Archangel Gabriel: Getting Comfortable With Monetary Abundance

Archangel Gabriel via Shelley Young

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased and honored we are to be in your presence today. It delights us to see you all together in celebration of the solstice and of your Christmas or holiday season. We feel the celebration of friendship, bonds of love, family, soul families, all coming together to celebrate the Christed energies. What a wondrous job you have all done in getting to this point.Open yourselves up, Dear Ones. Allow yourselves to feel the energies in the room today. The room is filled with masters – not only the masters that are in the body that are sitting on the chairs in this room or the masters that are enjoying this transmission on your internet at a later time but also the masters who watch and serve and walk with you from the other side, assisting you in the process, as you move forward in creating the New Earth. We cannot express to you the beauty that we experience as we watch you in these unprecedented and amazing times.

What a year you have had, Dear Ones! Congratulate yourselves! You are here and you are still standing. You’ve done it! You have anchored the Christed energy so the New Earth can begin. It has not been an easy road to get here. We understand that many of you have experienced challenges, loss, hurt, illness. Many of you have struggled but you have moved forward in your faith into the energies that are making a true difference at this time and we couldn’t be more proud. You have had physical symptoms. You have had emotional symptoms. Many of you have struggled with your ascension symptoms (we like to call them growing pains).

What you have done is effectively emptied out your vessels to the point where you can be huge receptors of Christed energy or unconditional love. What a difference that will make, not only in your own life expression, but also on the planet as well. Bask in the energies that are now yours to enjoy because you have earned them, make no mistake about it. Each and every person in this room, each and every person who is experiencing this transmission in any way has earned their spot. You are worthy. Allow that to sink in.

Many having a human experience have issues with accepting their worthiness. You are worthy, Dear Ones. You are the ambassadors of the New Earth. Cherish yourself for the role that you are playing and bask in the energies that are now yours.

You will experience many differences in your life from being part of this energy. Your soul groups will be coming together more and more as we move forward. Yes, some people from your life may drop away. If that is so, it is because energetically you are not meant to walk the path together at this time and it is appropriate. Let them go with love and light and acceptance. From your new perspective, from your new energetic state of being (if you embrace it), you will find that you will be much better able to stay in those energies of acceptance and allowing. You will be able to look at all of humanity from a place that can offer that unconditional love because you have separated yourself from the energy of struggle.

Many of you will be assuming the role of guide on earth. What an honored place to hold. This does not mean that you will all be shepherding crowds necessarily, although some may assume the role of leader. You will teach by your example. You have blazed a trail and other people will resonate with that. They will see what you have done and they will want what you have.

So each and every one of you, no matter what your role is, is equally important. We understand that some of these concepts can be hard to accept or understand. Let us give it to you in this way. When you watch a beloved baby get up on her feet for the first time and take her first steps, you understand that she will fall but look at her with a heart that is swelling with love as you watch her go thru her process. You do not become invested in it. You do not try to prevent it or rush it along. You may offer support and encouragement, yet you understand that it must take on its own pace and when the skill set comes together the child will walk, as all the children who have walked before her.

This is the patience and acceptance that you will be able to give others regardless of where they are on their paths. You will not hold any attachment to where people are. You will lovingly accept that they are exactly where they need to be. So what will you do with all that free time, Dear Ones? (Laughter)

You will create. You will create what you want for yourselves and you will create the New Earth. The sky is the limit but one of the things that we have noticed with those who are moving forward on their paths is that many of you are experiencing difficulties with your monetary abundance. It seems to be exacerbated during this holiday season. Many people feel that they do not have enough or they worry about how they will pay off their bills from the holiday season. It can be difficult to imagine how you can step into your role of creator if you are afraid of lack, you see.

Although many of you have a good working knowledge of the Law of Attraction, your ability to use it is falling apart in some cases because people are trying to use it to create beyond what their truth is. Let us explain what we mean by that. You may have someone who has experienced a lifetime that has had much perceived lack and they read about the Law of Attraction and they say, well I am just going to create billions of dollars for myself and I will live on a yacht and I will travel and I will do wondrous things with the money. And so they apply the Law of Attraction exactly as the books say and not much happens. They become frustrated and think that they cannot do it or that they are doing it wrong or that they are not worthy. They start to believe that the Law of Attraction works for everyone else in the universe but not for themselves, which would be folly, of course.

Why it is falling apart for some people is because they are not comfortable at the level of abundance that they are trying to create. They are trying to go from nothing to all and they lack the belief that it can be possible, do you see? What magnetizes things to you is your belief that it can happen and many people, if they are coming from a place of poverty, find it very difficult to accept that they could live that style of life, so because it already is fed with doubt, they don’t create it. Do you see, Dear Ones?

The energies right now are supporting authenticity, so trying to imagine such wealth might feel very inauthentic to someone who is trying to go from very little to vast wealth. What if you eased yourself into wealth? We would say to you, move forward in increments. Start with an amount that feels comfortable to you. That feels doable, if you will, to you. So, if you are struggling with your finances, why not put out to the universe, I am drawing two dollars to myself with ease. And watch how it comes. It will be a level that you are comfortable with so it will be easy to do. It will be easy to believe. So start creating minor amounts that feel easy to you and keep moving the amount up. What will likely happen is at some point you will hit a wall, an amount that you feel is undoable and the second that happens you will experience resistance in your body. And that is the very moment that is the gift, because that is the moment that you can become aware of your limiting belief system, or fear, or doubt and release it, so you can be open to even more.

It has to do with making your goals believable to yourself in increments. Perhaps once you get comfortable with the idea that you can easily draw to yourself five dollars, you may try twenty dollars. Once you do that, you may try forty dollars and eighty dollars and so on, until you will be very comfortably bringing thousands of dollars into your existence, if that is something that would make you comfortable.

If you believe that you are not deserving, or that you are taking away from another, not much is going to happen. Let us assure you that it is an abundant universe with more than enough for everyone. You cannot take away from another. Let that belief go.

Many of you, if you are in this room or interested in this transmission, have had many, many life expressions. Many of them may have involved taking vows of poverty. Dear Ones, that is no longer your reality, let it go. Some of you may have adopted a belief that being a spiritual person cannot go hand in hand with being in monetary abundance. In reality, the old system has fallen on its ear. Not long ago, in your society, lots of money frequently was attached to the idea of big egos and flashiness. Money attached to ego is a system that no longer works, in fact, the old ego based money structures are now crumbling. Monetary abundance, in many ways now, will be directly in line with the good that you are putting out in the world.

What about using the money that comes from your abundance and using the Law of Attraction to help others, to improve your service to others? What about that? What about being an example of living in monetary abundance and showing others how you can do it mindfully? What about taking some of that energy of the money and using it to create the New Earth in the way that is best going to suit everyone.

It is time for you to throw out your ideas that money is dirty because it is not. As with all things, the energy attached to it is what you give to it. So allow yourselves to shine, allow yourselves to be supported by the universe, allow yourselves, Dear Ones, allow yourselves to be comfortable!

You are creating the New Earth. You deserve every perk there is in the world, do you see? We often jest that when God is your employer the benefits are good but you must apply for them. It is that simple. We wish for you everything to make your hearts sing because you are all loved and beloved and honored more than you can ever imagine. We want you to be comfortable. We want you to assume your roles with ease. We want you to be balanced. We want you lead through your example.

We are not going to be speaking extensively of 2012 at this time. We will do that in our January transmission. We understand that there will be many doomsday prophesies floating around out there that are very fear based. Those potentials have long come and gone, Dear Ones. We would not support you and cheer you on and watch you work so hard to create the New Earth to watch it all crumble beneath you. It will not happen. Why? Because you will not create it to be so. So we encourage you as you are moving forward to congratulate yourselves on a marvelous job. Fill your hearts. Do not be afraid of the new energetic place you have landed in. Open your hearts to feel the unconditional love that is yours to tap into whenever you want to. Let your heart sing. Let your spirit soar as you move forward into this amazing, new year! This is all we have for you today.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
Twitter: @trinityesoteric

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