Andromeda Galaxy: The God of the True Lightworker

Andromeda Galaxy via Ute 

We Are from the Domain of Fire and Light, of Unity of all souls and Sacred Divine Core Essence in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Dearest Ones,

it is assumed that there are no creations that would not follow the will of God or fulfill God’s desire to see Himself mirrored in what is created. However there are worlds, especially your world,  you do not favor, you do not like, as they do not respond to your true desires.

Therefore many are asking themselves what the real meaning of “God” is. It is difficult to imagine that He/She could be anything else but good and perfect (what you call perfect in your understanding) or spotless. So how could God create such a world in which you are not happy.

Dearest ones, there are so many god ideas and therefore gods, as there are souls in the universes. And each of these ideas have their roots in some cultural experiences and foundations and they are built according to what people or tribes and nations believe and which they consider to be their specific highest good or role model.

Even the ugly worlds are created in the image of their creators, they are mirrors to them, in the same way as the beautiful worlds are.  Know that all which is beautiful are creations of the God of Love. And there cannot be any discussions whether these beautiful creations are of the dark. We are speaking of true beauty, and not a seeming beauty of appearance which does not radiate truth and which does not touch your heart. We do not speak of cold beauty, which makes your feeling heart shudder and which evokes fear in your being. We speak of the beauty which opens your heart with joy beyond the form as which beauty appears.

But when you notice that such true beauty and its inherent joy is doubted and considered to be dark by those, who call themselves lightworkers, know that the capacity of higher discrimination fails and that jealous minds which carry darkness are at work. Don’t allow yourselves to be drawn into their world of fear and pain, which mirrors  the face of their own loveless god.

Hereby you can understand  that these gods are images of the lower mind of man and they are therefore ego ideas and creations. And you attract to you the appearance of seemingly “outside” manifestations of your dreams, so that it appears that you are the creator of your own gods. They are not Divine although they may carry the name god.
Their heavens are limited and ephemeral, like the lower mind is and therefore they are not satisfying your heart. Whereas what satisfies your heart with joy is from the Heart of the Divinity. This is the sign you can trust.

There are greater gods of greater heavens, who might ignite your inspiration for higher levels of yourself and who correspond to your inner visions. But if they do not carry the heart of the Eternal, of the All-That-Is, even they are worthless for the true awakening of your soul and ultimately of your I AM consciousness.

It is your I AM consciousness only which carries you beyond “difference” and the dual pair of good and evil, but if you exclude one side or the other and attach yourself exclusively to only one you know that you, as a lightworker, have still to go a long way. The more you integrate your own hidden god of  darkness into your consciousness, the more you enter a place of peace and true love, a place of compassion. It is the heart where all opposites fall into one another and disappear. To create a world of either or, is the creation of imbalance and attracts necessarily the opposite.

The Ultimate Divine is beyond difference and good and  evil and comprises all, because it merely IS, it is the All-That-Is. It is the Source Light and Consciousness of all Universes and Beings. Where there is no mind but only Heart,  there is no God limited by form or idea, but only consciousness, undivided, radiant and love-blissful.

However if the lightworker does not follow the tool of  their heart for discrimination, they may have this idea and habit, to personify every form of light and of energy in a dualistic way, such as “good” or “bad” gods or beings of the higher worlds, and they may  have themselves accustomed to searching everywhere for the “devil” and the “evil”, even in the appearance of light. Some of them have been therefore collapsing in a disposition of negative critisism and being keen to find the next dark spot somewhere in the universe, to pronounce immediately what they think to see and spreading darkness. This is not the sign of a lightworker. Quite the opposite!

There are lightworkers who are so stuck in looking for the deceiver that their level of frequency has become very low and they are now carrying the energy of those they suspect, because of the law: you become what you meditate on.

Dearest ones, if you would fully understand this law you would understand what it takes to create your new world. Your new world cannot be created by looking sharply into the dark. Because there is no love found.

If you encounter the dark in your life with your reaction, know that it is a mirror of your own hidden beliefs and convictions, which you draw to you in a visible and tangible form because you are deeply afraid.

As you understood, that your world is changing dramatically and that there is enormous light entering, it is the responsibility of those who call themselves “Lightworkers” to fulfill the meaning of this word, literally. It is about disciplining your thoughts by closely observing yourself, to be awake in the first place about what YOU are thinking and feeling and doing and how it is reflected back to you from the “outer” world.

To anchor light on earth at this important time in your world  is necessary,  for the sake of balancing the darkness and rising the frequency. But it has to be done in the disposition of already being balanced in your heart. Without this you will be drawn ungrounded into a spacy awareness, target for anything that comes along. This is not the sign of a lightworker. It is the sign of ignorance, mere lip service, talking and self-glorification of those who have not done the work. So called  lightworkers have done more harm therefore than the ones who unconsciously continue to follow the old and darkened path of your illusionary world.

This is the time now, as the process of ascension is underway, to face all these hidden things in the  depth of your consciousness, but not hidden anymore as soon as you encounter these creations in your outer world AND observe your reaction to them. It is your reaction, your fear, your aversion which tells you that you need to purify yourself and replace this thought, this emotion with light, to replace this contraction with love.

To be a true lightworker, means both, working to transform first themselves and being able therefore to know and anchor the true light on earth.

To spread Light, it must be your focus and your goal to replace darkness with light, to seek the light and give all power to the light, and not a grain of your energy to the dark.  Many lightworkers, not doing so, seem not even to notice that they are in reality serving the forces who do not serve your happiness and awakening but want to keep you in deep sleep. Lightworkers who do not follow with their heart the path of light are still part of the unconscious masses, while claiming they are awake.

Dearest lightworkers, we have discussed this so that you become aware which of the many Gods you are serving and so that you can make a conscious choice. The world and humanity needs true servants at this time of great changes to make this transition as blessed as it can be.

We love you dearly and shower Divine Light upon you!

We are the Light Beings from the Andromeda Galaxy

Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2011
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