High Council of Orion: Help Those Still Asleep to Awaken


High Council of Orion via Karen Doonan


Welcome dear ones we are the High Council of Orion and we come to guide and support as the energies begin to once more intensify across the planet earth. Many are now moving into new ways of BEing and are now able to see more clearly and hear more clearly. The new energies support YOU dear ones and we are here to guide you further as you begin to anchor TRUTH long denied to YOU on YOUr planet.

We guide that the coming few days may be rather intense for many who are now refusing to acknowledge that which is revealed to them. We guide for many are now disbelieving even when presented with physical evidence that they are no longer alone. We ask that all those who walk in light and who have anchored TRUTH hold the space for those around them as they may begin to walk in chaos. For the mind will not help in the anchoring of TRUTH, it is a FEELing that is within and as we have previously guided the mind does not process emotion.

For many the knowledge that they are not alone has sprung the roots of fear into overdrive as they begin to believe that not being alone is somehow less safe. For to be lied to by the planet YOU are born onto is a concept that they will not anchor. It throws all that they believe into the air and that is not something they are able to look at. We guide that many of YOU who walk in TRUTH will be tested by those around YOU as they seek to pull YOU down and to muffle the words that YOU spread across the planet, for such is the depth of fear within these humans they cannot see a world that is different to the one they were taught existed.

We have guided previously on humans who are not here to awaken and it is the actions of these humans that will move YOU to where YOU should be. For many are now finding courage to speak and live TRUTH and will not be deterred by those who cannot and will not see the new. For the new has liberated the whole planet and all that happens within and on this planet is changing. These changes will happen whether the masses believe in our existence or do not, for we are here and we walk amongst YOU. If YOU cannot see us due to the filters that illusion places on YOUr human experience it will not stop the new from unfolding, it may move YOU into chaos as YOU try to make sense of a world that is so different from the one that YOU were taught was real.

Many are now dreaming at deeper and deeper rates and now beginning to see how their dreams are affecting their human life experience. We guide YOU to dream and dream big dear ones for YOU are the creators of this YOUr human life experience. Many are now able to reach other realms and we guide for YOU to accept that this is a normal part of YOUr human life experience. The connection to other realms does not make YOU insane or somehow deluded dear ones and we guide for YOU to detach from these words that are used by those who are immersed in fear. The illusion may try to teach YOU that all that YOU feel is not correct but we guide strongly that trust in SELF is what YOU are anchoring.

Many are not believing in the new for they are not allowing themselves to see the new, we have guided around the need to keep those who will not awaken in a state of balance, for it serves no one for the planet to suddenly change to a different planet overnight. Whilst many of YOU pray for unveiling of the races that share the universe with YOU we guide this will not happen when the world is not ready to accept. That would feed into the fear that is arising within a population that is barely able to gasp for breath, so swift are the changes at an energetic level that many are now falling into deep chaos. It is the responsibility of all on planet earth to support and guide each other, for all are one. It is not TRUTH to state YOUr belief in the races of the galaxy whilst ridiculing YOUr fellow humans for not being able to see or hear us. They are deeply within illusion and the fears that this provokes, we ask all to have love and compassion for all as the new unfolds.For each person who denies the TRUTH of their fellow humans also walks in illusion. We move the planet earth to a way of anchoring TRUTH so that all may be secure and in trust and faith. There has been such little trust across the planet earth that this may take some time to put into place. Such is the teaching of illusion that to distrust YOUr fellow humans was encouraged, we guide that a new society based on LOVE and TRUTH will take time to be anchored on this planet. The way forward is to begin in YOUr human life experience to TRUST and have FAITH in SELF and then to allow this to spread to those who YOU interact with. See that for many the fear outweighs the LOVE they have in their BEing and work to help them relieve the fear. For only with LOVE can the planet change, fear has brought your societies to the brink of wars and collapse of your planet, it cannot be turned round overnight. If that is YOUr wish then YOU walk in the illusion teachings for illusion taught instant and taught YOU to fear.

The new energies are here and we guide the way to work with them is to release the teachings of illusion where YOU find them. Where YOU find fear then look below the fear for there is a teaching that is playing out within. Release of fear and lower vibrations will see YOUr vision clear and YOUr hearing attune. For all can communicate with their star families. Many are in the fear that they do not have a star family to belong to and to those humans we guide TRUST, for all of the human race was seeded from the stars. All that prevents YOU from contacting YOUr star families is the illusion teaching that dulls YOUr hearing and YOUr vision.

Much is changing vibrationally across the planet and the need for those who work in a lighworker role is to help YOUr fellow humans understand vibration. We guide that a gesture such as this will help to move the fear that is still in evidence across the planet. Fear has been taught to YOU as something to instigate when the unknown appears, that is what works against the new energies, for illusion may be withdrawing but will live on within the energy systems of those who are deeply asleep. Know that many have incarnated on this planet to help YOU move out of illusion by walking in that very illusion. For all are here with different life paths, illusion taught “same” for a reason, we guide against judging another human being for the path that they walk. The soul has a reason to walk the incarnation that it does, that access is not available to YOU in human form. Judge not for that is the dance of illusion and that is the road to the lower vibrations.

Many are now believing that dark forces on this planet still have a hold and we guide this is more smoke and mirrors. A force that had hold of a planet is not going to abandon that planet with a quick wave and a “sorry”. The depth of illusion and the depth of dimensions that are worked within by the Galactic Federation are vast. Human BEings may have limited movement in many of these dimensions such are the teachings that prevent them access, this was done deliberately to lower the vibrational signature of YOUr race. There are those who have incarnated on this planet to address this and they are the humans that are now in YOUr media being visible to YOU as addressing the darker forces. Know that not all chose this path but those who did are fully protected by all realms to move through this. The illusion may try to make YOU believe the fear around that which they do, know they are safe, protected and supported in all that they do. Do not allow the physical form they take to push YOU to fear, for humans are vastly more than they have been taught they are.

The way forward dear ones is to pour light and love and compassion through all of the experiences YOU have created on the planet earth, for many created a nightmare that was supported by the teachings of illusion. Hindsight dear ones will always give YOU information that YOU did not have at the time of experiencing the situation and the emotions. It serves no one to pull YOUr vibration down with feelings of guilt or other lower vibrational emotions.

Forgiveness, love and compassion will see YOUr vibration stay steady and allow YOU to increase the vibration that YOU hold.

Each one of YOU incarnated on this planet for a reason and that reason is now being show to YOU. Reach within to find out the meaning of YOUr life experience at this time, now on planet earth. For each of YOU was seeded with TRUTH on incarnation. The teachings of illusion taught YOU to distrust SELF, they taught YOU to distrust one another and they taught YOU that YOU must not value SELF or those around YOU. The energies that now sweep across YOUr planet support TRUST and VALUE, that is something that must be anchored within each one of YOU.

Where YOU find another human BEing struggling we guide for YOU to reach out to them for they are YOU and YOU are they for all are one. This is not a race to ascension for ascension is process that YOU are now going through, each one of YOU in YOUr own way with YOUr own lessons and TRUTH. To begin to value each other for the beings of light and love that YOU are is the way forward dear ones, allow TRUTH to show YOU the way home, for we welcome each one of YOU with open arms.

The time will come when we will walk amongst YOU and be visible to YOU, whilst the new is being anchored on planet earth then only those who are able to process our physical presence will be able to see us. The route to seeing us is to anchor TRUTH and to allow YOUr vision and hearing to clear. For ALL ARE ONE and we are with YOU each step of this journey.

As YOU approach a time of year that is steeped in illusion we guide for all to remember that ALL ARE ONE and reach out with LOVE in YOUr heart for YOUr fellow humans no matter if they walk in illusion or can now see that which was hidden in plain view. For the new is here, it is all around YOU and it is within YOU, can YOU feel it? We are the High Council of Orion and we send much love and blessings to all of YOU here on planet earth.

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