Thank You, Moscow. Time to Set the Agenda

By Steve Beckow

I suppose I write this to the 99% around the globe. What Muscovites are showing us is, I think, the next step for the Occupy Movement. The people of Moscow are marching to demand the resignation of Vladimir Putin, accused of influencing the elections, doing nothing in his twelve years of power except preserving a corrupt order, etc.

You remember I mentioned earlier how a traffic cop had induced Falun-Gong practitioners to line up around the block when 10,000 of them gathered in 1998 to deliver a petition to the Chinese government? The cop carelessly had them line up around the leadership compound of the Chinese Communist Party, Zhongnanhai, which scared the wits out of the leaders, but, more to the point, of their wives and children. Speak of the soft underbelly.

So here too, it isn’t necessary to have the entire population of Russia rise up. Just Moscow. And Just Washington. And just London.

Time to get up out of our tents and go on a march, a Worldwide March of Billions. Putin just sent a raft of missiles to Syria to prop up that corrupt regime. But what good are missiles when the populace is on the move? Missiles won’t save Putin or Assad or any corrupt leader. Not now.

It’s time for us to set the agenda, not a corrupt Congress or Duma. It’s time to serve notice on the small-time big-time despots and venal regimes of the world. Why do we allow them to continue setting the agenda for us, which, as it turns out, is to fleece the public to make a cashmere shawl for the elite? It makes no sense.

But the reason we allow it to go on is we have no sense that we can take back our power collectively and tell our so-called “representatives” (a misnomer if there ever was one) that we will represent ourselves, that we will set our own agenda.

They’ve been given ample time to mend their ways and all they have done, regrettably, is to pass laws to detain us without trial and without limit. Alright. You’ve shown us your true colors many times over. We get it. It’s time for you to step aside.

We’re not used to thinking in terms of setting the agenda. All about us are reminders that the elite wishes us to remember that they have matters under control. There are two channels on my TV that endlessly play what someone rather colorfully call “nazi cop shows.” The message endlessly is that there is danger in society and we will protect you.

In fact, if truth be told, you, our representatives and controllers, have been the source of danger. You created 9/11, the London bombing, the Mumbai assaults, and every mindless shooting by a Manchurian candidate that has caused such heartache to our nations. You are behind this, with your black operatives and your secret agencies.

It’s time for you to go. No, don’t make a big deal of it. Just go. And march your armies out of all the lands you occupy. And take all your  weapons systems with you and just leave. As the Governor General of India said to Gandhi, “You’re not just proposing that we pack up and leave, are you?” To which Gandhi replied, always spare on words, “Yes.”

So we too are proposing that you just leave. Yes. Take off your uniforms if you like. Lay down your guns. But just leave. We can manage quite well without you.

We will dismantle what you’ve created and trade in your guns for butter. We will build a universal medicare system, mend the schools, provide homes for the homeless. We will make this system work that you have only corrupted.

Just leave. We have set the agenda. You’re not going to murder us all even if you could. So just get the message and leave.

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