Wanderer of the Skies: Expect a Decloaking Over a Large European City

The Galactic Federation via Wanderer of the Skies

November 7, 2011


Greetings from the Federation:

We wish to address faith with you. For most of you, faith is all you have. You have not seen us, not communicated with us, have no real knowledge of our existence outside of these messages. You have not been taken aboard our craft, have no real way of knowing whether any of the messages that have come through, be they from the Federation or from spiritual sources, or otherwise, are anything other than the imagination of those who write the words down on paper.

Yet, you accept them because your heart tells you that they have the ring of truth you have been denied from other sources. This is faith. It is no less powerful for you than it is for any one of a religious persuasion. And in that sense, you must always stay vigilant about what is heard from us and from those who would purport to be us and also from those who rightfully criticize these words as outsiders.

You have taken on faith your task to move forward into the new age of existence. Either you will be proven right in the coming year or so, or you will have to re-evaluate everything that you are. Either way, you have woken up to a reality beyond your wildest imagination. A world not filled with static things, but of movable energies that coexist with your very existence. This is the true nature of reality and you must “sort it out” for yourselves.

We stand firm in our position that everything we have told you is real and is of the truth. You must accept what you can and discern the rest as you see fit. On this point you have the free will and the choice. Only you can make these decisions. Do you stand behind a leader of a first world country whom we have repeatedly told you will be the one to lead you successfully out of the grips of the Illuminati [i.e., President Obama], or do you succumb to the pressures of the “real world” and believe what is told you from those sources? Again, the choice is yours. And remember always, you create your own reality at all times. Let there be no mistake about that. You are in charge of your own destiny. No one else.

You will shortly be seeing a major display of our ships in a large city of a European country as an affirmation from us that we are here, we know your concerns, we know your fear, we know your pain and your discontent. Let this be our measure of comfort for you, our friends. It is always darkest before the dawn. This was never to be an easy trail to follow but you have done so magnificently. We cannot be more proud of you. We have just such a little ways more to go and you will indeed begin to see that we mean business.

As we have said in the past, Disclosure will be the first major event you will have to physically confirm everything that we have been telling you. We intend to bring it to your doorstep. You have closed the gap for us so much that we actually delight here in sitting back while you take control of your own destiny toward that very end.

Soon, several world governments will announce indictments underway against major players in the international financial markets as a reaction to your protests and a response to the rising energy of Light that is quickly sweeping away all the darkness. These are not precursors to the proof and signs you require, these ARE the signs. Stop closing your eyes to what is confirmation enough all around you.

Stay positive in what you say and do. Remember that each and every one of you is in this together. We all have our roles and everyone is playing them out as they feel is right. Encouragement now from those who will not falter in the Light of truth will go a long way in helping those who have reached their moment of doubt in faith. Show each other the love you deserve and you will receive it back in kind.

Be at peace.

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