Udo Continues the Story of the Filipino Treasure

2012 JANUARY 1

Udo Pelkowski is gradually unfolding his story of the Filipino treasure. I’m not pressing him too much since the revelation of a matter like this probably needs to be handled carefully or lives may be otherwise endangered. So I’ll let him tell the story in the stages he wants to. Here are some of his documents on the subject. I understand that more photos will also be forthcoming.

Udo says he contacted J.P. Morgan and the alphabet agencies. I’m surprised that he’s still alive today after that, The fact that no one has responded is a mystery.

$100,000 bills


Thanks a lot for your support to inform the world!

In April 2009 Filipino treasurer hunters came and offered [us?] US$ Gold Bullion worth USD 100.000 each. They showed us a ” Baby Box” as they called the box from the US Treasury made out of wood with metal seals.

As mentioned we informed the US President, the head of the US Treasury and J.P. Morgan as they were mentioned on the plates in the box with the Gold Bullions. No response!

Attached are our letters and a second follow-up letter send to J.P. Morgan on June 2, 2009. [Steve: No letters were actually attached.]

We considered it very suspicious that there were no responses from any side. Also not from the Alphabet Agencies or US Police.

If it had been fake money, they should have reacted instantly. The bills look very real. We had them in our hands. All have their number, all is documented. We send you all the documents we have.

We started digging (surfing the internet) to get more information. AND we found it. Treasure hunters came with more details to support their findings and the whole story became even bigger.

Later we started to inform newspapers and magazines (small ones ) all over the world. No response!

Why did they arrest people in many countries like the two Japanese in Italy, as we also discovered and why didn’t they question us? Our answer – others didn’t have the whole THING, only the Bullions, but we had the messing plates, the baby box and photos of the “Master Box”.

We offered our story to small media, because we didn’t trust the mainstream media. Today we are aware that the small ones relaying on to the bigger ones and they relay on to the press agencies like Tass or Reuters. Without the info of the big ones the small newspapers and magazines have empty pages. That’s why they are very careful in what they print. Our Info Letter is attached, same as the cover of the “Baby Box”.

The information attached as Certificates and Info are breath taking!

I am going to send more photos. They are large files, it will take some time.

J.P. and me are glad, that our work finally is getting out to the public.

It will be great to support the efforts of David, Ben and others with our contribution.



Here is the text of the certificates that Udo sends along and refers to.

This is to certify that there is on deposit in the treasury of

The United States of America

Department of Treasury

Office of the secretary of the Treasury

Washington, District of Columbia

General Order

By virtue of the power vested to the President of America by the people of the United States, all the legislators, members of the cabinet, leaders of businesses and industries and state men convene in Washington, D.C. in an offer to, Franklin S. Roosevelt the President of the United States of America, the banker’s authority to administer and to decide and is going to be done to infiltrate and modernized the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

In consideration to the offer, the President designated the Secretary of the Treasury to allocate an emergency budget to guarantee the LIBERTY BOND. The President utilized General Francis Spellman, the General of the Armed – Forces to persuade Mr. John P. Morgan to pledge the funding through his marking out fit and connection the LIBERTY BOND. The Secretary of the Treasury required J. P. Morgan to deposit in the Treasury Department at Fort Knox, Kentucky the Gold Bullion Depository of America a volume of three Point One Hundred Ninety Seven (3197) metric tons in Gold Bullion to guarantee a bond amounting to a total sum of $ Dollars. It is stated in the recognition between J. P. Morgan and the Federal Reserve Board to write an order to the Department of Printing and Engraving to print a One Hundred Thousand Dollars as GOLD PAYABLE TO THE BEARER ON DEMAND AS AUTHORIZED BY LAW.

This order was made after the Japanese bombers attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on December 1941. Signed and Sealed this 12th day of January 1942 in Washington, District of Columbia, United States of America.

General Bond

These presents and all bonds issued hereunder bind validity the Federal Reserve System and the Government thereof. In virtue of all powers in them hereunto enabling the Federal Government of the United States of American to contact in manner hereinafter appearing as a loan which shall be called and known as the Federal Reserve Bond upon the terms and condition hereinafter contained such loan being as a purpose of the plan (Hereinafter Referred to as “THE EXPERT PLAN”) emboli zed in the report dated the Eight day August One Thousand Nine Hundred and thirsty – Four of the first Committee of Experts appointed by the reparation commission (Constituted Under the Treaty of Versailles) To consider the means of balancing the budget and the measures to be taken to stabilized the currency of the United States and other designatory countries agreed, in the Treaty of Versailles.

The total authorized amount of the loan is such a nominal amount as shall be necessary to yield as affective sum of the approximate equivalent of Dollar calculated in accordance with the rates of exchange current in LONDON on the date agreed for the signing at the various contracts between the Federal Government and several bankers undertaking the issue of the loan viz. The Eight days of August One Thousand Nine Hundred and Thirty Four. The Federal Government of the United States of America shall the said authorized amount of the loan with all convenient speed issue in Great Britain, Belgium, France, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland and Germany in either on or more countries such issues shall be secured by definitive notes of the Federal Government of the United States of America issues in such currencies and at such terms as the Federal Government of the United States of America shall agree upon all notes shall cary interest at such rate centum as shall be specified therein and such bank or banks or other financial institution shall be specified therein.

No trustee of these presents shall be liable or responsible for anything whatsoever except a Breach of trust knowingly and intentionally committed him.

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