Arcturians: Update on 11-11-11 Stargate Ascension

Arcturians via Suzanne Carroll

Dear Arcturians,

Is there more I should know about 11.11.11? Will we leave 3D Earth at that time?

Our Beloved Ascending Ones,

You notice that we no longer call you “grounded ones.” We have changed your names because you have changed your frequency of resonance. It is because of this shift in your resonant frequency that you are all having symptoms of transformation. These symptoms are particular to each person, as each of you has a “weak link,” which is the function or area of your earth vessel that resonates to the lowest frequencies. These lowest frequency areas of your body are places, in which you have habitually stored your stress and fear-based emotions.

It is time now for you to “empty the trash.” It is release of stored stress and fear that is causing your many symptoms and physical sensations of discomfort. We want to tell you that from our perspective, many of you are almost completed with this process. Your journey through the 11.11.11 Portal will assist you completely release all that resonates to a frequency lower than love. In fact, most of you are preparing for this release in your daily life, by choosing to focus on what you love and finding that it is extremely tiresome to perform certain mundane tasks.

What is actually happening is that you are “putting in your order” for the reality, to which you wish to resonate. You see, New Earth is not far away in another place. New Earth is a resonance, a frequency of Earth. This frequency has been “held in place” so to speak, for the entire “time” of physical earth. New Earth is the bookmark that holds the frequency path back to your Multidimensional SELF. Due to the extreme challenge of the Kali Yuga, Dark Night of Gaia’s Soul, many of you have lost your way.

The 11.11.11 Portal, which will be opened and experienced by our Ascending Ones, will be held open within your consciousness.

With your Path Home to New Earth open, all of our Openers will progressively activate higher and higher states of consciousness. Let us explain the term “Openers.” YOU are the Openers. All of you that consciously and unconsciously, via dreams and imagination, will be the first ones to open your own Inner Portals.We say “Inner Portals,” for all roads to the higher dimensions are traveled from within.

Once you have opened your Portals, you will hold these Portals open until the NOW of Gaia’s Planetary Ascension. If you think you are having symptoms now,wait until you are holding open a Portal to the fifth dimension. However, with this immensely increased flow of multidimensional light and unconditional love, your process will swiftly be completed.

In other words, 11.11.11 opens the Door/Portal. Some of you will hold this Door opened to assist Gaia in Her ascension process, and some of you will go through the Door to prepare the way for others. However, usually, those who open the Portal, will hold that Portal open for as long as possible. This means that, “The first shall be the last.” Or “The Captain stays with the Ship” until the very last moment. There will be no sense of sacrifice for these, dear Openers, for they will simultaneously be experiencing both the reality of closing 3D Earth AND the reality of blossoming 5D Earth.

The process of consciously experience two realities at once, will fully activate your Multidimensional Operating System and put you in constant contact with your Multidimensional SELF. Will you be able to always be conscious of this constant connection? That will be your next challenge. For those of you who have volunteered to hold the Portals open, your powers of creation will be greatly amplified. In fact, we see that many of you are already having this experience.

With your thoughts and emotions becoming manifest at an increasingly immediate rate, you will need to focus on BEING the Master of your Energy. Remember, your energy is the state of consciousness that you have created for yourself by allowing certain thoughts and emotions to be held within your aura. Furthermore, by standing in the “opened doorway” your energy will be emanating out into the aura of Ascending Gaia more than ever.

We tell you of your challenge with complete confidence that you will be able to successfully fulfill your chosen Mission.

In fact, we know that in the reality to which you are ascending, you have already fulfilled this Mission.

If you listen to our last sentence with your 3D, time-bound thinking, you will be very confused. Your third dimensional thinking is one of the first things that you will need to release. The best way to release this outdated thinking is to accept the Flow of unconditional love that we send to your NOW! Unconditional love is the healing force of the Multiverse and the highest frequency of transmutation.

You are told on your airplane rides, “In case of emergency, place your oxygen mask on your self first so that you can place it on others too.” In the same manner, we say, unconditionally love your self first, so that you can better unconditionally love others.

The Arcturians

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