My Collective Guides: You are Learning the Most Difficult Lessons on Your Own

My Collective Guides via Wes Annac

We can feel up here in the Heavenly realms that at times you all think and feel that you that are not doing enough for the Light, that you are not performing enough Lightwork in service of the Divine, and dearest ones we wish you to know that this simply isn’t so. Even when you are pre-occupying yourselves with your television or any other form of daily distraction, you are still a Lighted presence upon the Earth, you are still a Lighted being serving to bring through so much Love at this time. We guide to you now that the human mindset has indeed been that you must be going and that you must be doing and that you must be performing some type of service or some type of work but dear souls at times it simply takes letting yourselves relax and letting yourselves feel Loved, and letting yourselves feel appreciation for your surroundings around you for you to truly understand what it is like to be Living in the Heavenly realms.


For you see, we do not constantly worry ourselves with what we could be doing or what we should be doing, and at times we simply let ourselves be. This is what is needed for you at this time dear souls, you must simply let yourselves be! You are Lighted beings walking upon the Earth now and as such, your Creation powers are very strong now. With the 11.11 energies that have come in, you have all been assisted so very greatly but it is your job to integrate these energies, and it is your job to feel the energy and the Love that is attached to these energies.


You see dear ones, we give these energies to you with so much Love, with so much grace and compassion for your daily struggles and we enjoy doing this for you. We enjoy performing this service just as you all enjoy performing your daily services for the Light. Again, while we do know and recognize that you do enjoy performing these services and that it is important for you to perform these services, it is even more important for you to feel happy, for you to feel in alignment with your highest expression of self. For dear souls if you do not feel this alignment, then you cannot perform your duties as you wish to.


You must feel happy, you must feel Love for others and you must feel Love for yourself for if you do not than it will be much more difficult for you to bring about the daily jobs and tasks for the Light that you all bring about with such grace and with such ease, and with such caring. Indeed these are very difficult times for you all now, but it will get so much easier as your extraterrestrial brethren and sistren arrive on your world ‘officially’. It will be so much easier for you to perform the very basic daily tasks that many of you can at times find difficult to perform. Dear ones we wish you to know that you only find this difficult because you are feeling the blockages in yourself, you are feeling the blockages in your heart chakra and in your third eye.


Until you simply sit and be and let these blockages dissipate away, and integrate the energies that cause these blockages, until you do this dear souls, you will only be met with struggle, you will only be met with your own blockages. Indeed we see now that many of you are in fact learning this lesson on your own, and it is going with how so many of you are learning so many lessons on your own that are to see your ascension processes sped up so very much. You are learning these lessons on your own, and indeed we did have the concern that you may need us for your planetary ascension, that you may need us (for you) to learn these very difficult lessons but dear souls you are taking care of it so wonderfully, you are learning these lessons so greatly and we are so very happy to see this coming about!


You are learning the most difficult lessons on your own, as individuals and as a collective and this is what is needed to be brought about. Indeed we were very concerned that we would need to step in and that we would need to help you with the most difficult lessons but we do not; you are all learning these lessons. With the Occupy movements that have galvanized the masses into action, it has been made clear to us that you all do in fact care where you planet is headed. You all do in fact care where you are headed as a collective, and these protests are manifesting an energy for the Light that is to bring about the presence of your extraterrestrial brethren and sistren on your Earth, that is to bring about all that you have desired dear souls!

We ask you now to continue in your daily affirmations and in your daily work for the Light but again, to continue in this daily work you must feel yourselves in the right energy, you must feel yourselves in the correct alignment for this dear souls, for until you do that, you will continue to be met with the blockages that serve to hold you back. We Love you all so very much, and until our next communication we wish to let you know again to treat yourselves and to treat others with Love and with caring. You will find that this is a message that is repeated quite a bit, and it is repeated for a purpose dear souls. Our repetition is not an accident; we repeat certain messages for you to fully absorb the messages, for you to fully integrate the energies and the concerns behind the messages dear souls.


Thank you to my Collective Guides.

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