Sananda: Accept Love

Sananda via Ute

Dearest Ones,
I AM Sananda!

I Am here today to embrace each single one of you! My love for you is overflowing and you should know!
With the opening of the 11.11.11 star gate we have reached a point in history where the doors are wide open, dearest ones, for each one of you to enter a new level of heart-opening and love!

Do you feel the new sweet and soft  love in your  air and atmosphere? Do you feel with your whole body what is now embracing you, as the Love of God has come so close, landing on your earth in her garment of trees, and bushes and grass, and most of all, of her blossoms and flours?
Dearest ones, Love cannot be described with words you use in your routine of daily life! Love can only be described with sounds that make your heart sing!

I desire to make your heart sing because you all have every reason for it! And because I desire  you to feel the new life coming that  is already underway on your Beloved Earth! She Herself is bathing in this sweetest elixir of Love and she is eager to share this with you, dearest ones!

I ask you to turn your eye, still closely attached to a life of mere joyless necessity and mostly missing heart-feelings, to your heart to flower. Do you know that now the time has come where all the requirements to realize this flowering of heart are already given? Do you realize that your heart to melt and to be happy is already given every nourishment you need to let it happen?

The nourishment is in the sun rays that enter your atmosphere and in the air you breathe and in the pure water you drink. Now that your sun light and all the elements  have already surrendered and are filled with the new light and love currents which are pouring down from your heavens, it is time for you to follow them! These elements are not just chemical substances but they are alive and full of consciousness as you all are, as there is no “dead” or life-less element. All is alive and all is an emanation and a form of the Divine, That All-That-Is.

These elements do not hesitate to let Divinity enter, embrace and overwhelm them with Love. Therefore they are already full of overflowing joy and that is the Secret of what you are living and breathing and moving and resting in.
Why would you, dearest ones, who inherit all the Divine Gifts in your heart, not accept the endowments of your Creator, now as the doors of heaven are wide open?

Happiness is always yours, it is truly and always untouched from the course of life, as it is  the very essence of your being. Even if life circumstances appear to be difficult, this essence can never be disturbed, never!

Dearest Ones, accept the Love of God into your heart and into every cell of your body! This love is already embracing you, and this I say, it is literally so! Feel it with  your skin, dear ones, feel it when you inhale, feel it in the pure water you drink, it is filled and enriched with the power of the incoming currents of light, that is stored in it.

Leave the love-less thoughts behind which do not accept the love which is in the air and in every atom you breathe, and in every molecule of your air that touches your body. And it is the Spirit of these elements which nourish you and prove the Presence of Divine Love to you.  It cannot leave you anymore, it is Gaia’s new attainment, and what is Her’s, is also yours.
Do not separate yourself from Her. Her Consciousness is Divine and so is yours, once you have dropped your negative assumptions, fears and denial of the True Source of your own existence.

We notice that many still are blaming and complaining, while looking in the direction of lack and an unhappy world. Now is the time where all of you need to rise and allow the true jewel in your heart to govern what your eyes want to see. Do not look at, what you do not want to see. Look at, what you want to see, and look with your eyes and heart that is Divine. Like blossoms open as beautiful flowers in the sudden of the  rising sun with overwhelming fragrance, so will your heart’s eye and mind build your new world of fulfillment and joy. Do not look back and live in this happy moment always now. The bursts of your love are the weapons which undo in a moment the godless creations which make you suffer.

Dearest ones, you are not created to suffer, you are created to express and  be witness of the fullness, joy and love of That All-Embracing All-That-Is, and That Is also You.

With my deepest love!
I AM Sananda at the Threshold of the Galactic Center

Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2011
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