Sanat Kumara: The Galactic Process

Sanat Kumara via Mercedes Kirkel

The Increasing Speed of the Evolution of Consciousness

The different cycles that you have been going through have each been an exponential increase in speed over the previous. For a long time it wasn’t noticeable because you were still dealing with extremely long, extremely slow-frequency cycles. But eventually the change starts to happen extremely fast and speeds up. You know this in many of your models, where things are increasing at an exponential level. It is at the end where you start to notice it, and the speed becomes breathless, or seemingly so. That is what you are experiencing now.


Another way of looking at it is through the great cycle that happens in line with your galaxy. This has to do with the turning of the galaxy around the galactic center. It is not just your galaxy. It is all the galaxies in your universe. Through a very long period of time there are certain points that are pivotal points, having to do with what is sometimes called the null and void zone. You are going through that and that is creating a supportive environment for many things to come together, for many changes to coincide. Part of it is that, again, it’s not just in your earth world, it is coinciding with the whole universe going through an up-leveling. It is like you are going through these major cycles, but they’re not just a circle that keeps circling around again and again. It’s more like a spiral, and every time you come around you’re at a new place in the spiral. This is what is happening. Right now you’re being affected by the energies of so many beings at so many dimensions in so many different locations, seemingly, and that has sped things up tremendously.


This is a very, very unique time and a very blessed time, a tremendous gift to those who are going through it. You might say it is wild ride. It is going to feel like a wilder ride in the future. For those of you who are familiar with the experience of rides, especially a roller coaster ride, you know that you can go through a roller coaster ride with great resistance if you are in fear. It tends to become painful, could even become damaging or harmful, if you were to approach it in this way. Or you can go through a roller coaster ride with great relaxation, giving yourself to the process, even completely enjoying the process, knowing that you don’t know where it’s leading, that it might feel exhilarating or scary or anything in between, and yet maintaining your joy in the midst of it. That is truly the way to be approaching this time period.


It might seem like things are going incredibly fast, so fast that you wonder how you can ever keep up. Well, you can’t keep up in the old ways. But you are changing incredibly fast, and everything that you need will be provided, including everything you need to accomplish in certain periods of time, however you might view that. It is all being handled. You are simply adapting to a new way of operating in this new time frame, this new time experience that feels so speeded up. It is not so much that you’re learning how to speed up yourself to match it. It’s more that you’re learning how to relax into it and let it carry you at the new frequency. That is a most wonderful process. Again, everything that you need for help is being given and will continue to be given to you. You do not need to be concerned. You simply need to relax and open yourself, trust in the Divine, and you will be given what you need.


Your Galactic Role


Many people on earth have come from a faraway place, a different star system. You are bringing those energies and those gifts forward here. It is valuable for you to connect with your roots, to connect with other beings who have those similar roots. You will certainly feel a certain affinity with those people, and perhaps more of a sense of ease and relaxation than with others who have come from other places. Truly all the beings on earth have come from other places. It’s just a question of how long ago and how long they have been on the earth. You have come to support this grand process on earth and this corner of the great shift that is happening through your whole universe.


More than anything else, it is about holding the frequency of light, which means within you, holding your highest frequency and doing the things that support you in holding that highest frequency. It also means a certain level of awareness or consciousness that this is what your primary purpose is. It is not about having a career, establishing yourself in more traditional ways that have been done on earth with creating a family; or accumulating money, wealth, property; making a contribution to various fields. All of those are things that you may be doing, but it is not the primary thing. The primary thing is to hold the frequency of light. That again is, within yourself, holding your highest frequency of light. It’s also keeping your focus on the light, being aware, keeping yourself attuned to that process, and doing what you can, in whatever ways appear to you, to support the light increasing in yourself and in others, and to soften, to smooth out the challenges, the rough spots that feel like resistance to the light.


Love, of course, is another permutation of that frequency. So when we say light, you could substitute the word love. Some people relate to the quality of love more easily than light, some to the quality of light more easily than the quality of love. That is fine. Whichever is your strength is your gift to go with. Eventually all beings see that they are not different, the light or the love. It is two faces of the same coin.


Obama and the Political Future


Your President does not have very much power and is in a position that is a very difficult one, as any middle level manager knows. (laughter) Indeed, he is a middle level manager, notwithstanding appearances to the contrary. There are those who have power over him. These are the ones that many people are protesting in your protests — the ones who have the money, who have the resources, who are behind the scenes calling the plays. This has not been, for the most part, an activity of light and of bringing light. So he has been in a very difficult position. He has been threatened. He has simply not had the power to do what he would have liked to have done. He has also had his own soul challenges to deal with, one of the biggest of which is his tendency to be one who balances energies. It comes out of his light and that is his true soul path. Yet at the position of the President, that is not, at this time, necessarily the strongest quality for moving things forward. It was the quality, in many ways, that allowed him to get elected. So it is a step-by-step process.


There is much to be told, even before the election of next year. There are so many changes to happen that there is still great possibility that he can actually be given much more power than he has now, simply by the changes going on at so many levels. Part of those changes are that the beings who are in power, you might say they’re having the plug pulled. Their power is draining. It’s not completely obvious at this moment, but it is underway and will be much more obvious in the future. The script is not written. There is more to be seen about this.


But truly, your politics is a dying dinosaur anyway. That institution altogether is falling. It may not happen by your next political election. It might be a number of years before this takes place altogether. But your political system is in for a very big change, as are most of the mass systems of your world — your religious system, your economic system, your education systems, so many across the board are in for great changes, because they’re very tied to the way that power has been misused, misappropriated in ways that have not supported the majority of people. That is about to change at a very global level.


So in some ways, what is going to happen at the political level is not the most important question. What is more important is what is going to come in to replace that. What you’re seeing in the Occupy Wall Street movement is the beginning of what is going to replace it — personal empowerment and individual choice about who people really want to cooperate with to create the world that is possible to create, and the understanding that it’s not based on sectarianism of any kind, whether it be majority versus minority, or this party versus that party. It’s changing to a whole new paradigm that is going to be inclusive of all. Your world has not seen this for a very long time, and certainly has not seen it at the mass scale that your institutions operate at at this time. So it is a great transformation that is underway and that you are going to witness.


Solar Discs


The solar discs are a form of crystalline energy. They were used at the Atlantean times. They have been brought by what you call ETs, beings from other planets and stars. They are most definitely of a benign nature. They can be used in a dark and negative way, but that is not going to be allowed anymore. The higher levels have made it so that is not possible. That is part of why at this time you are not seeing the level of destruction and damage that you could be seeing, because it is not being allowed. The things that are created by free will must be of a certain level of light and harmlessness, or they are blocked, they are not allowed to have their effect, to go through and function the way that some may wish them to function.


It is that way with the discs. They can be used for different purposes, but in a way they can’t anymore, because of this higher level decree that has gone out that that kind of destruction cannot occur anymore that is harmful to so many people. So they will be used for the good, and they will be most helpful.


But truly what’s happening is that as you transition into the fourth dimension and eventually into the fifth dimension, the fifth dimension is where you change your form from a carbon-based form to a crystalline-based form. Eventually you will all be operating in these ways and being supported most directly by these kinds of technologies, such as these solar discs, because that is the level you are moving into. It is a bit advanced now for most of you, even to understand what it is, but there are those who are ready to operate at that frequency and make use of this technology. It is a very benign thing and more and more over time, more of you will be able to relate to it and benefit and make use of it.


It is accurate that they are entitled solar discs, because they are connected to the sun — not only the sun of your planet and your solar system, but the great central sun of your universe and all of the suns within your universe. So they are definitely operating at higher levels, higher resonance, higher frequencies, however you term that. This will be part of what will support you in shifting in many levels, in your consciousness, in the energies that you are able to start to operate in alignment with and start to make use of. Part of what’s going to be changing on your planet are the sources of energy. You’ve been used to very physically-based energies such as the fossil fuels. Obviously this cannot continue, even at the physical level. It is being used up. It is also damaging the earth in very serious ways. The oil, for example, is part of the blood system, what you might call the vascular system of the earth. It has been very harmful that this has been removed to such an extreme degree.


This will be shifting very soon in your future to new forms of energy. This is an advanced form for where most of you are at right now, but over time it will become more and more available to you as an energy form also.


I leave you with my blessings. I am Sanat Kumara, and I go in God.

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  1. want to appreciate this great message from Sanat Kumara and also thank you. Who take your time to post this wonderful message from our lord sanat kumara. So keep the flame of the spirit burning, thank you

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