Pleiadians: All That Has Been Promised is Being Delivered

Pleiadians via Greg Giles

Now that many avenues and lanes of communication have opened, you have begun to awaken to your possibilities. All that has been promised you and a great deal more is available to you, and with just the right amount of encouragement we feel you will be motivated to go after all your heartfelt desires. Understand that all is choice and that there are many who choose at this time to delay their journey back to the higher realms. This is their decision and we honor the free will choice of each and every individual. All will reach the same destination at some point, and we respect their decision to remain in the lower dimensions to continue their schooling amongst the familiar. You are the ones who have chosen to begin a new and exciting adventure. You are the ones who are showing your desire to pursue expanded lanes of consciousness. The door is open for you. Step through it now confidently and know that there is nothing to fear. We cannot stress enough that today is the day to step away from your fears, your doubts, your reservations, your distrust, and don your new polished armor of courage. You have learned throughout your long journey through duality to distrust strangers, fear the unknown, and shelter yourself with the familiar. Your days existing within the limited confines of duality are over for you now if you so choose this. Is this not what you want? If it is, then step out of the old and into the new with bravery as the day is yours. You have earned all that you are to receive. Think not that you are accepting gifts from a stranger. Know in your hearts dear ones that through all your hardships you have earned all that the Creator now offers you. There are no free rides in this universe, and a free ride is not what you are about to receive. Trust that the universe is a safe and protected sphere for the Creator’s children to learn, grow, and to play. You have never been left alone. We of the higher realms have always been with you, guiding you, protecting you. We have often introduced new technologies to help you on your journey. We have many times introduced cures to help you fight disease and illness. We have many times protected you from extraterrestrials who have journeyed here for their own purposes. We would never let any harm come to you. Why would we now let you down in any way? You are our children, and it is time you’ve come home to the light. We are love. We exist within love, and we open our arms to accept you back among us. You all have been missed so greatly. Do you not feel it is the time for this reunion? The table has been prepared.

Much is transpiring below the surface and much goes unseen and unreported even by the few members of your media willing to speak the truth. We wish you could understand and see more of what is truly happening all around you and the time for that is drawing very near. Soon the veil of secrecy will be lifted and all will be revealed for even the most blinkered individual to awaken and take notice. Understand that all is choice, and honor others sacred right to proceed along the journey according to their own blueprint. Continue to shine your light to act as a beacon to all the newly awakening ones just as those rays of light shined brightly for you when you began to open your eyes to the newly breaking dawn.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every member of the family of light for their efforts to bring to this world a new start, a new golden age utopia for all to enjoy and prosper. Remain patient. We understand much has been promised you and you have remained so very patient for so long, but we tell you all will commence very soon. You can find evidence of the changes even in mainstream media reports. These changes are just the visible tips of the icebergs and below the surface a great restructuring is occurring at the hands of many dedicated soldiers of light. You will soon see much evidence of this. Remain grounded and steadfast in your convictions, the end is in sight. Keep looking to the skies. We promised you increasing numbers of sightings of our ships and we are making good on our promise. We will continue this process to familiarize many to our presence. We are here in numbers so fast it may surprise even those of you who have followed our communications for quite some time. Continue to focus on all your dreams you ever wished to come true, for it is just this that you are materializing into your reality. You are today creating your new adventure just as a writer would create the characters and plot line for their new story. Focus on all the positives, the beauty, the joy, and the bliss that the universe has to offer you and your new novel will be everything you have ever wanted to experience, page after page, forever and ever. Keep writing. Keep dreaming.

We are your Family of Light from the stars.
As channeled through Greg Giles

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