The High Council of Orion: Step Out of the Illusion

The High Council of Orion via Karen Doonan

We come to guide and support at this time of mass cleansing and clearing across the planet and we guide that all is now unfolding across the planet earth. For many of YOU the last few weeks have been a strain with a lot of emotion coming to the surface in order to be released. We have guided previously about the need to allow emotions to come to the surface, to be acknowledged and then released. It is vital that the illusion teachings are now recognised for that which they are and are removed from the levels of SELF.

We are here to guide and support in this process and we guide that levels of SELF are navigated regularly by those who are now awakening to deeper and deeper levels of TRUTH. Many of YOU are now aware of the new energies but illusion taught that these new energies would give you freedom without showing the route to freedom. For freedom is not something that is given it is something that is FELT, freedom is a state of BEing and many are not able to find this freedom as they do not venture into the heart centre.

We are the High Council of Orion and we walk among you. Many are now able to connect to our energies and the new unfolding of energies are now making the communication with other realms very easy indeed. We guide for you to continue to communicate with the realms that step forward to help you. For they will step forward and wait for YOUr reaction, YOU have free will dear ones and we are not here to lead nor to tell, for that is not our role nor our purpose.

The dramas that are now unfolding around YOU and through YOU are the illusion teachings that must be let go of, for they are not supported in the new dear ones and it is not possible to create within the new whilst holding on to the old. The old is the anchor that sees you “stuck”, it is the anchor that tells YOU that YOU “cannot”, “must not” and so on. For all that is within YOU is reflected in the world that is experienced by YOU. This is a TRUTH that many are not looking at and as they look to the new world they are dismayed to see that it resembles the old world. Dear ones each and every one of YOU alive on this planet has a separate reality, all may compliment or feed into others reality but only YOU are able to change that reality. It is done individually and this is a TRUTH that many are not absorbing nor looking at. For it is easy to sit and absorb the teachings of illusion that tell YOU that YOU are one person and therefore powerless. If YOU had any idea how powerful YOU each are then this would not stop YOU. For the road walked by illusion is one of “divide and conquer”, whilst each human BEing alive on the planet believes they are the only one to feel and think the way that they do and they are anchoring the illusion teaching that tells them they must fear their neighbour then the illusion walks through the lives of all it touches. The only way out of illusion dear ones is to follow the heart.

The heart cannot be fooled by the smoke and mirrors of the illusion teachings for the heart was seeded with TRUTH and is the only way out of illusion. Many are still looking to other humans to help them make their lives better yet failing to see that the life that is led is the reflection of all that is anchored into that life. When responsibility is ignored and the human concerned is in denial then this is fertile ground indeed for the teachings of illusion. For the road to illusion is indeed paved with gold. All that is sparkly, all that is nice and all that is glowing does not mean it does not hold illusion and many were swayed by the illusion of a new world with freedom and love as its core.

What illusion did not reveal was the hard work that is needed to unveil this creation, for to sit back and expect that to be handed to YOU is illusion. We do not guide to judge for that is not our role nor our purpose, we guide in order that YOU may clearly see that the person YOU wait for is YOU. For only YOU can change this human life experience dear ones for YOU are the ones that created it. Each creation a reflection of what was going on inside YOU and was projected around YOU. For if you walk now in grief and sorrow that is what is being reflected from deep inside of SELF. To walk in joy means that YOU must give up the grief and sorrow, pour love and compassion through it and allow it to heal. Illusion will persuade YOU that this is too much, that it is not possible to swim a river of tears and emerge on the other side, TRUTH will show you how to swim that river and the angelic realms will stand on the shore ready to welcome YOU to the other side of that river. The other side is strength dear ones and beneath all the teachings of illusion is a powerful BEing of light that has strength beyond imagination.

We are here to move YOU to that SELF, for many are now finding it impossible to see light, as everywhere they look they see darkness. Dear ones the darkness must be illuminated for YOU to see the illusion that threatens to drown YOU. For YOU are that LIGHT that illuminates it, YOU seek outwith YOUrself and YOU look to others to light the path that YOU are walking on, that YOU create and that YOU own. For this is YOUr human life experience and YOUrs alone. Many may walk alongside YOU but no one walks as YOU. Do you understand our analogy? Do you understand our guidance?

As YOU weep into YOUr tissues, as YOU look around and see pain and suffering YOU turn away, convinced that YOU walk the wrong path and that all guidance was wrong and that the world is going to end. Yet YOU fail to see that this was what YOU lived, this is what the human race WAS and this is what the human race must HEAL. That is done human to human, by pouring love and compassion through all that is brought up to be healed. Where YOU see suffering pour love and compassion through it and change it, refuse to ignore it, voice it and see it all change as other voices are added to YOUr voice. For ALL are not in denial and all do not stand and watch a world sink. Many are of the same voice yet the fear of that voice has stopped them from finding others. That time is NOW dear ones. The human race begins to build the new world promised brick by brick, human by human, soul to soul, it can be no other way.

Hindsight dear ones is YOUr enemy. The many humans who now cry “if only”, that is illusion teaching you under the guise of love, detach from this teaching for it will disempower YOU and bring YOU to YOUr knees dear ones. YOU did what YOU did at that moment with the information that YOU had at that time. This information has changed, many have not realised the extent to which the human race was contained and suppressed, decisions based on illusion are decisions based on illusion, they are not TRUTH dear ones. TRUTH is found within the heart and we ask all across the planet to move to heart centredness. This is needed to pour the love and compassion through all the pain and trauma and allow it to heal.

Illusion will teach YOU the wound will not heal and will teach YOU ways of picking over the scab so it bleeds once more. We guide for YOU to have love and compassion for EVERY BEing on this planet, for not only humans walked blind. Many are now moving into place to change the frequencies held by humans across the planet and we guide for YOU to support TRUTH wherever it is revealed, for TRUTH will set YOU free. Freedom is YOUrs dear ones but illusion has wrapped it in many veils and placed it before you. Allow TRUTH to reveal itself to YOU, do not judge others for YOU cannot know if they are walking in the same illusions that blinded YOU, have love and compassion for all.

Many humans will not awaken in this lifetime, their love for their fellow soul family members so strong they have taken an incarnation that sees them in the roles of aggressors. These are YOUr greatest lessons dear ones, for how can a soul grow and expand if it is not pushed beyond where it has gone before. ALL ARE ONE dear ones and yet we see that many are wrapped in the illusion veils of good and bad. That is deep illusion for there only IS dear ones. The greatest lessons have been learned, many lifetimes ago and the time to release and clear the pain is now dear ones. ALL realms stand ready to support and aid this release, connect and simply ask dear ones for ALL ARE ONE.

The world may look as if it weeps and in many cases it does dear ones, mother earth weeps with YOU for she sees the light that shines brightly from all her children and she weeps tears of joy. For the ascension of mother earth is now dear ones, the unveiling of the beauty of the creation of the human race is NOW, FEEL it. ALL ARE ONE.

The following weeks are a time of great cleansing and a great release. Do not fear YOUr tears dear ones, embrace them, for the tears will cleanse parts of YOUr soul that have lain in shadow for aeons. The new world is here dear ones, let the old dreams go for they no longer serve. Look beyond what is dissolving in front of YOU and create the new world, visualise it, FEEL it , DREAM IT, for YOU dream the DREAM that was always to unfold for the ascension of planet earth.

We are the High Council of Orion and we are YOUr brothers and sisters, we are YOU and YOU are WE, for ALL ARE ONE.

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