SanJAsKa: First Wave-Ascendees are Reaching Final Conclusions and Lessons

SanJAsKa via Wes Annac

Wes: Hello SanJAsKa. How are you doing on this fine day?

SanJAsKa: Dearest Wesley, hello! It is so very wonderful to see you break through your veil to communicate with us in the higher realms. Can you feel our anticipation for you to finally break through your personal densities, once and for all?

Wes: I share your sentiment dear friend, and your want for me to break away from the lower energies that are trying to bind me, as I too dearly wish for this to come about. But, I must say that it is a process, and a very difficult one at times. I think I am progressing along my path pretty well given earthly circumstances, would you agree?

SanJAsKa: Oh dearest one, do not misinterpret my words! We indeed do not fully feel up here the level of difficultly, of struggle and density you are dealing with. However, we know you are dealing with it and doing the best you can, and dear ones we wish so very much to see you break out of these struggles, to break away from these densities and become free so that you can enjoy the lands and realms that you have forgotten, and these lands along with us who are inhabiting them have been waiting for you, have been guiding you along your path to the best of our and your abilities! You are progressing so very well, and we do not just say this to our scribe. All of you have awakened and are progressing substantially given your difficult positions in the lower dimensions.

For many of you, you are now reaching conclusions of your karma that are resulting in very difficult, final lessons for you to see your way through and find your way out of the veil that has kept you from full consciousness. This is now the time where it is getting real or many of you; you are realizing fully that your spiritual growth-work cannot be done for you. Though when the time comes we will be giving much help, to those of you currently riding the first waves of ascension so that you can come back and be gatekeepers for those who are currently unawakened but may choose the option to grow and ascend; those of you entrenched in such positions are now reaching final conclusions and lessons. Again, you are being given a clear choice: do you wish now to ride this ascension wave, to implement the disciplines that will see you a much more potent force for the Light; to give up those earthly pleasures that have kept you binded to the lower realms for so very long, or to choose such earthly pleasures and stick with them instead of accepting the glorious future that you now have the full opportunity to entrench yourself in?

You are all on differing levels in your growth, and many of you have raced your way up the ascension ladder only to find that you are not yet ready to give up many things. This has been touched on before, in earlier messages to our scribe, and we speak of this subject because we know it is relevant for many of you at this time. We are here for you, offering to give you all the help you need to ascend through the ever-thinning veil between your realm and ours; we offer infinite help thought these means until we are able to be on your ground with you. Dearest ones, if you all accepted this help from us through the veil, the Light-quotient would increase exponentially in number and purity. The dark would not be able to survive in such high and pure energies, and we as well as numerous civilizations of the Light would naturally be drawn to such a Lighted planet.

Imagine, dear ones, you all bringing this future about! We tell you of such possible futures through our words to you because we wish you to truly imagine, to truly think about and integrate such possibilities into your conscious awareness, as you doing so would result in a ripe playing field of manifestation, as you all directly influence your collective consciousness. However, visualizing and hoping is simply not enough. Again, you must be willing to give up and accept giving up many earthly patterns and habits that will serve to hold your Light back and that will serve to bind you to your addictions, which are based in the lower realms. We again reiterate that you are now being given a clear choice. To those of you currently entrenched in such lessons, we ask you now, what is it going to be?

We never wish to push anything on anyone, and we give you our messages knowing that you will take them or leave them, as that is your freewill choice that we are honored to give you. Some of you may in fact choose to take a step back, but only if you are not yet ready to deal with the inner conflicts and issues that lead to the addictions that some of you are entrenched in and in many cases don’t even realize (you are entrenched in). Dearest souls, addiction comes in any and every earthly form; one can be addicted to various earthly substances, foods or things and not even realize it. We ask you to understand the implications when we say that nearly everything on Earth, every earthly pleasure can have the potential for addiction, but the biggest factor is the soul involved. Many of you have not yet processed and dealt with earthly issues of pain, hurt, regret and any other kind of lower emotion and as such, at times you will feel sad and depressed, with no clear reason as to why you feel that way.

We have felt and it has touched our hearts that many of you who are caught up in such struggles have looked to the heavenly realms and to us for comfort and for higher feelings of Love, Peace and acceptance, and we are happily by your side whenever you call on us for emotional or any other kind of support. Our scribe made the mistake of saying that we do not feel your emotions if they are dense and heavy; dear souls we do feel your hurt and your pain, and it is filtered through our higher dimensional Love, into an empathic understanding. We send your spirit and body complexes so very much pure Love when you are feeling sad, depressed or in distress. Though many of you do not feel the Love on a physical level because of your sadness when we send the Love to you, we can assure you that we are there with you whenever you wish us to be, and during times of grief your body actually absorbs a lot of pure Love; as you feel your heavy emotions of sadness you essentially ‘kiss goodbye’ those lower emotions as they leave your consciousness after being experienced, that is unless you choose to hold on to such emotions and reproduce them in your aura.

Those of you who choose to give up such emotions when you experience them are left with a hollowed-out emotional temple that is ripe for very pure Love-energies. In accordance with your higher self, we along with your Ascended Masters and Angelic Guides funnel down so very much pure Love into your temples to be absorbed. With specific tuning for each soul’s life plan, in many cases your main chakras all receive a cleansing of a Divine nature, as the old energy having been experienced is by that point washed away from your energetic gates that form a Divine portal between your conscious experience and your higher experience of the heavenly realms, or what you call your ‘chakras’.

Wes: Thank you for talking with me on this day SanJAsKa. You have given me valuable guidance on this day that I am to take and integrate into my daily lessons. I thank you and I wish to work more toward communicating with you and traveling upward on my ascension ladder and less toward enjoying earthly pleasures and habits.

SanJAsKa: Believe me dear one, you and all else have received innumerable support from the heavens. Even if you do choose to partake in your addictions, you are feeling the old and dense energy attached to such addictions. You are feeling how uncomfortable it is to exist in the lower realms that your indulgence in such addictions takes you to. You are feeling this and it will only increase dear ones as the energies of Light are continued to be pumped up. Very soon the energy attached to such addictions will be too dense for you to even fathom, much less wish to experience. Even still, it is your job to understand now, before the density attached to such addictions brings you down too much, that the lower patterns and habits attached to living on surface Earth cannot survive where you wish to be headed. The choice is yours dear souls, and as always we will be with you to help you, to give you infinite assistance if you choose your ascension.

Thank you to SanJAsKa.

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