Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael: You’re Nearly There. First Contact awaits.

Greetings, Dear Ones, It is I, Raphael and I, Mother Mary. We have come to speak with you this day about the current circumstances and challenges that many of you are coming face to face with, and offer you reassurance and cheer you on as you progress forward into your new lives as EnLightened, Ascended BE-ings.

Mary: Many of you are not aware that I am currently living an incarnation upon this planet. I, therefore, step forward to share with you and offer my complete compassion and understanding of how it feels to live in this world in this day and age. In my physical form, I too deal with the same struggles and challenges that many of you out there do too. Monetary problems, relationship difficulties, health issues and believe it or not, the frustration and emotional challenges with the current changes and energy influxes. I wish for you to understand that you are surrounded by MANY, MANY beings of Pure Love and Light. They have your best interests at Heart and serve to make these trying times a little less …. well, trying. I KNOW it is often hard to accomplish, as often I have to remind myself, that living in the NOW, in the moment and trying not to worry or fear the future and capitalising on Love, living from your heart spaces and choosing to live your lives right now from a loving perspective and avoiding buying into fear. Trust, that you feel MUCH more Free and Light when you choose to take fear out of the picture and instead create one in which all are happy, complete and in a space to express themselves EXACTLY as they are

Raph: I Am pleased to inform you that your long awaited prayers and hopes of a new and higher way of living …. of BE-ING is JUST upon the horizon. I Am overJOYed to see so many of you FINALLY stepping into your True selves, your OWN Power. This is your GOD-GIVEN right … Your GOD-GIVEN Light. You stars, you are. As my Lady said, we can completely understand the uncertainty of these times, as I oversee my flames life, I see that there appears to be little respite from the overwhelming energies and emotional treadmill that has you all running at a higher pace than you are currently comfortable with! Have Faith, Dear Ones, that your patience and endurance will be well rewarded. You are on the brink of INCREDIBLE changes for the good of all humanity … Yes, the phrase you have all heard many a time now … First Contact *SMILES*. Your leaders have done all they can to try to prevent this event, they have even tried to create their own scenarios in which to fool you or throw you off the scent of the True nature of first contact. These attempts were designed to instill fear into the population and therefore hinder your ascension process. However, by Divine Decree there is absolutely no chance for these dark ones to pull this off, all there technologies are being dis-abled, de-bunked and taken offline, therefore creating a clear, smooth path for the Galactic Federation to make their entrance and FINALLY reveal themselves to humanity. Then the GREAT work begins. We continue to ask for your patience as the final touches are put into place, we are all ready and on standby and have been pre-pared extensively for every eventuality that may arise from any potential fear based actions or re-actions. Just as you all have been longing for this to occur with great expectancy, WE TOO have been patiently and diligently working behind the scenes, out of plain view to ensure the success of this joyous re-union. In peace and Love we will leave with this final messege.

We ARE Coming, Be Prepared For The GRAND Re-Union, The Galactic Highlight, The slingshot Out Of Duality And Into ONEness ♥

I Am Raph and I Am Mary. We Love You Dearly.

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  1. Great joy, knowing the mother of My Lord is with us in the phyiscal.
    I have never heard of this SMILES ????
    0650 am and the sun just risen over the horizon HALF WAY up Sweden on east coast where I am.
    We here have just left the darkest hours of our winter behind us. In a few more weeks it will be daylight from 7 am to 5pm ( mid February ) SO DAILY NOW THE LIGHT GROWS LONGER , and the light is palpable now in our blessed country even when it is mid winter.
    The joy on dec 13TH ( the hugely popular feast of LUCIA the italian saint )to see my 2 year old grandchild Mayken sitting on the stage with all the other daycare kids all in their White dresses and Majken with her ( electric) crown of candles singing her heart out all of these (at least 15 ) songs knowing most of the words at age 2 !!! after a couple of weeks training WHAT JOY WHAT JOY.
    Thank you Zumi ( born Marie Therese ) Sweden .

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