The Hathors: The 12-12 Energy Gate, Increased Purity of Source Energy and a Message from Mother Earth

Hathors and Gaia via Wes Annac

With infinite Love to every dear soul reading our words, we are the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral planes. It gives us great Joy to be connecting with you on this, a most important day of alignment. The 12-12 is yet another aligning date where we help to increase the purity of Source energy coming through to your world and to the bodies of each and every one of you. Have you not been feeling the energy lately, dear souls? Have you not been feeling increasingly like the reality you once knew so very well is at its very core changing? We have felt in many of you that your ascension processes are beginning to get real, and this is a result of the immensely pure energies being sent to your world at this time.

You have been told of our role in directing the Source energy to you. We receive such energy from the Heavenly beings inhabiting the lower realms of your Sun, and after increasing the distortion-level of the reality-creating energies to match the collective surface consciousness of Earth, we then funnel the distorted energies down to your surface and your body and spirit complexes. What has happened with the further opening of the synchronistic gates of Logos energy is that we are now receiving additional assistance with not only the funneling of the Logos energy, but of receiving vastly more pure amounts of this energy.

As you have been told, the souls inhabiting the realms of your Sun also receive the very energy that they later send us, and before sending it to realms lower than those that they are inhabiting, they themselves increase the distortion of the Logos energy to fit in with the lower realms the energy is being sent to. Dear souls it is such a simple and natural process, and yet from your points of view it could be seen as complicated. Those souls who are receiving the energy on and in your Sun, are now getting to the point where they do not need to increase the distortion of the energies they are funneling down, as your Universal and Galaxy-wide ascension is now seeing your entire Solar System exist in ever-purer realms of consciousness, and as such the Logos that makes up your Solar System/Galaxy/Universe is as well coming to you in increased purity and decreased distortion which are essentially the same thing.

It was in fact the increased purity of the energies being brought through your Galaxy that began to propel said Galaxy and your Universe into higher realms of consciousness. Again it is a very natural process; as the energy that creates and maintains your reality begins to increase in purity and decrease in distortion along synchronistical aligned dates on your Cosmic calendar, your reality which is made up of said energy begins to respond by integrating the newer and more pure energies. As your reality which includes each and every one of you, begins to respond to and integrate more of the increasingly pure Logos energy, you naturally begin to respond by yourselves ascending. This does not just go for your bodies, but again for your entire Universe. How many times have you been told dear souls, that your entire Universe is ascending? Earth’s ascension out of some of the deepest depths of astral and physical darkness will be quite a tipping point for your Universe. After such a dense and dark planet is filled fully with pure Logos energy, a very big effect will result throughout the Universe and your Galaxy. The Light quotient in your Universe changing so dramatically in favor of the Light will give other Galaxies and planes of reality in your Universe the oomph! needed to help them ascend. And you are all helping to bring this about, dear souls!

Yes indeed, you who are on Earth are taking the most important positions for the Light at this time. You are all integrating this energy and spreading it to areas of your collective consciousness that so desperately need Light and have needed Light for a very long time. You are directly working with this energy even as you toil around during the day, feeling like you are not accomplishing much or for some of you, feeling like you are accomplishing too much. Just remember that beyond your physical experience, the higher consciousness that is all of you is working diligently for the Light, and one of the services you perform in the sleep realms is interacting with us to ensure your spirit and body complexes are filled with very pure Logos energy accordingly.

We are coming through to you now directly by means of your internet and a scribe because the coming together of us and so many of you in the higher astral planes of your world while you sleep have attracted the means for you to hear and feel us while you are awake as well. Those beings who are being channeled and who have proven for many of you to be of the Light, are beings that have taken a direct interest in your Earthly ascension for a number of centuries, and we are such beings as well. We are very close to your world and to many of you, and while right now we may just seem by many of you to be another channeled voice on your internet offering guidance, our relationships go so very much deeper than that dear souls. Every Ascended Master, every extraterrestrial, every ascending soul who is assisting Earth and all of you in some cases directly, feel a very close bond with all of you and with your world, having worked with you and your world for so very long.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to be working with the Masters walking upon Earth. In even the last decade of your time, the Light quotient of your world has increased exponentially and this is because so many of you have been picking up on the increasingly pure Source energies that in many cases, you were working with us in the sleep realms to help manifest. We dearly wish you could see the process of Creating and maintaining your reality from our point of view, as if you could you would be in awe about how such a natural yet seemingly difficult process can be instantaneous and in less than a millisecond both create and continue to maintain the reality that many of you have stayed so entrenched in. Remember dear souls, that everything you experience is energy, and is constantly in motion. Everything is vibrating at its own specific pace, and manifested through various sound tones and waves of Color.

Such is the nature of your Creation, very delicate yet indestructible Divine Logos energy. Of course the energy has been very dim on your world for a very long time, but there was a time on your world when the energy was vibrating at a very high frequency, and just like many of you are now, back in those times you were integrating and absorbing the Source energy in very pure forms. Earth has not seen such pure energy being brought through Her surface to Her very core in a long time, and as She is now beginning to exist fully in the fifth dimension and beyond, with the help of all of you who have been beacons of Light for Her increasing energies that are uplifting Her, she is able to feel and exist in realms that She has not felt a part of for so very long. She would like to issue you a message now:

Mother Gaia: Dearest children of my surface and of under my surface as I know you will be feeling and reading this too, I wish to express my heart-felt gratitude and appreciation for your continued efforts toward helping me and us all find our way out of the lower realms. I have witnessed the horrific acts of many men and women alike on my surface, and I fully forgive such souls who participate in hurting me as they are truly not yet awake and conscious of what they have done to me, though at a certain point in their awakening process they will be shown their horrific acts. You all will always have the full Love and support of me, your dearest mother Gaia. I did indeed agree to host a collective consciousness of souls who were granted complete and total freewill, and while it has by no means been an easy ride with the many lower acts that have been committed, I and we all have seen our way out of the low vibrations where such acts were always so prevalent. There are many areas of my surface still entrenched in the lower vibrations, dear beautiful shining Lights of my surface, and it is now very important that you turn your attention to such areas.

Your Ascended Masters and extraterrestrial brethren are only able to do as much as your own creative power of manifestation lets them do (on my surface). You have been told that you are the Keepers of the energy of Creation on my realm, on our realm, and as many of you who can feel the growing and expanding Light in yourselves turn your attention to areas of my surface that need it most, as you pour your Light into these areas you manifest a very Lighted energy that those who are helping outside of my surface are able to work with. They use your very powerful energies of Light to put such souls, which is all of said area as all of Creation is soul; each spark and speck of consciousness involved is then moved onto a newer and more pure timeline, depending on the purity of the energy manifested and worked with. This is why it is very important now for you to focus your creative and Lighted energies, thoughts and feelings toward areas of my being that very desperately need the Light that many of you are manifesting. Of course they are given innumerable support through the energies of my Light grid, but many of these areas Live under a thick veil of illusory and dense energy, and as such it can make the Light difficult to reach them.

For such areas, many of you incarnate on my surface now have chosen to directly incarnate in areas that so desperately need your Light, and while it is felt that many of you wish to move to other parts of my surface at this time, you are where you are for a very specific reason. To those of you who feel as if you are stuck in an area with low vibrations as the norm, perhaps look upon and review why you are in such areas of Living where low vibrations have been prevalent for so very long. Perhaps you incarnated in such an area to bring your Light to it, to help break through the veil of collective density that has continued to manifest in such areas? Think upon it dear Lights of my surface, and your heart will give you the answer. I again wish to thank each and every one of you dearly for the sacrifices you have made in helping me and our citizens to ascend to our former realms of Living and Being. Each and every one of you has infinite Love from me, your dear Mother Gaia.

Thank you to the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes and to our dear Mother Earth Herself. You have my infinite Love as well dear Mother. :)

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