Hilarion: Anything Within You That Is Not Love Needs Acknowledgement and Release

December 18-25, 2011

Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana


Beloved Ones,

Many of you have been feeling the powerful downloads of energy moving through you into the crystalline core of Mother Earth during this last week.This activity is a service you have all agreed to perform in order to bring in the highest Cosmic energies through your physical bodies that you can each withstand.

As transducers of the Light and Love energies, your voluntary service in this capacity is most needed in order to bring in and anchor the Cosmic Christ Light. There is a side benefit from this service, for as you serve the All in this way, the more Light your own physical being can absorb and bring in.

This activity can translate into feelings of tiredness and sleepiness and sometimes the opposite of this, which is sleeplessness. This is a natural part of the process of preparing your physical bodies for a greater influx of the higher energies.

Anything that is still waiting to be cleared from within your DNA and every cell in your body that is not Love will be coming forth for acknowledgement and release. Again, we advise that you just observe the thoughts that come up, the mental and emotional patterns of pain, sorrow, sadness, anger, feelings of resentment and other feelings that leave you wondering whether the clearing process is a never ending cycle of repeated history.

What is occurring is that your awareness of these cycles and patterns can turn these moments into a practice of alchemy, into the mastery of your thoughts and emotions, for as these come up for review, you can quickly change your thoughts to ones that are uplifting and empowering and in this way, gradually lessen  the effects of these thoughts and emotions until they are fully dissolved, cleared and dissipated.

It is difficult, we know, to overcome the egoic need to become involved once again in these cyclic patterns, but with persistence it can be done and once mastered, this process will be a tool you can use throughout your lifetime. Mastery of Self is what being in a Human body is all about.

Continue to take the time each day to intend and decree the highest good for yourselves, each and all of your loved ones and their loved ones, and for all of Humanity. Acknowledge the Light each day when first awakening to set the template for the rest of the day to follow your Soul’s higher purpose and calling.

Picture the dove of Peace circling your Planet bathing all in her loving embrace. Affirm that Peace will prevail on Earth. Practice calling down your tube of Light to surround you so that you are always protecting yourselves and then immersing yourselves in the Violet Flame.

Doing these simple decrees on a regular basis will help you stay more focused as the higher energies pour down into the atmosphere. (See Decrees Tube of Light ; Violet Fire Decree)

Every aspect of your physical Beings are being transformed into greater Light and Love and as this continues in the weeks and months ahead, you will be amazed at how far you have come in such a short space of time. Love each other as the Creator loves you and forgive everyone and everything, for this is the sure path to lifting yourselves to a higher level and frequency.

When there is true and heartfelt forgiveness, there is a balancing of karma in whatever situation that you have been seeking resolution for and most importantly, forgive yourselves for first setting these situations in motion either consciously or subconsciously. It is all for a greater purpose, Dear Ones. All is well and everything is perfect.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

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