Archangel Uriel: The Blessings of Dis-Illusionment

The Blessings of Dis-Illusionment

A message from Archangel Uriel channeled by Jennifer Hoffman
Monday, 1 August, 2011  (posted 7 October, 2011)

Those things which get your attention are created through tension and resistance. The flow of energy is interrupted in the presence of fear and this becomes a point of transformation. Will you choose the fear or something beyond it? The fear has been a constant presence and companion and the path beyond it is unknown. The tension which you feel as dis-ease, dis-comfort, and dis-illusionment are blessings which show you that your reality is not in alignment with your energetic vibrations.

As you raise your vibrations and allow new energies to become integrated into your being, tension is created wherever they conflict with your existing vibration. The illusion you are living through is no longer resonating with you and you can no longer support that illusion. Other choices, beliefs and thoughts are now required to support the new reality you wish for yourself, which then creates a new illusion. All life is an illusion, a paradigm that you create through your energetic vibrations. Being dis-illusioned simply means that you can no longer support your current illusion.

Every illusion requires a constant flow of energy to support it. The illusion that is supported by fear, pain and drama is created when you are in those energies. The moment you feel that your illusion no longer works for you is the moment in which you have disconnected from your illusion and your soul is calling to you to connect to higher energies, expand your vision for your life, to resonate with a new vibration and be willing to allow more light into your being. You can see the dis-illusionment as a failure or as a divine blessing.

What you see as a problem is simply a process of disconnection so you can reconnect to something else. All life is a flow of energy that must continue to ascend into higher vibrations. Where your illusion has grounded you in a particular path is where you will feel tension and when you disconnect and allow your energy to expand, through setting an intention for a new course for your path, you create tension whose purpose is to show you where disconnection needs to occur and reconnection can happen. Embrace this with joy as it is confirmation of your transformation, then choose your new path and allow new levels of illusion to become your reality.

Let Go and Let God

One of my good friends always says ‘Let go and let God’ when he is involved in a situation that is beyond his ability to deal with. It’s his way of acknowledging that there is a point at which we have to let others learn their lessons in their own way and time and within their own power. How many times do we hold someone up energetically, see them in their best light, hold the highest intention for them and for their lives only to have them go right back to their old ways because they can’t learn and grow within our timelines and don’t heal when we force them or try to do the work for them.

In many situations we have to ‘let go and let God’ which is our way of admitting that we are not capable of altering the course of someone’s life. Thinking that we can or should do this puts us in the precarious position of being the Source in someone’s life and if they are not listening to God by now, what makes us think they will listen to us? As we move through the end of 2011 we will have more opportunities to let go in this way because we will find that we cannot hold space for someone’s transformation while engaged in our own.
While we have been struggling with our own healing journey and feeling very stuck, the temptation to heal others while we’re waiting for our lives to change has given us the false impression that we have time and energy to spare. Now that things are starting to move (and they will by September), new priorities are required because we can’t be the martyred healer for others and the master in our life at the same time. Someone has to take priority and while that must be us. We have to make that choice with a clear heart, knowing that when we let go God can take over.

We have been walking this healing journey for many lifetimes with our soul group, holding light and space, being the healer and healing and delaying our progress and movement. Now it’s time for us to let go and let God because everyone’s healing path is truly between them and God and we are not part of it except as an energetic bystander. Two things happen when we release others to their healing path – they have the motivation to work harder because their growth and healing are now their responsibility, and we have more time and energy for our own healing journey because our energy is not scattered and limited by what we are contributing to others’ lives.

For The Benefit Of All
Whatever you ask for yourself, you also ask for the benefit of all. When you create a reality where you live in peace, joy and unconditional love exist, it becomes a possibility for everyone. Asking for yourself is not selfish or limiting, it creates an energetic possibility for all to experience life in this way. Each thing that you ask for creates a vibration that resonates throughout the Universe, expanding that energy and creating ever larger openings for it to become part of the earth’s energetic imprint. Every prayer that you pray, every wish that you make, has an exponential effect on everyone, everywhere. You are all connected and part of the human family, so what affects one affects all.

Your every thought and emotion are powerful energies which are imprinted in the earth’s energetic template. The powerful, self affirming thoughts are equally as powerful as those which affirm your powerlessness and fears. When you send fear out to the earth’s energetic template you are expanding the energies of fear which already exist. Darkness is not overcome by more darkness and to erase fear from the human energetic imprint requires that everyone also remove fear from their own emotional body. Remember this when you are tempted to fall into despair or forget that the power to change your life path exists within you. There is nothing which cannot be overcome by the power of the light.

As you affirm your divinity you also remind humanity of its divine core and you change the course of humanity’s path. There is no insignificant person or effort, each light adds to the whole and each one creates a spark of light that overcomes its polarity energy. Fear is erased by love and compassion, sadness by joy, judgment by acceptance. Each one of you is capable of changing the course of humanity because you are affirming your divinity, your spiritual being. This raises your vibrations and creates a resonance that the rest of humanity can also achieve. While there is much pain, sadness, anger, fear and hurt in the world at this time, there is also much light and awakening as many people are focused on their spiritual journey.

The old paradigm of having more or being better than others has gone away. The new world has no place for those who want to put themselves above others, to differentiate on the basis of material goods, physical attributes or other elements whose purpose is to separate and create divisions among people. The Oneness of humanity means that all are equal, as they have always been in the eyes of the Creator, so all may be blessed, according to their abilities, spiritual understanding and needs. Each will receive what they need and are willing and able to accept for themselves and what they believe they deserve.

When you remember that all of humanity benefits from your ability to create miracles, step into your power and move forward on your spiritual journey, you increase these energies exponentially and spread the good that you create in your life to everyone, everywhere. If you have felt that you should not ask for miracles because you are undeserving or should not ask for more than what you have, know that you are creating these miracles for yourself and for everyone. It is time for each of you to step into your divine birthright, which is living miraculous lives, being your mastery, where everything you need flows effortlessly to you. Accept this gift and its power, embrace it and use it every day, knowing that when you do so you do it for the benefit of all.

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  1. Dear Angels, dear Archangels, dear Channelers,

    thank you for this message! It’s full of light and good hope. It comes down to us, now that here sometimes life is hard, things become more bearable with such words! Thank you!


  2. Hi, I can’t seem to figure out how someone joins or posts a channeling here. Can you please show me?

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