5.0 Gulf of Aden Quake: Andromeda Council Destroys Reptilian Base

By Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd


ED. NOTE: CAVEAT LECTOR – The opinions expressed in this article by interviewees are solely those of the interviewees and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this reporter or Exopolitics.com. Thank you.

Confirmation – Destruction of Reptilian undersea base

In an exclusive Oct. 31, 2011 ExopoliticsTV interview, the human representative of the Andromeda Council stated that a member of the Andromeda Council has confirmed that a 5.0 earthquake reported by the U.S. Geological Survey (U.S.G.S.) to have occurred in the Gulf of Aden at 1:22 am on October 31, 2011 was in fact an effect of a sonic beam weapons attack by the Procyon star system (a member of the Andromeda Council) on a Draco & Hydra Reptilian undersea base located at the same coordinates as the epicenter of the Gulf of Aden earthquake. (See FIG A for U.S.G.S. map setting out the exact epicenter of the Gulf of Aden earthquake).


In an October 31, 2011 statement, Tolec, the human representative of the Andromeda Council stated, “Yes, I was able to confirm this event with the commander of the primary biosphere where many of the Andromeda Council meetings are held.  This was a strike by the Procyon people.  They’re just doing their job as promised.  This base in now completely collapsed & destroyed.”

Tolec, the human representative of the Andromeda Council, forwarded this reporter this statement confirming the Andromeda Council attack.  At the time Tolec forwarded this statement, Tolec had no prior knowledge of the U.S.G.S. mapor other source setting out the exact epicenter of the Gulf of Aden earthquake when he forwarded the Andromeda Council statement about this attack.

The Andromeda Council statement itself established the location of the Procyon star system sonic beam weapons attack on the reptilian base as identical to the exact location of epicenter of the Oct. 31, 2011 Gulf of Aden earthquake.

The Andromeda Council Oct. 31, 2011 attack comes a little more that two months after the Andromeda Council’s reported sonic beam weapons’ attack of August 23, 2011 that destroyed underground Orion grey and Draco & Hydra reptilian bases and tunnels under Washington, D.C. and that resulted in a shallow 0.1 km earthquake felt from Virginia to Ottawa, Canada.

Independent researchers have now stated that the August 23, 2001 Virginia-Washington, DC earthquake was the result of advanced extraterrestrial attack using frequency weapons to destroy grey, reptilian and New World Order (NWO) bases under Washington, DC, and that similar advanced extraterrestrial attacks destroyed underground reptilian and NWO bases under Denver, CO and in the southwest USA. These statements are in agreement with prior statements of the Andromeda Council as to Andromeda Council attacks destroying reptilian-NOW bases under Washington, DC on August 23, 2011, and subsequently under Denver, CO and in the southwest USA.

The Andromeda Council

The Andromeda Council is a reported galactic governance council composed of selected star system representatives that carry out governance and development functions in a selected areas of our populated and organized galaxy and universe.

Information, interviews and articles regarding the Andromeda Council can be viewed at:


Gulf of Aden attack predicted in October 26, 2011 Andromeda Council statement

On October 26, 2011, this reporter published an exclusive Andromeda Council report “disclosed policing actions being undertaken by star systems of the Andromeda Council using advanced sonic energy beam weapons against specific undersea bases operated by Draco & Hydra based reptilian extraterrestrials off of the Middle East and of China.”

The October 26, 2011 report predicted the Andromeda Council sonic beam weapons attack on the reptilian undersea base in the Gulf of Aden that appears to have been fulfilled by an attack whose effects were demonstrated in the Oct. 31, 2011 Gulf of Aden earthquake.

Watch Oct. 31 ExopoliticsTV interview regarding the Gulf of Aden earthquake and Andromeda Council destruction of a reptilian undersea base

Readers can watch the Oct. 31 ExopoliticsTV interviewregarding the Gulf of Aden earthquake and Andromeda Council destruction of a reptilian undersea base embedded in the article above or at the URL below:



Andromeda Council statement on 5.0 Gulf of Aden earthquake

Tolec, the Andromeda Council representative, released the following Oct. 31, 2011 statement on the 5.0 Gulf of Aden earthquake.

5.0 “Earthquake”.
Gulf of Aden – Reptilian undersea base
Confirmation of undersea base strike

Tolec’s statement reads as follows: “Yes, I was able to confirm this event with the commander of the primary biosphere where many of the Andromeda Council meetings are held.  This was a strike by the Procyon people.  They’re just doing their job as promised.  This base is now completely collapsed & destroyed.

Location of the Undersea Base

“Take a look at the second map, the Google map, [from the “Andromeda Council Destroying Dangerous Undersea Bases” breaking news report], the one of the southern Saudi Arabian/Yemen/Oman peninsula, south of Yemen, where the “Gulf of Aden” is spelled out in tiny white letters against the deep blue gulf water.

“To the left of these words, “Gulf of Aden”, you will see a small square box.  At the meeting of the vertical left line & horizontal top line in the far left hand corner, exactly due west of this corner is where the base was located.  You can more exactly place it just north of a relatively small hill that you can see on this map.  This is where the base was, just north of this hill.   And next to, just west of that small hill, is a mountain range.”

[ED. NOTE: This Google map is set out as FIG. B in the slide show attached to this article.]

The Actual Strike

“The people from Procyon were able to, again, using a specific, pin-pointed, sonic beam… they first aimed directly at what they found was the weakest part of the protective energy shield over this domed base.  They kept focusing this sonic beam on this area of the shield… until they finally broke through.  He showed me images of buildings collapsing unto themselves.  With intense pressure that deep underwater it absolutely hastened the collapsing of all the structures inside the base.  The amount of water rushing in was amazing.

“In addition, he showed me they also hit the mountain range just due west of that hill & the base… to bury the remains of this undersea base under tons of mountain rubble.

“In closing, I asked for a confirmation that this particular base had been completely destroyed and that no additional action was needed.  He said, ‘Yes, it is completely destroyed.’”


Andromeda Council – Reptilian base in Gulf of Aden

In a report on the Draco and Hydra reptilian base in the Gulf of Aden published Oct. 26, 2011, the Andromeda Council representative stated (in part), “[The reptilian undersea base] is located in the area of the Gulf of Aden. This gulf is located in the Arabian Sea between Yemen, on the south coast of the Arabian Peninsula, and Somalia in the Horn of Africa. “In the northwest, it connects with the Red Sea through the Bab-el-Mandeb strait, which is about 20 miles wide. Because of what I’ve learned from my Andromedan contacts about this matter, I did some research & found out that the Gulf of Aden is already a dangerous area known as “Pirate Alley” because of the historically large amount of pirate activities located here. I’ve sent you a Google photo & a simple map of this area. As you may or may not know the “vortex” phenomena also happened in this body of water, the Gulf of Aden.

“Further, my Andromedan contacts have told me this base is deep, thousands of feet underwater, about a mile & a half (1&1/2) deep. And this base has for years beamed a very specific, highly irritating & highly agitating, fear based & anger inducing, attenuated sonic frequency’ right at the area of the Middle East, due North-Northeast’ to keep the people in this area in a constant, high state of emotional confusion, fear, agitation, anger & aggression.

“They’ve shown me, there is a transmitter that literally rises out of the ceiling of this base, much like a periscope in a submarine, and it rotates. A particular frequency is chosen which turns people against each other. Then the Reptilians turn it on. They turn it on almost every day. However, if people were underwater, or standing on the land, they would not be able to this frequency, this beam, with their own eyes. It’s sonic, a sound frequency. And, it’s out of our spectrum. But, this is how the Reptilians dominate & control these people. This particular base has been in operation about 5,000 years. And the highly agitating sonic vibratory energies beamed from this base also reach as far as Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and a bunch of other countries in the region, including Israel and Palestine. This is powerful technology that is very far ranging, reaches a very long distance’ serious long-range capability. And it only takes about 15 minutes of operation, of this transmitter being on & activated’ for people in this area to start to feel its effects. Explains a lot doesn’t it….”

Reptilian base under Gulf of Aden is a priority target

“Both of these bases, the one south of the Saudi Arabian, UAE, Yemen, Oman peninsula, this is the one in the Gulf of Aden, and the one off of the coast of China -both are well fortified, re-enforced fortresses, if you will, deep under water bases located on the ocean floor. Each is a large operational, underwater base with a domed roof, and an energy shield protecting each base. They are simply well protected.

A Matter of Importance

“But, taking out the Reptilian base on the floor of the ocean south of the Saudi Arabian, UAE, Yemen, Oman peninsula is a priority, a much more pressing matter. The reason is simple. As you know, Earth’s history continues to repeat itself year after year. The squabbling, the skirmishes in this region, these have gone on for thousands of years. And the original reasons for these skirmishes have gotten blown way out of proportion. With help from the Reptilian undersea base, as you can understand.

“And, the constant ‘bombardment’ of this region with a highly disruptive -agitation, confusion, anger & fear based sonic energy beamed from the transmitter from this specific undersea base’ continues to escalate the possibility of full blown war in this region. Constant fighting, constant irritation, constant bickering’ even among their own people. And they don’t even realize what is going on. They don’t even know the reason why – The undersea base with its transmitter.

“In closing, I’m going to quote the commander of primary Andromeda Council biosphere, when I asked him about this situation, he said,

“’The people in this area are being played much like what you call ‘pawns on a chess board’, and they have no knowledge as to how, why, or how long this has taken place. We have to and we will put a stop to this. This undersea base will be taken out.

“’Yes, outside parties, with outside interests, have attempted nuclear strikes in order to start a full-scale war in this region. Which we have stopped, disabled and neutralized their bombs, a few times. Yes, we had a ‘hand’ in this.

“’Understand, a full-scale nuclear war cannot and will not happen in this region. We will not allow actions that permit nuclear war to start by either side. The impact would be far too great to your planet, your people, and the rest of your solar system. What you do on Earth affects us all.”

“Anything else I might say about this situation would get into tactical or strategic information. I can’t and won’t do this.

“The goal is simply to put an end to the mostly unknown, unaware ‘enslavement’ of the people of Earth.

“And the end of this war in space is concluding with the destruction of the underground & undersea bases on Earth, and removal of these malevolent Reptilians and their regressive Grey associates from our world.

“Earth IS our planet. And we have a right to be free, sovereign people.”

[END OF OCT. 26, 2011 STATEMENT] To read the full statement, please go to: Andromeda Council: Removing Reptilian undersea bases from Middle East & China

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  1. (A TALE OF TWO CITYS, or The Last Call?),

    As you should be aware, but maybee not, if the careful manipulation of the global media has been properly implemented. A tiny global elite are at this very

    moment, actively suppressing the precious metals markets whilst simultaneously increasing their holdings of the same.

    They do this With a renewed and urgent vigour as they see as we all do, deep in our souls, a tipping point, nothing less than the faint and growing stirring

    of global unrest and awakening.

    But know this, They have already planned to flee the masses, just as they have fleeced the masses (the sheep/sheeple), they plan a departure soon, to their

    private island sanctuary’s, to await with anticipation the burning, the fun & the chaos, as their carefully constructed democracys and fiat (worthless paper)

    monitory system and society collapses, like the peverbial house of cards. They await a planned and socialist new world, their coveted and announced ‘New

    World Order’, they as the butchers, we as the productive and subservient, or soon to be culled cattle.

    The rothchilds and the rockerfellas and the other 13 so called sacred bloodlines of the global elite , the illuminated ones, we the profane will play little

    part in their new world order. Other than as the herd ‘the Sheeple’. They believe with conviction that they are and will be the shepards, but they are the

    tyrany of evil men, and we can overcome. (or can we?,will we?). Soon cometh the hour.

    They have planned this for many generations, the rediciculous 911 plot was a catalyst and prequal to their plan for a ‘one world government’ and a new world

    order so announced by Bush Senior, and re announced by The idiot Bush Junior (Both Bonesmen (The skull and bones society) a Secret Yale brotherhood allied to

    many secret societies, prevelant througout the elite universities of the world, a blood oath that binds them to a sick and evil long planned destiny for

    mankind) .

    The power is held by a very few powerful families, their institutions, charitable trusts and secret societies, they have fed and watered and managed from one

    inbread eugenically masterminded generation to the next,

    their fully controlled puppet governments and politicions hold on to the seemingly continuous power by the thinnest of threads, if we only knew it,

    The real power of the downtrodden masses can and should prevail, but only through courage, sacrifice and knowledge.

    We declare. As citizens of this one world and its many nations. We shall reclaim what is ours, our god given birth right to self determination, financial and

    spiritual freedom, to have and to hold for the remainder of our lives, even if our lives be cut short by participation in this endevour. For this would

    indeed be a worthy sacrifice for our fellow man.

    We have a duty to the generations to follow us, a duty to put an end forever to the debt enslavement of our brothers and sisters, the deliberate and corrupt

    suppression of vital new technology both medical and clean energy that illuminate the path the human race is destined to follow, not the corrupt few but as a

    whole, to ascend this impoverished and humble existence and combine our spiritual potential together to usher in the age of enlightement and peace. This is

    the destiny the global elite/illuminate, strive to deny us, this is the light they covet for just themselves.

    To quote an old but undeniable truth. The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself. They are exposed, it is prolific and unstoppable, investigate 911,

    search for illuminate on youtube and the internet and the matrix will soon dissolve.

    Our gateway to freedom and universal awardness and spiritual union is opening, yet they would have it closed forever. The book of knowledege and awakening

    that is the internet is already marked for destruction (this is planned and will the book will close forever, soon. Our final hope?). the leglislation,

    already written).

    God willing, we will overcome. The plan was not the enslavement of the human race. We, all of the same flesh, the same blood, regardless of creed, color or

    religion, but equally oppressed and downtrodden, hopeless and accepting of our enslavement. Together through a unified spirit and soul will rise, breaking

    our mental chains and our subtle but total enslavement, submitting to the will of god whatsoever our religion, to be not wicked, to have empathy for all

    those who suffer alongside us, in ignorance and oppression. The message is a clarion call to Educate, to become self aware, to emulsify and gain strength

    from, and give strength to one another, not only thru numbers but thru conviction. This is the struggle, the only path to freedom, a unique taste that will

    taste good, soon addictive, a taste forbidden to us, thus far. A delicacy enjoyed now by only the farmers and architets/controllers of the human race.

    A tiny group of wicked, who without the burdon of conscience, impose global suffering, poverty, debt, famine, starvation and war, They watch without abandon

    , their excitement building as we stumble without direction toward the destination they have laid before us, onwards toward the turmoil, social and economic

    collapse they have manipulated for generations.

    They call themselves the illuminate, but know them for what they are, as they truly walk in darkness, outside of gods light and love. They worship only

    money, power and tyranny, death, war, famine, pestilence and the suffering and torment of mankind. This is their bread and their wine, their unholy


    They will yet unleash all this and more to create the conditions necessary to plunge mankind into the darkness forever, for that is their wish, their desire,

    their sacrement and only purpose. They are decieved yet they decieve. They have infiltrated all levels of society/religion and government to move forward

    their evil doctorine.

    (Just ask yourself. Why do catholic priests molest the innocents, the children?, yet they gain protection from their masters in the upper eschelons of the

    church?, the puppet media reports it, yet they continue their evil purpose. Our police forces and elected politicions seemingly blind, bowing and scraping,

    beholdent only to the almighty dollar/(paper currency of your choice) and the corrupt wisdom of the cardinals, bishops and those that hide in the shadows,

    pulling the strings in a co-ordinated dance of destruction and moral destitution,

    the answer is simple,

    the sacrifice of innocence is their goal. Their work is obvious and indeed published. Yet they maintain their power regardless, how stupid we must appear to

    them. They mock us for our weakness and gullability, our inability to see their plan, when they have published and made obvious (see the released documents

    from the council for foreign relations and the UN, world health orginisation, worldwide depopulation etc), We have eyes but we do not see, we are made blind

    to the satanic doctorine that relentlesely strives to encompass all.

    They label us profane, the stupid, the un-enlightened, we suffer in darkness and in the most part silence. It is our irrational love and empathy for our

    fellow man that they foolishly see as our undoing, yet that is our strength. That is our core that can defeat them, this is our battle cry and our destiny,

    our call for freedom.

    For they pride themselves that they do not suffer from our frailty and weakness.

    But know this. We can stop them!. We must stop them!, or we face a fate worse than death, a spiritual death of global stagnation, darkness and loss, we will

    de-evolve into this pit, already dug and prepaired to recieve us, and pity us should this come to pass, for our truth and destiny if for a brilliant and

    truly enlightened era, finally seeing the errors of our past, to embark on a spectacular journey into the light of peace and wisdom, a future of lighn not

    darkness. This is fortold but not a certain.

    The age of awakening is soon to be upon us, all the signs pronounce their evil. Our destiny and will is to exposed them (See 911 and so may others),

    yet still they hope to succeed, thru sewing and implementing dark confusion & false propaganda, further false flag terrorist attacks.

    It is called Thesis – anti Thesis – Symbiosis. Their doctorin exposed,

    but published and announced by them (unbelievable but true), Yet they do have one weakness, they do underestimate us, they are known to us now. They are the

    bilderberg group, they are the 13 families of the illuminate, the royal society, the council for foreign relations the european and false dictitorial royalty

    of the middle east, the banking elite and their incestious, and much coveted and protected so called blue bloodlines. They seek to be gods on earth. They

    rule us as cattle, as a lord manages his estate, culling the herd for their own good. We, pre ordained to be their cannon fodder in the planned 3rd world

    war, destined to be culled and controlled, our enslavement forever marked into our DNA and genitic core, implanted with a bar code/rf id chip for life and

    death (Already developed) and awaiting law. They seek to control and manipulate all life both plant and animal. They seek imortality thru foul means.

    The light and the hope of light snatched from us, so near yet so far.

    I say no, I ask you to join me. This trancends religion, this is our only and last hope. Knowledge is power, power is knowledge. The Illuminate learned this

    many centuries ago and this is their hidden knowledge that they covet and hold so dear. This is their light, but it is not their property. The light is for

    all humanity.

    So Sayeth We all! As Above So Below, this is the law. We shall take the light denied us and we shall run with it.

    I am not a religious man, I do not practice, not do I do not seek to push any into religion, But I do cry out to the people, if we do have a soul, it will

    soon b

  2. my love is infinite and spans all dimensions and frequencys, i
    am the light that is the self and exists as a fragment of the
    source, this light centre is interconnected with all
    manifestations of the self, i am light as I am life eternal, a
    flame of truth that spans all conciousness, all planes of
    existence, all realities and all dimensions. my light is the
    light of the source and in its focus all darkness is revealed.
    My light is pure energy. My soul consciousness resides in
    the all, the collective of divine light source. no darkness
    can hide from my light which dissolves that which is not whole,
    My manifest destiny which is that of all consciousness raised
    high. Our song is life itself. the light fills the void, my
    purpose is ascension of all into the light of creation, i
    give my light and love freely without fear nor obligation.
    There is no dimension. being nor reality which is not worthy of my
    gift. for I stand on the brink of humanitys final awakening
    as an interconnected being of the whole.
    i stand before the source as a beacon spanning
    both the infinite and inter-dimensional timeless space,

    fearless in my intent and intellect. With my light I wash clean
    and project the karma of the collective soul, cleansed with the
    divine truth that burns within and without, i share
    with the all, the infinite existence of the all. This is
    the word and this is the light and the love of source, the one
    is the all. Know that a single tree or blade of grass in this
    dimensional reality is as much me as i it, as we are all of it
    and the sum of it.
    We/I encompass the light energy of the mulitiverse. my body is
    a body of pure energy, my thought vibration, frequency and
    spectrum has no physical form as it co exists in all time,
    space and reality, i as myself and i as all realizes the
    divinity and form of source creation.
    a union of souls everlasting, infinite, timeless, immortal.
    let your own divine light energy flow as the sea of this earth,
    gently caressing the shore, the beach is the all, manifest as
    the source, reaching out as far as time and space into the
    forever beyond, out into the infinite, intersecting the heart
    of this galaxy and all of creation,
    give thanks at this incredible time and rejoice mother earth
    as she is the divine feminine and the manifestation
    into this realm of our physical being, she carried us to this
    saturation point, the nexus of our creation and ascension
    and the crossing of the paths, intertwined with the
    collective soul and source.
    Now. Release all from the karma contract. Release yourself as
    you release the one and the all. Through this selfless and
    divine act you bring in the light of creation.
    We are i and all. know this to be the word and
    the true form of thought life and love, take it into your soul
    and rejoice and know that what is to come has already passed,
    yet is unique and without parallel in all that is and has
    ever been. I send this message of joyful unification with the
    source. Take up the light and the sword of truth,
    as nothing can harm that which is truly divine and
    sacred and exists no matter in the all and the now, the past
    and the forever after. All light and creation awaits this
    moment. Spread the message, spread the light and the love, and
    know no fear. Just be that which you are. Release the energy
    within you. that which is you and that which you are and always
    have been and will always be. Send it into the infinite of
    time and space so that the life, the love and the collective
    soul may feel it and be lifted by it. All paths lead to the
    one and the source, we/i am manifest destiny, the light and
    the knowledge of love projected by thought alone into the
    infinite reality.
    Know this that ye are gods, your destiny is creation itself,

    You I and all that we are, are free. All this and more is within you.
    The journey starts with a single step into the beyond. Take it now, there is
    nothing to fear but fear itself, take this step in the
    knowledge that fear is only a physical mind construct and
    plays no part in your true being.

    Thank you, may love and light be always with you.

    so ends the lesson

  3. Hah! Fat chance! Not long now, their butts will be behind bars very shortly… and if that is going to be a long drawn out process, DRAT IT! there will be no place on earth, nor in this universe, where they can hide or bury themselves, very soon We will All be transformed/evolved, along with mother Gaia and all creatures great and small, into 4D beings and with our newly found powers (we won’t need GPS to seek out these creatures or any other 3D super technology either… so they can run and hide all they like), we’ll be able to hone in pinpoint where they are… (well personally I would like to zap them, but as the laws of the universe requires capture and re-education), I suppose I can live with that.

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