2012 Inspired Forecast

Jade Fire via Ellaeenah


Dearly Beloved, many of you have experienced highs and lows in 2011, the likes of which you may have rarely experienced earlier. Many of you have come through these stronger, your energies much clearer. Do not allow your fortitude and spirit to waver in 2012 as the first half of the year demands even greater cleansing from you. The Earth is poised to enter a wondrous threshold of Unity and Joy. For this, it is essential to leave behind everything that creates a hurdle in your path.


Two pillars of the 3D world will come under the laser focus of the Universal Light, and will encounter a vigorous ‘shake up’. The first of these pillars will be the need and greed pattern of the human race. The entire financial system is based upon this pattern, and the materialism that the 3D world is synonymous with, has been strengthened by it. This pattern must be uprooted. The current financial system must slowly give way to a service based shift, which highlights abundance and not lack. It is the belief in lack and insufficiency that translates into the need and greed pattern. It is time that your world believes in the reality of plenty. Any possession that you covet or are unable to let go of, will be eased away from you. You have long experienced the tentative thrill of having and taking and holding on. Now experience the eternal joy of giving, and sharing and letting go.


This pattern has also created havoc in your relationships. Just as you use money and possessions to fill those empty places within, you also demand that another’s love, attention and devotion to you, do the same. This is the second pillar that needs to be overhauled. This year will provide you with many, many opportunities to review your close relationships first, and then all other relationships as well. How many of these relationships flourish or have gone sour because of this need and greed pattern? How many of your relationships are based on genuine giving; giving without ANY expectation? The shake-ups will prod you to answer these questions…TRUTHFULLY.


In order to facilitate these shifts, the influence of the outer planets will be felt most strongly. The Planetary Teacher, Saturn, will join hands with the Karmic OverLord, Neptune, and will bring about transformations and transmutations, both globally and individually, with the help of the activated Uranus and Pluto. Knowing how these planets personally influence you, will help you to better understand your journey in 2012, and the decade to follow. Of course,as per your habit, your first reaction will be to resist these shifts and deny the patterns within you, but the greater your resistance, the louder your denial, the stronger will be the influence that Uranus and Pluto wield upon you.


2012 will strongly urge you to redefine power and control. Thumping your chest and shouting loudly of your independence is not power. Standing rigidly is not a show of control. Power does not need reaction to exhibit itself, and control does not need to be thrown in the face of the world.


Before we conclude this message, we would dearly like to urge you to take a much closer look at your need for self-aggrandizement. This need greatly boosts your ego, even as you use your spiritual knowledge and psychic abilities to gain attention and flattery. This need will certainly be addressed in this year, as it prohibits genuine service. Before you read this and loudly claim that it does not apply to you, let us tell you, it does, it does, it does!


If you wish to have an easy and smooth 2012, every action, every word, and every thought must spring from one desire, and one desire alone: to enhance the happiness and well-being of the other. Every selfish act, word and thought will instantly be answered by Uranus and Pluto. A new dawn is rising and the darkness of me, myself and mine must be dispelled by the light of we, us and ours.


Any manifestation that narrowly focuses upon your material needs will not receive much universal support. Manifestation must now include all, and must shift from things to elevated states of existence. Any actions that exclude others from your sphere of personal growth and betterment will not be given the respect and reward of Divine Actions. Any words of scorn, humiliation and judgement will be heard as condemnation of the divine.


Eradicate your belief that you are human.  Be the gods you are and walk this Earth as Divine Beings. Do not brook any excuses from yourself, and empower with love and wisdom those who seek these excuses. Address every reaction instantly, so that it does not need the planets’ help to draw your attention to it.


We are not with you; we are WITHIN you. Let us co-create the vision of a new world.


In Love we Live in the Light you Shine.

(Message Inspired for 2012 by the Cosmic OverLord Jade Fire)



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