Saint Germaine: Mastering the Use of Decrees

Saint Germaine via Aruna
Today’s message will begin an overview of the current conditions in all of the areas my guidance has been directing. First: the consciousness of being a Master.On 11-11-2011 many of the ascension candidates were given the additional nudge they needed into ascension awareness. This nudge did what was necessary to make them more aware of the controlling dynamic they have been using to effect change with their mental activities. We did not actually make them more aware, just eliminated the mist they were engulfed in. They are no longer deceived by the mist, and they have acquired a new ability: the ability to decree and have that decree created. Man has always had the ability to decree, but most have done it incorrectly.Decrees are not demands,  nor are they a natural way to manifest unless they come out of love. When they are not love content they are ignored by the angels who assist in their creation. Calling on angels to assist is not as effective as a decree because they do not come just to answer a man’s desires. A decree is fulfilled when a master clearly asks for a change that benefits all, not just one individual. A clear awareness of Oneness gives a decree the opportunity to make a major alteration to the One drama that all are effected by. Asking for change in this way calls on more than one angel’s causal ability, they can collectively assist in the next advancement of man’s healing and consciousness goals. When this kind of decree comes we all go to work.

Nowhere is it clearly described how a man can achieve his own desires. This has caused many “authorities” to appear as gurus of an obvious outcome that all would admire. Yet none of these ways of making an advance in life conditions has any accurate details in it. Only the content of man’s mental density effects his ability to create another choice in the absence of a clear intention to act on behalf of his own desire. No amount of mental activity, be it affirmations or visualizations, or thinking towards that goal can change the current details UNLESS there is no choice specified in how the outcome will be. To ask: “Please bring me this amount of money” will generate no action to assist because it comes with a very specific outcome. Had this been decreed it would have been for all who can benefit without a total amount designated. Make these distinctions please:

1. A decree comes from the One consciousness that “knows” what is needed and decrees it to be done.
2. A demand comes from man’s mental capability that lacks the awareness of the total picture.
3. Manifesting a change to cause and effect is not done by demand, this approach does not cause the angels to make this their option. It occurs when no personal desire is present in the one asking that “God’s will be done.”
4. Choosing a direction the mind decides on will not make a dent in the way things happen. Only when the way requested is completely aligned with divine awareness does the change occur. This is  because divine awareness is the creator of all and the mind is just deciding on what it wants from it.

Now, with these distinctions available, decide how you will live in Oneness. Can you accept that #1 and #4 are the same? Both decree that the divine is the creator, not the manifester calling things into form. Emptiness makes a more causal decree than a different mode with mental desires attached. Pure love of the One needs no control.

Once decrees that come from love are declared, there is no need to decree this same thing again since the divine is the decree giver and the angels always act on divine calling. Heart and mind must be together in love for material choices to be effectively created. YOU are not the creator, God is. When a personal desire is totally aligned with a caring human who can ACT on the cause of change, the content of the mind has much more impact in the big picture.

Can you accept these concepts? Can you give decrees that can be acted on with new dedication to the One? Are you decreeing with divine consciousness? It is now in your hands. Change can come when your desires and God’s desires are One.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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