All Realms Message for the Festive Season and Beyond

All Realms via Karen Doonan

Greetings beloved ones we come through our channel at this time to give you messages of hope and peace to be spread out across the planet earth. For now is a time like no other in the entire history of the planet earth that you reside on. As the changes now begin to show themselves within your societies and across your planet there are still residual fears that are being brought to the surface. We guide for you to detach from these fears, see them for what they are, they are the old conditioning taught to you through the illusion to keep you in slavery. Detach and become the observer, watch what the teachings try to teach you and then pour love and compassion through them to dissolve them.


There is no need to be in fear for all is perfect and all is unfolding. The position of a human Being is one that not all can see beyond what is presented to them and this is causing more confusion and more fear to be allowed to take root. Just because you cannot SEE something change does not mean it is not changing dear ones and we guide against falling into the illusion of “same”. Illusion taught you to blindfold your eyes, it taught you to deafen your ears to change and then taught you that if you could see and hear change to FEAR it. We are here to co-create change across your planet and that is change that is done in CO OPERATION with all human BEings, for YOU are driving force of that change. Where you detach from illusion and begin to dream the dream through LOVE then we will walk with you, we will create WITH YOU and we will pour energies through YOU and around YOU as you dream the dream of the new.

We are not here to take over your planet for that is not the role of the realms that stand with you and walk with you.


Every BEing in the entire solar system and beyond has freedom as a birthright, humans are no different, freedom is your birthright but has been hidden in plain view for aeons. Those who perpetuate that one team of BEings will take over where another have left off walk in the illusion of “same”. The energies that now flood across and within the planet earth are now revealing to many who are awake and can dissolve the veils of illusion [through Living] TRUTH. Embrace this dear ones for it is YOUrs.


All that YOU dream YOU create and experience, that is the law of the universe. For what YOU focus on YOU pour energy through and around and within. It is that simple yet illusion will teach YOU that all is complicated and confuse and confuse YOU so that YOUr mind goes into overdrive. This is deliberate and done to keep YOU from venturing within YOUr hearts. The heart is the place of TRUTH dear ones, even without our words many humans would have found this to be the case and expressed it clearly to their fellow human BEIngs. The power of communication across the planet enables us to come through various channels and them to have access to the rest of the human race through this medium. This is done to help YOU move through the layers of illusion that have been taught to YOU generation to generation. Many are now falling to the illusion of “time” and “disclosure” and we guide all to detach from the human calendars that you use.


The BEings who are here to guide and support do not live by the calendar that was created to suppress and contain and we watch as many are now deep in the frustration of “when”. Many have now detached from many channelled messages that have stated “soon” for we guide this is a concept that many humans struggle with. YOU have been taught to expect “instant” and “immediate” and this is a deep, deep teaching, YOU look at clocks and calendars and live YOUr live experience within many different boundaries. We guide for all to take the blindfolds off and to realise that “time” by definition of watches and calendars is there to keep YOU in check. To detach from this medium and to FEEL is the way to work with the new energies.


Many are now expecting “instant” new world yet we guide the human race has been blind for aeons, this is something that is worked with, for many humans across the planet earth are not ready for TRUTH. Whilst we acknowledge and accept that many humans are ready for TRUTH we ask the question why the rush? Why the need to prove that which can be FELT, do you distrust YOUrself so much that YOU must rush through the beginnings of the new to satisfy the part of YOU that does not believe? For we fully accept and acknowledge how difficult the new is for many. To have led lifetimes in the dark, of believing that which was taught and now being shown an alternative can bring up many feelings, many of which are the feelings that were created by the forces who kept YOU in the dark. Yet within this is balance, the balance of accepting that which was and accepting that which is. For many are not accepting, they rush from one goal post to another and all the while maintaining parts of illusion they cannot look at.

We guide at this moment to send out our wishes of love and peace and TRUTH across the planet.


For many are not supported at this moment by their fellow humans. We are sending out our love so that YOU may be fully aware that it may see YOU walk alone but TRUTH is that YOU do not and have not ever walked alone. For many will dismiss our words as just words but we guide that for to feel the energies YOU must open YOUr hearts. For a world fragmented as it is at the moment will not come together unless TRUST and FAITH are restored within each and every human it is possible to restore it within. That starts dear ones with SELF. Where YOU see hate and the lower vibrations being shown have LOVE and compassion for that human is blinded by the teachings of illusion. Would you berate someone who cannot see for being blind or would you show them compassion for the blindness and lend a hand? For that is the situation across planet earth at this time. Many of YOUr fellow humans are in fact blind to the new for they are deep within illusion, take a little time to absorb this and the effect that the new will have on them. For much as a blind person cannot see that which is in front of them these humans are the same. Would YOU allow a blind person to cross the street knowing the traffic was moving and walk away from them? or would YOU offer a helping hand?


We are not guiding that YOU force YOUr TRUTH on those around YOU for that is ego and not what we guide. We are asking YOU over the coming days when the festive season is celebrated throughout the planet in its many forms to hold the space for the blind who walk amongst YOU. Do not feel that YOU are somehow better than those around YOU for YOU no longer walk in the dark, the ascension of the human race and planet earth is not just for the chosen few. That is the teachings of illusion that taught YOU to be above YOUr fellow man, this is survival and lower vibrational energies. YOU no longer need survival dear ones, for YOU have been delivered. The unfolding of the new is all around YOU and within YOU.


We walk amongst YOU and for many of YOU able to see us the homecoming will be soon. For YOU will be contacted by YOUr star families and the negotiations once channelled will be in person. We do not guide for mass disclosure at this moment for not all humans are able to understand the small changes that have already taken place. This is for the ascension of humanity not the chosen few who are able to absorb our messages. Dear ones do not fall to the illusion of separation for ALL ARE ONE. We ask YOU meditate on this concept and allow the answers to be shown to YOU. For many are still fixated on having and not having and colour and race. ALL ARE ONE.


We ask over the coming days that YOU hold LOVE , PEACE and TRUTH within YOUr hearts and YOU radiate these energies out across the planet. Hold deeply in YOUr hearts the vibration of LOVE, not a love that is taught through the illusion of justifying itself, for LOVE just IS, hold LOVE deeply and allow it to wash over YOU, around YOU and through YOU for YOU are LOVE, at core level YOU are all LOVE.


We may not be in the position of sending cards of wishes across the planet, but we come to show our LOVE for YOU our fellow human family. May YOU hold LOVE in YOUr hearts for ALL over these next few days and beyond into the new, for the days that will come will show YOU great change. Do not fall to the illusion of change means fear for it does not. All that is shown is change that is needed. For all change is now moving YOU forward, not keeping YOU in the holding patterns of old.


We have asked our channel to place this message far and wide and we ask that if YOU wish to post it further across the planet YOU keep the message intact and whole. We send much love and blessings to each and every BEing across and within the entire planet earth. FOR ALL ARE ONE.


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