Melchizedek: 11-11-11 is a Reflection of Your Readiness

Melchizedek via Marlene Sweltishoff

Beloved Ones,

Workers of the Light, we ask you to unite on the portal opening day of 11~11~11 and combine your energies throughout this day to the unfolding of the Divine Plan for the Earth and everyone and everything upon Her. Please intend the highest good and outcome as you join together in sending your love forth to add greater Light and Love quotient to the mass consciousness force field that surrounds your Planet, for at this time, LOVE is the power that will set all free and you all have a great abundance of this power within your beautiful hearts.

Know that each of you will still be experiencing personal release of any remaining qualities and habit patterns that do not align with the higher Light that you are and that there might be deeper cleansing that takes place after this day. Please have patience with yourselves and with each other. As you release that which no longer fits, you will be renewed and reinvigorated with a greater energy influx and this in turn will ignite the primal force within you that will travel up your spinal column and begin to activate your dormant RNA/DNA strands.

This process will be as individual as each of you and will take place according to your readiness to partake of it. Follow your inner guidance and trust that it is all unfolding within you as divinely orchestrated for your particular Path that was chosen before ever you entered this World. Allow the Light that you are to shine forth in ever greaterness and radiance. Be in joy as much as is possible and if what wells up from within you is not that which aligns with the Light that you are, celebrate its release from within you, do not allow your energy level to plummet in consternation. It is a necessary step that must be endured and there is no way around it, it must be experienced by each and every one of you to prepare you for greater Light.

Spend time each day before and after the 11~11~11 focusing upon your heart light. Feel it, pulsate it, own it, radiate it. This is the transformative power and you have it within you in abundance. Allow this force to permeate your entire Being, for you are each so very worthy of your own Love and as you direct this Love to yourselves, much healing takes place as your hearts open ever wider. Simply be in Love, and open fully to the Divine within you and trust that all is well. You are never alone through this entire process, always you have a legion of higher dimensional Beings at your side, encouraging and assisting you.

As you call upon the Light of God That Never Fails to come down into the Earth and anchor into the crystalline core, know that you are the co~creators of the new history of the New Earth reality and your service in this way is recorded and witnessed by the Creator and all the minions who serve the Creator throughout the Cosmos. It is no small thing that you do, Beloved Ones, it is the stuff of heroes and heroines and the story you are collectively writing is being viewed with eager and joyous celebration and anticipation. Radiant Ones, shine forth your great Light and create more wondrous miracles!

I AM Melchizedek

©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and website is included.

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