Sananda: The Wisdom of the Heart

Sananda via Ute

My Beloved all,
this is Sananda.

My Radiance is embracing you. My Divine Love is Shining in your heart as I speak to you and commune with each of you. We are of One Heart, there are not many hearts but just One in Which we all participate.
It is so important that you know this and not continue in false believes you have been taught by false teachers in the past and still even now.

This One Heart we are participating in is the Core of the Universe and will be the Center of New Earth and New Humanity. Please understand that this is a very esoteric matter and has nothing to do with personalities, names, hierarchies, spiritual achievements and the like, but is simply the foundation of all creation of all that is, as Divinity is the Basis of All.

This basis is also a manifestation of Divine Love which is a state of being to which I desire to draw you. It has been said by so many different sources in these days that spiritual completion is based on ascending a ladder, step by step, until you reach the top. But there is in reality much more simplicity about it, as the Ocean of Divinity does not know beginning or end, low or high, bottom or top, as it merely IS. If you still your mind, if you begin to feel that bliss of stillness which then pervades every cell of your body with light, then you have forgotten about ranking and name, meaning and superiority or inferiority. This is all still an appearance in duality.

I want you to understand this because true growth for a human being does not require great elaboration in spirit but humbleness, simplicity.
All true Divine powers are truly yours, given by grace, if you let go striving and struggling for spiritual achievement and merely allow yourself to Be.

There are many simple people among you who are deeply concerned whether they can make it to ascension.
To those I say: it is the language and wisdom of the heart that truly knows. It is a Knowing greater than sophisticated understanding. And so many of you have chosen this path of simplicity and the heart.

It is a path of joy from the beginning, of great happiness, of great accomplishment and fulfillment! It is the path of the singularity of feeling and it is not less than the path of complexity of mind.

Nowadays it seems that the path of the mind is supposed to be superior to that of the heart. This is because mankind has lost its connection to its position in the heart, but which governs the being in the first place.
It is not that you should not exercise your mind and especially your higher mind, but the jewel of your heart, your sacred very space of Divinity is the Space which guides you directly to your path to ascension. Radiating from the heart elevates your frequency, and it Is Love and it Is Beauty and it Is Peace and Compassion. It embraces all.

As you always have noticed, I speak from the heart and always have and that is the domain where we always have met. This is not merely a matter of religion or Christianity.
It is the very core of the true human Divinity. Of this I wanted you to remind you.

My Love is always with you!

I Am Sananda


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