Lord Merlin: The Magic of The Coming Times

Lord Merlin via Natalie Glasson


The world that you currently acknowledge as your reality is alight with magic, the very air that
you breathe into your body is filled with the presence of magic and your body is preparing to act
out the energy of magic in your daily life.

Magic is a label for the life force energy, the essence and truth of the Creator, it is an active
energy. Magic is the process of intentions and energy that create miracles, possibilities and
potentials. There is so much magic on the Earth now as the attention of all aspects of the
Creator’s universe is upon you and the humanity of the Earth. Everyone is watching the miracle
which is the Earth at this very moment. Even your soul, the essence energy within your physical
body is watching you, observing the Earth and looking for the beauty of magic as it manifests.
With so much attention being placed upon the Earth there are vast quantities of energy,
intentions and light being focused into your reality. This truly is a blessing; you are being
supported by the entire universe of all aspects of the Creator. The energy that is being
anchored acts as a magnifier to develop your intentions and encourage all your truth to

It is not only the Earth that is attracting attention, all aspects, stars and civilisations within the
Creator’s universe are looking to each other, waiting, wondering and feeling the support that
they send each other. They like you are acknowledging the lift in vibration, the increase in light,
sensitivity and awareness as well as respecting the wisdom within them which indicates that
positive change is on the horizon.

Those who are not aware or sensitive to energy may not be aware of the great magic that is
occurring, but there is excitement, anticipation and hope building in the energy of many,
creating a tremendous power of magic where anything is possible, where dreams can truly
manifest. Many of you have longed to be on the Earth at this time, you have waited patiently for
this time to come and it is here, so there is a need to continue to awaken your being as much as
possible and allow your soul to guide you forward. Your soul in itself is a form of magic; it is the
only energy that can truly guide you through the transitions that are occurring now. So much
light is being anchored onto the Earth, it is throwing sunshine into all dark corners and so the
energy of negativity is being shed by all. The heaviness of the Earth is being altered into a
higher vibration, it is impossible to hide from the power that the light currently holds and this
light is naturally igniting as well as magnifying the light within your being. It is appropriate to
realise that you can no longer hide the light within you, who you truly are, what you believe in
and how you wish to exist on the Earth. If you continue to hide your truth even a small amount
you will find that your experiences thrust you forward to awaken and ignite your light further.
You may wonder why you have been waiting for this time on the Earth, 2012 is simply a
prophecy, a prediction from long ago, you may ask how can it have any meaning or purpose in
your life? 2012 is not a prophecy nor is a date chosen by someone years ago as the time of
change. The energy stored in even the word, two thousand and twelve, is an activation. For a
long time you have held the knowledge of 2012 within your DNA and soul keys as a reminder. It
is almost like a sign post that tells you it is time to awaken.

There was a debate in the past that time should be made longer or slower because humanity
wouldn’t be ready to achieve and receive this activation and awakening upon the energy
entrance of 2012. However many light beings became aware of this in their souls beginning to
bravely and courageously put themselves forward to awaken the light within humanity so that
many would be ready to receive the necessary transformation upon arrival at the sign post of
2012. Their and your efforts have been breathtaking and we are seeing that many are ready for
transition, a change of energy and intention. For some this transformation will continue into and
beyond 2012 as energy and growth is always flowing, while others will experience a tremendous
lift in consciousness, vibration and awareness.

Many may ask what 2012 will activate; it will activate what is appropriate for you, your path
and purpose on the Earth to accelerate you forward. 2012 has been programmed to share the
energy patterns and codes of love from the Creator and from your heart. This may be the most
important understanding, as we enter into 2012 from within your being, energy patterns and
codes of love will activate for you to express. As many people achieve this expression it will
recode the energy of the Earth to manifest a greater source and era of love. For some the
energy patterns of love activated will flow gradually over a period of time into the reality and
consciousness of humanity but others may feel it as an abundant wave of love extending from
their being connecting with all. As the energy patterns of love activates from within your being,
you will find that you must first embody the love before you can begin to express it. Some may
simply express their love activation energy through every breath that they inhale while others
will feel the tremendous power flowing through them. This will contribute tremendously to the
manifestation of the Era of Love. As the energy of love activates from your DNA and from your
soul it will change your programming, the way in which you think, the way in which you perceive
the world and your reality. As many people experience this they will naturally alter the reality of
the Earth into a reality of love which is the dream of every soul on the Earth; to exist as and in
love at all times. This process to me is like magic, you couldn’t ask for a greater magic as the
activation and the expression will be totally blissful for many. Some may not even realise the
transition that is occurring, but will naturally change their mindset to hold and express greater
love. With the presence of love will come greater unity, respect, honour and truth between
people but this may take time to be perceived and manifested.

The date of 11-11-11 is also programmed within your DNA and soul as an activation
process; it is to create a shift in consciousness that will prepare for the activation of and around
2012. I must say that the date of 2012 is only a vague landmark many will experience an
awakening in the months or days before or after this date as time is personal to the individual.
11-11-11 will bring forward a shift in consciousness as many are encouraged to align with the
Creator’s light and source as well as the Creator’s numerous aspects in order to encourage a
greater awareness, understanding and perception of what is occurring. I think of the activation
of 11-11-11 as creating a greater sensitivity to your soul and your spiritual being. You therefore
experience a shift from physical thinking and perceptions to spiritual soul understandings and
expression. The shift in consciousness is also to incorporate a greater unity between humanity,
as every soul unites their energies to create what they truly desire and feel inspired to manifest
on the Earth. Each of you is missing parts of your consciousness, your wisdom and
understanding. This is because you haven’t recognised them yet. With the uniting of humanity’s
consciousness, aspects and parts of your consciousness and wisdom will be restored as you
will show to each other the information that you need to acknowledge. Not only will this make
humanity stronger as a united energy but it will allow for a true blossoming of the understanding
that humanity holds. This action in itself will pave the way forward for a greater embodiment and
manifestation of love.

We will see that 11-11-11 also represents a powerful activation which rarely occurs upon
the Earth in such a number of people. This time will activate a feeling of power and leadership
from the soul. It is almost as if the souls of humanity are presented with a tool or a certificate
that offers them the permission to become leaders in their own reality. This is not to allow the
personality or ego to lead as it has done before but to allow your soul to take a greater role of
leadership in your reality. 11-11-11 signifies a shift in consciousness where leadership is moved
from the personality and ego to the soul and essence of a person’s being. This will only occur
when the individual is ready and has achieved a level of acknowledgement of the soul, but 11-
11-11 acts as a landmark to allow this shift to begin and then take place with divine timing. For
those who already feel a strong connection with their soul, then this will be magnified as new
experiences and understandings of their soul and soul group will manifest.

Through my communication today, it is my wish that you grasp the magic and the wonderful
experiences that are manifesting into your reality. There is a need to acknowledge and
appreciate the time that you exist in and how you have placed yourself in the very centre of this
experience for a reason, this reason is for you to experience and enjoy the transitions fully.
Many of you feel as if you do not know what you must be achieving now, the spiritual practices
that you need to integrate into your reality but I would say to you at this special time,

Acknowledge the magic, the beauty within everything and everyone including yourself.

Focus on embodying love as this will mean that when the patterns of love are activated your
experience will be greater.

Constantly align your energies to the Creator and ask to accept the consciousness that is most
appropriate for you.

Send love to the consciousness of humanity.

Bring your attention to your soul, listen to and radiate the light of your soul in preparation for
the greater role it will play in your reality.

Remember the magic within your being, remember the magic within your reality and remember
the magic of this time.

With love always,

I am Lord Merlin

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