SaLuSa: 11-11-11 Approaches Rapidly; Upliftment Awaits

SaLuSa via Laura Tyco

Events continue to move on at a faster pace than previously, and the world looks on at the decline in Europe that will have far-reaching implications. The problem in finding a solution, is that there is  insufficient money to fund any form of help or bail out. As we have informed you, the old system can no longer serve those countries involved and a new one will have to be found that completely addresses the problem.


The answer is of course waiting in the wings, and our allies will present their plan at the appropriate time. Be assured that the inconvenience to you will be short lived, and we will be behind those invested with the responsibility to bring the new plan in. Change must come and since your needs were identified, we have enlisted the help of people of authority to carry it through with all speed. Those of the darkness whom we have already identified will be stopped from interfering, and if need be removed to places where they are unable to do so.


We have some allies that would surprise you, who know that the threat that hung over the world would have affected virtually all countries. The Illuminati had ambitions to conquer the world, and not one would have been safe from their intentions. Fortunately the danger has passed, and in time all vestiges of the their military forces and bases will be removed. Peace is coming and will have been established before Ascension, and our presence will ensure that it is kept.


In fact with the ever increasing levels of consciousness, there is a reluctance in more people’s minds to rise up against their fellow countrymen. Part of it comes from the recognition that wars do not solve problems, but in the long run make them worse. Part of the cleansing of Earth will be the restoration of all that has been destroyed, damaged or polluted by the acts of war.


Love and Light is returning to Earth very quickly, with much having been grounded each time you have reached a key point. The next one is 11.11.11. and it is an extremely important time, that will dramatically increase the frequency of your Light Body and Physical Body. Some of you will undoubtedly be aware of it and know that the intensity has increased. It will continue right through to Ascension, when you should be perfectly ready to complete the process. Then the Golden Age will have commenced with further stages of enlightenment that carry you forward to even higher dimensions.


The more-earthly affairs will be completed in good time, and the old paradigm will have eventually been denied any further energy to keep it going. Already it is breaking up, and much of your early contact with us will be spent dealing with it. We are pledged to remove everything that has no place in your immediate future. So it is going to be an exciting period to be present on Earth, as love replaces fear and those negative emotions that have been fuelled by the lower vibrations.


The Oneness of All That Is will lift you up and people will drop any ideas of separation, as they come together to create a new civilization that acts as One where all souls love and care for each other. Supposed differences that have been played upon by the dark Ones to keep you apart, will be quickly overcome. There will be no place for religious dogma, and the one Truth will prevail as souls learn to connect with their Higher Self.


Those of you who are well informed and understanding of the Truth will be called upon to be the mentors of those who do not. With our coming presence we will make sure that everyone has an opportunity to learn the Truth. Much has been falsely presented to you, and we regret to say that it also applies to most religious orders or churches. For those who feel strongly attached to their beliefs, we simply ask that you try to be open to new ideas and understand that there is only the One Supreme Creator. Your ego may not be every easily persuaded to give up beliefs that you have cherished, but we feel sure you will find that they can easily be replaced.


Freewill is the gift God gave you and we honor it, to the extent that we would not try to impose different views upon you. However, we say again – please be open to new versions of the purpose of life, and also your history that needs largely re-writing. Know that everything that has ever happened since creation is recorded, and can be “re-played” if it is necessary to clarify any misunderstanding.


There can only but be the One Truth and you have now reached the point when you are due to be given it. So much conflict has taken place on Earth, because of differences that have been perpetuated and played upon by the dark forces. Soon you will know what is like to be released from such conditions, and live a peaceful and blissful life with your Brothers and Sisters, and that includes ourselves.


There is so much to look forward to, and the inconvenience caused by the changes will be nothing by comparison to the gift of freedom and peace that is to be yours. Nothing can stop the successful completion of your journey through Duality, as it has been given the blessing and love of the Creator.


Therefore go about your daily lives with joy in your hearts, and see yourself in those souls around you. Dark Ones or of the Light, it is of no difference as all of you have shared experiences on opposite sides of the divide. In the future you will acknowledge the divinity in all those you meet, and share the beauty of each others’ love. Energies merge and vibrations harmonize together in an expression of Unconditional Love.


Dear Ones, continue on your journey doing your best to make other people’s lives that little bit happier, as even a kind word or greeting can lift them up. Humans have tended to be insular and withdrawn, and yet you have the ability to be outgoing and generous with your friendship to others. Set aside the things that make another person seem different to you, and “speak” to them on a higher level and they will understand. Wish for them what you would wish for yourself and you will be helping lift them up.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I feel elated at the thought of your upliftment, and return to the dimensions of Light. May you receive the love and Blessings of the Creator to bring joy and happiness into your life.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Laura Tyco


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