Saul: Your Worlds Secrets Are Being Revealed

Saul via John Smallman

November 1, 2011

These are exciting times for humanity, as old attitudes of judgment, mistrust, and conflict are released by large numbers of you, allowing you to reassess your thoughts, words, and actions in the light of the loving attitudes that are replacing them. It truly is wonderful to observe the positive and uplifting changes occurring all over the world – look for them, recognize them, and be uplifted – which are in large part due to the untiring and persistent efforts of all you light-workers.

As the changes continue to flow inexorably across the planet, affecting all governments, all religions, all ethnicities, all institutions, in fact all on Earth at this most significant era in humanity’s evolution, a spirit of light, love, and compassion is intensifying and brightening the entire planetary environment.

Unaddressed issues are demanding attention everywhere and bringing into view conflicts, deceits, and betrayals that have long been hidden beneath a welter of secret agreements and agendas that are now being revealed, amazing and infuriating many who had placed their trust in organizations claiming to have their members’ best interests at heart. It may well appear that there is far more conflict and suffering happening all round the world now than has been seen since the two major wars of the last century, but this is not so. What you see going on has been ongoing for many decades and has just been hidden under the guise of protecting national security by muzzling or controlling those in a position to tell you about it. So yes, it is shocking to discover the scale and extensiveness of worldwide deceit and corruption, but it is all part of the great move forwards into a state of total transparency, integrity, and honesty, and once all has been uncovered, the wrongs put right, and the remaining messes cleaned up, then these kinds of issues will not recur and will not be allowed to recur.

A new way of living is developing for humanity as you put your loving attitudes to work to change your behavior and heal yourselves and the planet. You all have tender and sensitive areas, where you have suffered damage and humiliation, that will effectively be reborn strong and vibrant as you discover the true Self that has been hidden from your view. The old unloving attitudes, which were encouraged and demonstrated by almost everyone around you in response to the apparent dangers with which a hostile environment always threatened the unwary and the ill-prepared, caused you to believe that kindness, gentleness, and compassion were weaknesses that had to be overcome to ensure your survival. Now you know that this is not so, and you are proving it by intending to behave lovingly in every situation and are enjoying the results that that behavior achieves. It is a way of behaving that is becoming ever more normal and natural for you, and of course it intensifies and strengthens the field of loving energy enveloping the world at this time.

You are now firmly established on the path leading to your grand awakening, and nothing can divert you from it for more than an instant as you move strongly onwards. As you know, a most glorious welcoming celebration has been prepared to greet you when you rub the sleep from your eyes and open them to feast on this brilliant scene. Many old friends whom you love most dearly, and many more of whom at present you have absolutely no memory, await your arrival with eager anticipation. A most sumptuous banquet has been prepared for the multitude of greatly honored and highly respected light-bearers who have worked with such dedication and energy to bring their sisters and brothers home to Paradise. The excitement is palpable and rising as the great moment approaches when all will erupt into an almighty explosion of applause and approbation to mark the end of your long journey Home.

With so very much love, Saul.

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