Horus: You Are to Meet Your Inner Earth Family Shortly

Horus via Nancy Tate


It is a time for all of you dear ones on earth to wake up and realize that you are not alone. I say this is a deeper sense of the word, for you have heard this spoken by us many times. I speak the words now for I am sharing with you the deeper meaning of the words; the deeper timeliness of what they mean to you right now and in the next few days.

I am Horus with you once again, and I speak from the garden of the Telosians as we gather for the upcoming emergence into your world and your acknowledgement. I come with the knowledge that there are many of you who are beginning to see what it is that you can do to be able to greet us and see us as we are in relation to you. 

Yes, there are some of you who will remember us. You will recognize our aura and our family remembrance. You will walk into our world of light and you will know that you have returned home to yourself. You will then be able to realize what it is that you have been waiting to be inspired to for the coming times. You will no longer feel that you are sitting on a shelf awaiting the grand new awakening to what your next contribution to mankind is to be.

When this takes place you will know beyond a doubt that you have been preparing for this turn of events in so many ways. The times of feeling stuck and in limbo will all show themselves for what they truly were; a time of clearing and preparation for the awakening to yourselves in a whole new way from what you have experienced in this duality existence.

As this new way of being becomes more in tune with your everyday lives you will find that the comfort with which you carry on your daily lives will be as easy and flowing as a gentle river of gold sliding in and out of the crooks and crannies of a beautiful forest stream. You will feel the gentle bustling of the currents of life ease their way into the desert foliage and glide along through the growth of the cacti and desert flowers in bloom. You will know that no matter where you are, you will be easing through life in a whole new way, one that speaks of the directive that you are now following in the life of everlasting peace and joy that is upon you.

Now is the time to come to the emergence that is beckoning you and to see what is unfolding on your planet. When you come to the place of understanding what has been taking place in your lives up to now, then when you go forth from this time of 11-11-11 you will go with the idea that you do not have to work at it, you will find the ease and inspiration to be second and first nature to you as never before.

When we come to you and greet your presence in a few more days, in the Mt Shasta area especially, you will find that your degree of belief in what you experience will match how we appear to you. It is with a degree booster that we will show you what your potential is in the moment. By this I mean that you will likely find that what you experience will be a few degrees, to many degrees more than what you had thought to experience at our time of reunion. This is what you have asked for and what you realize on a soul level is needed in some cases to be able to awaken to what is coming for you. As this realization of what you are seeing sets in, and becomes reality, you will then allow the fullness of what is in store for you become your knowledge on a conscious level.

Dear Ones, keep your expectations open and flowing. Know that anything can be, as long as you are open to what is to come. Save all the glamour and applause for the party afterwards, and come in the simplicity of love and peacefulness, surrounded with joy. You will feel our presence and take it from there for your own individual response to our presence. It is all so beautiful. It is all as you create it.

We will see you at the time of emergence. We will light the candle that leads your light to ours. We will dance and sing together in the glow of our love, joy and peace. It is written on the wind and sung from the deepest recesses of our Spirit. The reunion is in progress; light the candles on the cake for it is almost time.

Thank you dear Horus,

Love, Nancy Tate

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  1. Liked this a lot, very positive.

  2. So what is going to happen with the bloody crazy zionist new world order crap, just seen on news that israel planning pre emptive attack on iran, this is crazy stupid. If there are friendly et’s out there they need to port out all of the zionist fools now before they start ww3. The world wants peace and ascension. What is going on

  3. Dave, you’re pretty much correct about what’s going on. At this exact moment, they’re clearing out all the zionist fuckwits who are destroying all the good this universe wants us to have. Only a short period of time before everything is finished.

  4. Thank you for for the wonderful message
    I’m grateful for our reunion
    Love and light to all <3

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