Pleiadians: Change is Happening– Read Between the Lines

Pleiadians via Greg Giles 

The path of your lives has not been one that many would consider easy or fulfilling. We have seen you struggle greatly at times and wish you to know that it was not an easy task to observe this without attempting to interfere at some points. Refrain was called for on many occasions, as interference on our behalf would not have been beneficial to your development. We have tried at times to point you in certain directions, seeing your choices from a higher perspective, but in the end all decisions had to be made by you yourselves. All has been for your learning and advancement, and even though we watched you suffer at times through hardship, we understood that through this hardship you would find the path back to us. We have seen you grow so much. We are so proud of you, our brothers and sisters. You have journeyed long, and you are thirsted for a return to where it is you belong, where it is that you have no conscious memory of, only a feeling deep down inside. This feeling will continue to grow, and soon all your memories will again blossom as you live amongst us once again. Today marks a new dawn, where new dreams and visions are taking flight. So much is transpiring behind the scenes that you have not been aware of, but we tell you events are perpetually in motion and great forces are moving mountains to see to it that all of humanity reaches and successfully crosses the threshold of ascension. This is our goal, and we will see to it that this goal is met. You have our word we will always make the most effort at all times in this regard. We have trained extensively to be of service in this, humanity’s shining moment. We would never allow ourselves to let you down in any way. You have come too far and have been through too much to be turned away now. All that has been promised will be yours. So it has been written. Some of you may read between the lines of your news media stories and see that several events have been unfolding that are certainly not the ‘business as usual’ for your world governments and media outlets. Political leaders are being removed from office as we have promised you. News outlets have been increasing their coverage of sightings of otherworldly spacecraft in your skies. Government agencies have also been disclosing previously classified information regarding ‘UFO’ activity. We see all this from a different perspective, as we see events unfold that precipitate the replacement of government officials and information disclosures, and then we see the fruits of our, as well as your, efforts. Your peaceful protests of what you see as corrupt leadership, as well as all your efforts to spread love and light throughout your world is the catalyst for monumental change. You are the creators of your reality. You are sending a message to the universe loud and clear that you will no longer accept the ways of the old paradigm, and that you now wish to experience what only serves your greater good. The universe hears your desire and only knows how to answer your commands in one way; to grant you what it is you ask for. This is the key to your reality. This is what has been so misunderstood and misused throughout your last thirteen thousand millennia. You are now remembering how to properly manifest the reality you wish to experience. The dark has for so long made every attempt to steer you away from this remembrance. This has been the sole purpose of their many sorted agendas. They believed they were powerful enough and crafty enough to keep you prisoners forever, but they were wrong. You have broken free from their clutches and have regained your sovereignty as a creator God of your own reality. What an honor it is for us to be able to say these words. We stand in awe of your accomplishment. The victory is all yours, as you have accomplished what was once thought impossible. Countless worlds have journeyed here to take a front row seat for your unveiling ceremony, and you are the stars of the show. We wait with great anticipation to see you all again, and we will very soon, though there is still work to be done. Continue spreading your light wherever you go. The energy this creates powers the winds of change. Support the Occupy Movement in every way you can, as this is another important front being fought against the dark. You are winning all the battles, and once we live amongst you once again you will learn of many more battles that are now being fought by you, our Earth allies. Page after page your new history books will bring to life your glorious fight for independence. This battle will be won. Victory shall be yours. Freedom is your prize. We are your Star Family.

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