to literally see the light in all of it´s shapes and forms, and this will finally set mankind on a true course for tomorrow. The information that some if them have been seeded with is on such an advanced level, it will almost blow the minds of their compatriots. When these fine men and women wake up one day and truly understand the information we have planted in their brains by the help of so many of you, it will bring forth a veritable fountain of knowledge that will help mankind correct the error of their ways and return this planet to the pristine condition she once was in. This will to many sound like a fanciful dream, and you think that mankind is too set on self-destruction and time is fast running out. Never forget, time is literally on our side, and you will in that aspect never run out of time, at least not those of you who have chosen to take the step into the new timeline. For those still clinging to the old, the truth is indeed that they will run out of time, and time is indeed much shorter than they think. Therefore, this little planet is now harboring two kinds of humans: those who have chosen to believe in a bright new future, and those who have chosen to go down with the ship s it were. In other words, the duality has become manifest in two separate lines, and you dear reader, we venture to think is already well and truly attached to the bright and shining new one. We wish you welcome dear souls, you will have the time of your lives as this reality will slowly but surely outgrow and overwrite the old one.

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