Galactic Federation and Spiritual Hierarchy: You Reality is Rapidly Collapsing

Galactic Federation and Spiritual Hierarchy via Sheldan Nidle

Selamat Balik! We return! The cords that tie your reality together are rapidly dissolving and transforming into the grids of a new one. Initially, this new one is manifesting various debacles that are churning things up in every corner of your world, and this is to be expected as the miasmas of the past are purged. Many of your realms in ages past have been wiped out by the thunderous might of the Anunnaki as they froze, flooded and burned your societies in an effort to expunge the memories of your fully conscious origins. On each occasion, the Anunnaki chose a group of survivors to ‘stock’ the next reality (by means of memory trauma held within the DNA) with the ‘fodder’ necessary to endlessly repeat these patterns of destruction and genocide down through history. This attempt to bury your memories of your former, higher state of consciousness was only partially successful and was unable to induce the complete adulation and acquiescence desired by your dark overloads. Your ineradicable inner path was kept alight by Spirit for the day when all of you would be returned to your former state of glory.

This ‘fling’ in the trials and tribulations of limited consciousness is nearly over, and you are being brought through the last stages of the fear and illusion that the Anunnaki’s minions concocted for you. Be brave and wise, and know that you are fully capable of seeing through these last shenanigans. New institutions are starting up quietly in the very smoke thrown up by the dark’s contrived incidences. Secret groups with positive agendas are working with the Ascended Masters to bring your new world into the Light while the dark that oppresses you is lifting. Rejoice, and understand what this truly implies. You are practically free of those whose arrogance and chicanery has had you imprisoned in a world which, from the outset, was only an exercise for Spirit. You have won through and are ready to show the universe what you are capable of. Your space and spiritual families enfold you in Love and blessings and the time for our collective revelry is close at hand!

Gaia knows what is happening to you. She realizes that several very significant events are close and that these will transform your global societies. We understand that it is natural for many of you to seek comfort in your religious traditions, and we wish to acquaint you with many things that will enable you to see that these traditions are only a start toward a fuller understanding of what is occurring. You are on the brink of a vast abundance, and your psyche is to be freed from its old limited-conscious ways, bringing you to an expanded view of how your world works. This clash of perspectives is something we are fully prepared to reconcile. Your Ascended Masters learned, during their long journey toward immortality, ways to effectively introduce you to a new and broader outlook, and this is to be their prime contribution to our first contact mission. It is time for you to move from a limited to a fully conscious view of Creation and physicality, and it is logical to learn from those who acquired wisdom from the Earth school, as you are doing.

First contact is an enormous consciousness changer, one which will provide a huge boost to your transition into a galactic human. What is needed is a way to accomplish this incredible feat in a quick and painless fashion. We consulted with our Agarthan cousins to discover how the dark Atlanteans had originally reduced you to limited consciousness (in order to provide reliable fodder for the dark). Their process of unplugging most of your DNA stripped you of all but survival capabilities and cut you off from your joyous connection with the Divine. Now we need to reverse this damage by knitting your DNA back up and bringing your sacred abilities back on line. Together with the Agarthans we have perfected a Light chamber for each of you, which deftly turns back on, or off, those elements that will reopen your channel to full consciousness. Once this is done, you will be pristine, whole, fully conscious Beings again, and can rejoin your galactic fellows in assisting Heaven to unfold the Creator’s plan for physicality. Such joy awaits each of you!

Blessings to you all! We return! We are your Ascended Masters! Gaia’s present reality grids continue to collapse, and as they fall, new grids for the fully conscious reality get closer to their inevitable manifestation. This means that a definite timetable for moving all of you blessed souls into full consciousness is being established. The dark cabal remains as unyielding as ever, and thus the time for ‘desperate measures’ quickly approaches! Our many associates are busy brainstorming and drawing up plans for achieving this end. The cabal, meanwhile, broadcasts its supposed ‘solutions’ to its many financial crises, while in truth dreading the approach of the moment when it will be forced to surrender power to the Light. To this end our Agarthan liaisons daily remind these wrongdoers of the need to let go and face their just desserts. In anticipation of this, the legal system of your world prepares the instruments of this huge accountability scenario.

We are living in a sacred moment indeed! The end times are in their final throes! In this regard, our galactic and spiritual families are preparing the path for your move into the 5th dimension, as reuniting a partitioned Earth is the dream of both Heaven and Gaia. For nearly 13 millennia, Gaia has had to embody the dichotomy of a 3-D surface and a 5-D inner world and longs to return to her monopolar, unified Self. This of course necessitates that you, too, swiftly transform into fully conscious Beings. These Beings possess the innate ability to participate in the magical 5-D world of your near future, which is the one we occupy. Our divine goal is to welcome you all to your immortality and the beautiful realm of full consciousness. Every day we send forth our blessings of hope and joy as the time comes to manifest these sacred desires.

Much movement is afoot to bring all that we are talking about to fruition. Despite its outer calm demeanor, the dark is in total panic over what it sees inexorably marching toward it. The Heavens have opened and a grand force, much greater than anything previously known to these dark ones, has set its lucid sights upon them. It will not be long before their grandiose visions of a never-ending empire are thrust with much glee into the proverbial dustbin of history. Our galactic and spiritual families come not only to introduce us to a new, wondrous consciousness, but also to invest us with membership in the grand union of the Light. This operation is in its last stages. We await the utter joy that will overcome us as we welcome our family and celebrate your new status as fully conscious Beings.

Today, we continued our study of Gaia and her people. We are very ready to bring to completion what all of you in your own way have so magnificently begun. First contact is an inevitable event and is being carried out in answer to the call of Heaven. This call is now being answered and a new reality begun! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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