Sanat Kumara: Perfect Time for Reflection

Sanat Kumara via Julie Miller

December 31, 2011

Dear hearts we are back once again through this dear child on the final day of 2011. The year like anything else that has involved your time, effort and love requires reflection. Take a look at all that you have achieved. Look at the wonderful knowledge and wisdom you have gained. On a global scale, there has been a lot of up-rise and change among ALL the people. This will continue to happen in the coming year, as more Earthly people are awakening to their Divine Hearts and to the light that marks their true path back to God.

Over the next few days, or weeks or when you can; take the time to reflect. Clear away any negative debris that may be lagging behind adding unnecessary low energy that is effecting your everyday life as well as your spiritual harmony. Take this clearing of yourself to include your home. Add more light and colour to rooms and places in your home that conceals darkened shadows. This is a perfect time for “Spring Cleaning” even though Winter has only just begun. By perking up a room with a plant that is safe for all that lives in your home, or adding a new item that speaks of love, light and harmony will give your home more light loving energy.

If you have not done so yet, begin a spiritual journal of the dates you took for yourself for reflection, compare from the last time you did this and see the new additions and improved way of thinking that is filled with love in every step you take. In your journal, if you choose to keep one, make note of what you find that is both good and what needs to be changed and learned from. Going within is your greatest asset of knowledge dear ones. You have so much to learn, and it’s not at your finger tips but with yourself. Tap into your Divine Heart and find a wealth of love, light, kindness, wisdom and so much more. You have evolved since you took your first step in the way of the Light and evolve you will continue.

The year approaching, a new year for new things, ideas, and way of being is a wondrous opportunity for each of you. I know many wish to attract more abundance, and this shall happen as you direct your path with positive thinking that will bring you to what it is you are seeking. Continuing with positive thoughts at all times will do this for you. I know at times it will become tiresome; have faith in your own positive actions as they are filled with love and promise.

As you look around you, do not just look at the items that you have accumulated; look at the people that are a part of your life. Not only the dear ones that make up your friends and family that are close to you in proximity, include people that you know from accessing your computer. Not only is this a time to reflect and restructure yourself, it is also a time to rebuild relationships if they are hold your well being in the highest of good. This is a time for you to trust your instincts and know just who to keep at arms length, what bridges are to be burned and who to keep close. This is your comfort zone; you set the boundaries for each and every one you know. As you clear away the left over negativities from ALL aspects of your life, be working from your Divine Heart; allow your heart to guide you. And dear hearts if you are unsure, invoke my presence and I will gladly guide you with my love and support. If some of you enjoy working with candles, light a pine scented candle and speak my name. Know in your hearts I am with you. As you grow more aware of those around you that are in spiritual form, you will become more confident in detecting when one is beside you. Trust in this of yourself. I will help you discover so much that is already within you.

I ask of you when you do take the time to reflect on your journey so far and the year that is leaving us to embrace every part of yourself with full compassion and unconditional love. You have seen and been through an awful lot. Show yourself kindness and consideration. Feel your heart center grow with an overflowing feeling of love that you will be very willing to share with others and you will do this automatically.

Most of my messages through this child speak mainly about balance of the yin/yang. We will speak briefly of this important aspect of your inner self that will increase your own awareness and further you along your journey to Divine Enlightenment. Upon your reflections, you will confirm so much that you have only thought possible about yourself and you will find aspects that require updating and renewing. As you go through these positive changing motions, you will discover the male and female side of your energy. You will also discover if you are paying close attention to the signals given to you from your spirit, mind and body, which one requires a little more attention. Both men and women are filled with both energies and such the challenge is to maintain balance. When one energy becomes out of control or unbalanced the other energy has to compensate and you will become weary in all forms of yourself. When this occurs you are at a potential of attracting negative influences and very possible you will be too tired to work at full capacity of your Divine potential. It is only natural as energy loving and giving individuals you are to become fatigued occasionally. If your yin/yang is balanced, adequate water, healthy nutritional choices, an occasional walk if the weather is permitting and decent rest will be all you need. Let your body guide you dear hearts, ask for your guides, angels or even me. We are here to help. We love you and praise you at every step of your journey.

Take the time to love yourself and praise your efforts,

And so it is, Ascended Master, Sanat Kumara through Julie Miller

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