Archangel Michael: The Upcoming Eclipse and Changes in Your World

Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon 12/12/11, November 31, 2011

With thanks to Ellen for the transcript.

Steve Beckow: Now, if you would assist us light-workers to know what we can expect on 12/12/11, and then I’ll ask you a few other questions about 12.12.11. What will be noticeably happening that day?

Archangel Michael: In the physicality, it will in many ways appear a day like any other day. But of course it is not. Now, understand, the portal is open. It is not an open/shut, open/shut, open/shut. But on this day, there are times – I am going to give you an analogy, because your readers love them. [laughter] There are times – and I will use the analogy of Christmas, or a birthday, or a Hanukkah – where there is incredible excitement in the air, but there is also a sense of magic. And you can breathe it. And it is tangible.

You feel that you can reach out and literally touch it. And of course you [can or can’t?], because the wider the portal is open, the more the inter-dimensional energies are simply flowing. There is not a dam in the stream that says this is third, this is fourth, this is fifth. Think of the dam as being completely opened.

Very often on Christmas, there is this excitement and this magic, and every now and then, rather than disappointment and a lot of wasted paper, there is a sense of deep communion and joy that happens because you know that you are in a sacred place with a sacred family above and below, and with those who love you. So it is that sense of magnificent occasion.

SB: And what makes it a magnificent occasion, Lord? Is it just simply because on the Gregorian calendar the numbers 12.12 came up, or is it an agreement among high Beings, or a Divine plan? What makes that be special?

AAM: What makes the day special is the occasion that has been created, not simply by a calendar, but by an agreement, above and below, millions and millions of years ago, that this would be the day when we would truly be able to sense the energies of each other, that the feeling that you would have, my beloved friend, is that you could hold my hand. Now, you may not have the full physical experience of feeling skin against skin, but you would feel the weight and the transmission of energy, and you wouldn’t want to move, because it is like the first time you held hands in the movies and you didn’t dare move a muscle, because you didn’t want it to stop.

SB: Right. [laughing] I can certainly remember that.

AAM: That is the sense. It is the sense of, oh, thank God, I feel the connection. So it is not so much the emphasis on the transmittance of new dimensions as connection. Think of 12.12 as connection day, that the frequencies of the vibrations are finally harmonious enough to really have the sensation, the knowing, the experience, of yes, I am connected, and I am part of this. And because I am part of this, the immediate connection raises my frequency even higher. I am perceiving differently.

SB: All right. And who are we connected to? Are we connected to the Angels? Are we connected to the Ascended Masters, to the Galactics? Who is it that we’re connecting to?

AAM: There is not one being in any of the realms that will not show up.

SB: Well, not visibly, I wouldn’t imagine.

AAM: Many will see visible realities.

SB: All right.

AAM: Many will. And many will not. So we do not want to disappoint. We are very cognizant of that. But it is already happening that many are seeing the Masters and their Angels. So do not dismiss it, because you don’t want to rule out any possibilities. Go back to that feeling of Christmas, when you think that anything is possible. And it doesn’t matter what you get, it is the best time ever. So you will be uniting with your Star Brothers and Sisters. You will be uniting with the Ascended Masters. You will be uniting with us, and certainly with the Angelic Realm. You will be flying high.

SB: And those readers who write in and say, well, I experienced absolutely nothing, what would you say to them now, which I’ll only be asking you to say later? [laughing]

AAM: First of all, that is why we try not to raise expectations. But if someone is to say, I experienced nothing at all, we would say, you are not paying attention. Because there are very few, even those who are sound asleep, who will not feel something in the air that day. They may not know what it is. They may not know why they feel that way. But it will be unusual, highly unusual, that they will not feel a sense of well-being.

Now, if they are dogged and determined to not feel anything, then we ask them – and I say this on behalf of Mother/Father, One, all the Company, I ask you to stay still, go into your heart, open your heart, make sure your feet are on the ground, throw open your arms as I have asked you to, and receive. This is not simply a one day offer.

But it is an incredibly special day. It is a day where there is a conjoining, not just a passing through, not just a raising of frequency, but a conjoining of community. So we would encourage our rituals, our meditations or celebrations that are done in tandem with large groups and small groups. If you find yourself alone for your celebration, invite everybody in, your own Guides, the Angelic Realm, the Unseen Realm, your Star Brothers and Sisters, invite everybody until your room is full.

SB: [laughing] Okay. You’re talking to a hermit, so…

SSM: Yes, well –

SB: [laughing] I’ll probably get agoraphobic!

AAM: You probably will! Because you will feel the room fill up.

SB: Uh-hunh. Okay.

AAM: And, enjoy it.

SB: Un-hunh.

AAM: It’s time for celebration of community.

SB: All right.

AAM: Because that is what it is about. It is the celebration of community and love. So, what are we doing that day? We are joining. We are being together. We are showing you, and you are showing us, that we all know how to show up.

SB: Okay.

AAM: Now that is not just a casual statement. Because it is what every heart yearns for, is for someone, seen or unseen, to care enough to show up for them. We will be there in droves. And so we invite you, of Terra Gaia, to join us.

SB: Alright.

AAM: But we also ask, as you travel – because we will lift you – make sure you are grounded. Do not leave your body completely behind. Keep your feet in the heart of Gaia so that you are free to soar. We are not inviting you to leave. We are inviting you to fly with us, to soar with us, to be with us. And we are bringing our energies to be with you.

SB: I – how does that fit with the previous comments, Lord, that some people will ascend on that day?

AAM: Oh, they will ascend, but these are mostly gatekeepers.

S: Yes.

AAM: And they will be trans-dimensional.

SB: Um-hmm.

AAM: So, no, there will be – we believe there will be a great deal of people going through that experience of ascension.

SB: All right.

AAM: But even for those who are not, shall we say, slated for departure that day, they will still feel the connection.

SB: Okay. The ones who do ascend, will they immediately – I know it’s not immediately in your timeframe, but in our timeframe – will they immediately return as gatekeepers or will they return at a future date?

AAM: Most of them have agreed already to pretty much immediately return. Now, you may go missing for a couple of days. But most of them are returning immediately because the need for those shepherds is very strong at this time.

SB: All right. Okay. And do you have a numerical estimate of how many [people may ascend or are expected to ascend on that day?

AAM: We are anticipating about three million visitors.

SB: Okay. Going to give them resident permits? [laugh]

AAM: Yes, we will! Gladly.

SB: Okay. All right. Well, that’s very good. I can’t think of anything else that I wanted to ask about that. Was there anything else you wanted to say, Lord, on 12.12?

AAM: I wanted to say welcome. And I say this on behalf of everybody. We want you to be with us. And we want to be with you. This is our declaration of love. It is our invitation. It is time for all beings to be united in this way. As soon as that occurs, everything is resolved. So come and be with us, and we will be with you. It is occasion, it is celebration, and yes, dear heart, it marks that you are in the shift very fully and earnestly.

SB: Um-hmm. All right, Lord. Well, thank you very much for that. I’m sure everyone will very much enjoy listening to your comments. So thank you for your introduction to the day.

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