Worldwide Meditation for First Contact, Dec. 24, 2011

THE AMBASSADOR of the EMBASSY of STARPEOPLE©  -Botschaft der Sternenmenschen-

Invites you all to a Worldwide Meditation at 24 December 2011, 12:00 UTC Time!

Together we can achieve with this Meditation a Powerful Message to our Brothers

And Sisters of the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL), that We are ready for First Contact!

I need all of you Freedom Loving People. Together we can show, that We are prepared and willing, to welcome them in Peace and Harmony in the Future.

The GDFL is a Commonwealth of several Star Systems, acting in Peace and Love to help all Living Beings.

Place:        Worldwide
Date:         24. December 2011
Time:        12:00 UTC Worldtime
Durance : 10 Minutes

To make Contact, please use following Meditation Technique:

Imagine in a inner Vision a bright Sphere of Light all around you,,with you as the Centre.
You are breathing deep and calm.
Concentrate on your third Eye, witch lies between your Eyebrows, just underneath the Skin of your Forehead.
Please use a Comfort way of sitting, or optional on your back, when you cant Concentrate or manage the Lotus Sitting Position.
A deep… soft… and steady Breath is the source of a working Meditation!
Now Send, with a thinking Voice, following 2 Messages:

“We invite you dear Space siblings in Love..Light..Peace and Harmony!”
“It is my free will!”

Please use all of you exact the same Words, and repeat them 7 times!

Many Thanks to all of you!

When we all Speak with one inner Voice at the same time,it creates a Mind powered Energy Field, strong enough that our Friends from the Galactic Federation of Light can receive.
For this Project i need as many People as possible….i need all of You!
Only united we are powerful enough to make a Change.
We can achieve this!….We all can do it!
Until Meditation Day i wish you all Love ..Peace  and Harmony.


Frank-Uwe Schubach
Ambassador of EMBASSY of STARPEOPLE©

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Der Botschafter
Mr. Frank-Uwe Schubach

EMBASSY of STARPEOPLE©  -Botschaft der Sternenmenschen-
Hausanschrift: Brieversheck 6, 53925 Kall-Sötenich -Deutschland-
Postanschrift: P.O. Box 0152, 53921 Kall -Deutschland-
Voicemail & Faxservice: 004932122663007
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Öffnungszeiten: aus betriebstechnischen Gründen nur nach Voranmeldung!
*(2,9 Cent/Min. aus dem Deutschen Festnetz Abweichende Preise für Anrufe aus dem Mobilfunknetz möglich.)
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  1. I found a UTC time converter on this website. It ended up being 5am for me!

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