Jamye Price: The Month of November Shall Be Monumental

By Jamye Price

Monday, 31 October, 2011


October Review

So much was happening during October, definitely a month of movement.  Certainly the global protesting of unfair treatment, corruption and deception has become a movement itself (thank you, Indigos!).  There are two main energetic shifts that were strong in October.  The mind serving heart-based living and a shift in the Divine Masculine energy.  You may have noticed the mental chatter.  Focus was work.  Not only was there mental chatter, but a feeling of angst that made the feeling of Peace Within more fleeting.  While it would be easy to say we were just empathically picking up the collective feelings, it’s actually more than that. I’m shown the picture of the Hopi Prophecy Rock where the people’s heads are disconnected from their bodies.  Aligning with this shift is about Living your Truth and creating your reality from your heart rather than just your head.  Our Lightwork in October was to strengthen our own internal system of perception and participation so that the heart is leading and the mind is supporting our connected, compassionate, conscious living.  This requires discernment, analyzing and choosing from inspiration and potential rather than just intellect.  We will be feeling more internal peace in November as we released much fear, habit and avoidance.

The shift in the Divine Masculine energy is related to heart-based living.  In late October the Divine Masculine shifted into greater nurturance.  This is a major accomplishment!  We each house Divine masculine & feminine energy regardless of gender.  As the Divine Masculine within aligns with greater nurturance, the way we all direct energy, focus, ‘protect and provide’ and interrelate will shift as well.  While it has long been a time of the Divine Feminine energy coming back online, of course that was going to have an effect on the Divine Masculine energy since the two are interlinked within each of us.  The October adjustment will support greater allowing instead of forcing change merely through action.  As we move into further balance, that which we can categorize as one or the other becomes a natural reflection of both.  When individuals are more comfortable within themselves, they interact with each other with more compassion and less fear, more authenticity and less manipulation.  You are seeing this reflected in the global shifts occurring.  Hold your focus, Flow your Love, fuel the system of Life with your choice.

November Overview

This will be a monumental month of supportive change.  We have a powerful 11/11 energy influx and astrological support that is continuing the cycle of integration and refinement.  As Lightworkers, we will have more clarity and more comfort with the Now nature of creativity.  Expect miracles to be an everyday occurrence and note them as they occur so you anchor it into your understanding.  Synchronicity is you aligned with your Divine Flow.  Become expectant of it because it is your natural functionality.  In November, we will be processing Light differently, more Wholistically (spelling intended).  I was shown a vision of the center of the sun changing in October.  It is now emitting a different frequency.  I was then shown rainbows of Light interacting with the 3rd eye.  It was to indicate that we are perceiving and choosing ‘out’ differently because of this sunlight, meaning we are receiving and emitting with greater Light capacity during these times of collective amping up and changing.  I was also shown a vision of how a leaf receives Light from all directions at once, just to remind us that this isn’t a 3rd eye phenomenon, but a shift in what the collective is ready to experience.  Are you ready to illuminate your path in many directions?  Love fearlessly.


This gateway feels like a graduation.  The energy of Ascension is becoming obvious on many levels as we observe the world around us.  Do you remember when you first became aware?  It was so great!  Like a whole new world opened up!  Then your life started falling apart.  :o(  We each had to learn how we were going to realign back into the Truth of ourselves in a world that didn’t understand it or support it.  All while being SO tired!  Our old patterns no longer fit, it seemed like you were the only one that karma was an actual bitch to and yet the moments of connection made it all worth it.

The 11/11/11 feels like the plugging in of our support and thus waking up the masses to a new level.  Compassion for the awakening process will allow it to be easier for them, just as the forerunners did for us.  The 11/11/11 support feels galactic, coming in as two energy streams through the body’s central column – interesting – an 11!  In October we cleared more old timelines than I could possibly talk about here, but a major one was religious manipulation dating back to ancient Egypt, which has been progressing a lot throughout the year (and before, just increasing in 2011).  The Arab Spring is a physical manifestation of this, but we had another release in October, so it’ll be interesting to see how that culminates.  Did you ever think you’d see the day of Egyptians marching on their US Embassy demanding fair treatment for Americans because of Occupy Oakland?  This is the new world of unity and compassion building.  Keep that rainbow energy fueling the system of change with Love.

At the core of the 11/11/11 is the energy influx that begins the True Service for many more Lightworkers as more of the masses awaken.  This energy potential is your doorway to the fullness that you know yourself to be, that which you see reflected in the potential of All Beings.  The Light of Love incarnate.  You stand upon the precipice of True Exalted Freedom, and yet you know that as with all freedom, you must choose.  Your choice is the catalyst that will initiate your participation in Life as an Exalted Being, True to Self, and therefore, True to All.  This takes many, many forms.  Most of you now know that wherever you are, be it geographical or job-related, you are fulfilling your Lightworker role.  Your ‘work’ is to remain True to yourself, treat others with compassion and exemplify the courage to Love this new world into being, even through the challenges.

As we examine the eleven, we see pure reflection.  1 reflecting another 1.  This is a number of Mastery for many reasons.  It is the Self understood so clearly that the Whole is understood as outside of Self and inside of Self; the Whole Truth of life on Earth.  Separation and Unity are the Whole picture, not just the separation seen in form.  When truly faced with the reflection of form, you look beyond the mere surface of the reflection.  Here you access your Mastery, as you keenly perceive that which exalts All Life.  You are becoming the sovereign beings that you were meant to be as your Earth magnetics and your biological re-evolution support the building of the new world.  Your power is within your choice and your choice is your focus of creation.  What seemed a hurdle before is now understand as an exercise.  You have an invitation to proceed.  This is the energy of the 11/11/11.  Support arrives, inspiration becomes clearer, and your multi-dimensional co-creative abilities are enhanced because of your willingness to focus.  Enjoy the ride!

November Astrology

On 11/9 Neptune goes direct in Aquarius after retrograding in Pisces on 6/3.  I’ve spoken formonths about the importance of this alignment.  There is the code of 3, 6, 9 indicating the amplification of the spiral of life and the 11 calling us to our full glory.  There is the significance of the Age of Pisces giving way to the Age of Aquarius.  There is the reversal of the energy of separation, domination and deception that was amplified with 9/ll in 2001.  There is the timing of this release just before the 11/11 as we have been prepared through the challenges of this alignment.

On 11/10 we have a full moon in Taurus.  As we shed light on the depths of our emotional connection with All Life in the powerful Scorpio energy, Taurus offers us supportive solution that enhances life on the physical plane.  Suffering is merely an option, though sometimes life is challenging.  Scorpio is helping us to bravely interact with life and expose that which we would hide as Taurus smooths the ride.  As we illuminate the shadow, we are no longer bound to it, releasing suffering.  Thus the scorpion transcends the limitations of fear and flies free as the eagle.  In June we began the powerful triple eclipse that initiated so much! In November we have its reflection.  Note that Gemini is involved in the eclipses from 2010 through 2012.  Collectively we are resolving our duality, our Whole communication and our heart/mind balance.  On 11/24 we have a solar eclipse on the Sagittarius new moon, while in June we had a lunar eclipse in Sag.  And just for funsies, Mercury goes retrograde in Sag that day as well (11/24-12/13).  In November, we move into the actions that serve the Whole with courageous, clear, complete  communication (not just spoken) that results in a win/win over time.  Maintain your heart-centered focus.  More on the Gemini eclipse in December.

In Summary

November feels rather positive overall.  We have a lot of support and even some relief from the stirring of October.  The movement is necessary though.    We are called to maintain our courage and determination through change and that is actually a really positive place to be.  When you Know who you are and you Know the power of your Light and Love, you don’t avoid or aggress.  You observe and you choose.  That’s wisdom in action.  Let the choice of Love lead the way and you will be amazed at what follows.  This is the 11/11/11 energy – the Exaltation.  Light contains the entire rainbow array, even beyond what we can see.  Know your Self and you Know the future result of the challenges of the day – improvement.  Rejoice that your Light has revealed what was once hidden and maintain your focus on a bright future.  You are already that future now.

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