Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 70

By Aisha North


Today is an important day indeed, as it will mark the passage into a new realm for so many of you. Let us explain. Together, you have made it possible for us to speed up the incoming doses of energy, as you have all been willing to absorb so much of the foregone ones at such a rapid rate. This was by no means evident, and we do salute you all for this achievement. In other words, it is yet again time to step up the incoming doses, and in effect bombard you with so much new information, it will indeed take some time for you all to assimilate. We hear the groans of discomfort already, and rightly so, as these energies can and will make their mark on your physical bodies.


As always, the discomfort certainly outweighs any detrimental effect, as despite all of the aches and pains they might cause, they do not do you any harm in any way. Still, that will probably only be a small consolation for those of you already under the weather so to speak. We know that you are more or less used to these relentless barrages by now, but we will as usual give you some well deserved reminders that they are for your own good, even if your physical bodies might protest loudly at this.


As we have already mentioned, this marks the passage into the next step of this process, so it is wise to take some time to digest the fact that much is changing around you, and inside you for that matter. This is by no means news to any of you, but we think you will see much evidence of these heightened energies both near and far. In other words, expect to see some very interesting headlines appearing in the news presently, and do not be surprised if they are of a very dramatic kind. Remember, humankind is in the last throes of birthing into a new timeline, and as such, those still trying to cling to the old will throw up a might ruckus in order to stear your focus away from this change.


As always, fear is their chosen weapon, and once again they will use it in any way they can in order to frighten you all back into the ranks. So remember to hold your heads high and keep your noses above the stench they will emit in order to obscure the fact that for many of you, the old world has already lost it´s grip on you. If you succumb and lower yourselves to their level, the climb back up will be a very, very difficult undertaking indeed, so best stay aloft in any way you can.

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