Reclaiming Your 12 Strand DNA


by Julianne Everett

A Yuga is a East Indian term for a 26,000 year cycle of time. Each Yuga is divided into 2000 year dispenstations that are given to Avatars for bringing humanity into higher and higher levels of God12 strand dna upgradeConsciousness. Our present dispensation was activated nearly two thousand years ago by the Beloved Lord Jesus the Christ, also known to some as Sananda. His cycle has been centered at impulsing the Christ Flame within every heart that is receptive to the love, the wisdom and the power of God.

As we enter the last decade of this century, we are completing the thirteenth dispensation of this present 26,000 year Yuga. The Diamond Ray is the 13th Ray, the highest sacred fire essence of the Cosmic Christ. For the last 1995 years we have been growing towards becoming physically, emotionally, mentally and ehterically able to respond to the power of this universal Diamond frequency. The power of this Ray is most intense in the northern countries of the globe. The Elohim who work directly with the Godhead as the builders of creation filter this powerful Light trough what is to become the new magnetic north. This is accomplished under the co-direction of the Councils of the Cosmic Christ who are sustaining this new apex using a 24-faceted Diamond Ascension Merkabah.

A Merkabah is a vehicle of living light used by the Spriritual Hierarchy for disseminating information and healing energies to their embodied servers. It also assists Lightworkers in aligning with the perfected energy fields of the fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions. The Diamond Merkabah is presently around the Earth so that Cosmic Christ consciousness, or Unity Consciousness, can be disseminated through the grid systems that sustain the spiritual forcefields encompassing this planet.

You are each being aligned with these higher dimensions through your Lightbodies, which are simply specific fields of divine intelligence that surround and penetrate your physical bodies according to your capacity to awaken and expand beyond the limited thinking of your time-bound awareness. Alignment with your Lightbodies generally plays havoc with the lower ego and its third and fourth dimensional alliances. In these lower dimensions the ego can stay in control of the soul and expecially the emotional body since these dimensions are saturated with fear-controlled thoughtformsDecember 21, 2012: DNA upgrade and ascension. As long as there is duality thinking, meaning the belief in good and evil, then there will always be fuel for fear and competition.

The playing fields of Earth have brought us into believing that the third dimension is real. It will only remain a viable reality if you choose to live in time-bound awareness versus Unity Consciousness. When the knower and the knowledge become one, when the observer and the oberved become one, and when you are in union with the True Self beyond time, then you are living in Unity Consciousness.


As you ascend into the spheres of Love-Light-Intelligence that are aligning you with these new templates of reality, you will first shift into the fourth dimension and then awaken into your fifth, sixth and seveenth dimensions of consciousness. It is a systematic initiation process that is overseen by your own I Am Presence and those who are working with your soul in bringing it into the Light of your full potential Self. Your Presence or your Monad is always your ultimate monitor. Your Oversoul or Higher Self serves the Councils of the Solar Christ, which consists of thousands of members within the Orders of Melchizedek, under the Planetary and Solar Logos. When your Cosmic Monad is awakened, then you move into more active service with the Councils of the Cosmic Christ stationed at the northern portal of your Earth. Of course the august Cosmic Beings who sustain the core of this Council are not bound by either space or time.

Your Solar Christ Self is the part of you that is ascending by bringing your individualized soul into alignment with the twelve bodies or spheres of consciousness that complete your individualized expression. After this is accomplished, you will begin serving within a much larger group field of awareness. You will know that you are an individualized unit of being, but you will also know that you are a non-self living as pure light and love within a sea of energy, vibration and consciousness. This will leave you feeling much more impersonal, detached from any specific outcomes and less emotionally reactive. However, do not try to force an alliance with your Cosmic Consciousness because it is actually imperative that you allow yourself to enter into a pre-ascension purification process. Much is stored that must be released. You may be shocked at the old stuff that will arise in the next few months. Watch your process, but do not become overly concerned at what you see. There is physical, emotional and mental detoxification taking place on a global level, but those of you in the North are getting particularly strong blasts of Light.

For a time you may become aware of at least twelve major teachers and their twin rays as you awakent to your own twelve rays of consciousness through your 12-strand DNA. These radiant guides, however, are simply fields of divine intelligence which will dissolve into all that you are when you merge with your soul at the heart and your Presence is firmly established within what is referred to as the Holy of Holies in the center of your skull. This is a very specific field of sacred energy that is created by the spiritual opening of your pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus glands. These glands are the major triggers for alerting your body that you are ready to receive the third helix of your DNA. Once this first trinitized field of Love-Light-Intelligence is activated, then the other nine etheric strands of DNA, in 3 sets of 3, will respond according to your contract and your original divine blueprint. All is accomplished in the right time for every individual so that there is never more energy nor information then the lower vehicles can tolerate at any one time.

As you shift into the higher frequencies of the fourth dimension, your emotional or astral vehicle is receiving the biggest jolts of energy since you are basically a water entity that carries electro-magnetic charges through the fluid systems of your body. If physical ascension is your goal, then your first true initiation must by necessity be with the incarnate self through the Grace of the Planetary Logos, the spiritual initiator of the mental body as it merges with the soul and lifts the emotional body into its higher feeling nature. This initiation represents the healing of the relationship between the controlling nature of the lower ego (the human mind) and the loving nature of the Higher Self at the level of the heart. Through your focused intention, your planetary vehicle will start receiving waves of initiation through energy, vibration and consciousness, which is all we truly are.

It is the human experiential self that needs to clear so that the Spiritual Hierarchy can use you and the vortexes around you and your country as radiant receiving stations for God’s Love and Light. It has always been so; you are just the ones who volunteered to serve as these Pillars of Light this time around. Your reward is liberation from the wheel of karma and entry into the true spiral of evolution. Becuse of the opportunities that are being given to so many at this time, every family got together on the inner planes and decided to send its strongest members. You, therefore, were elected to come here to clear any residual karma within your family, thus freeing many generations on your family tree. If any one of you can become Self-Realized by successfully healing and releasing the karmic patterns within your genetic lines of influence, then seven generations forward and seven generations back will be liberated from the wheel of karma and the astral environs which are filled with those who are waiting to return to Earth.

We have all learned to thrive on lower emotionalism because that is how we knew we were alive. With so little of us being awake and with only a 2-strand DNA system in operation, we hardly even exist. Now that the higher mental and feeling capacities are coming forward, we are realizing that there is much more to living here than we thought possible. The first step in receiving the 12-strand DNA into the physical body is to call forth your Beloved I Am Presence, your Holy Christ Self through the Flame of your heart, your Body Elemental who has overseen the intelligence of your body since its first incarnation, your Guardian Angels(s), your Ascended Master Sponsors and the Etheric Healing Teams who are working with the Masters in reweaving the DNA into the solar meridians of the body.

All of this is being accomplished so that you can increase your capacity to receive Love and Light, literally! Breath is the key and full December 21, 2012: DNA Upgrade and ascensionbreathing is what will unlock the lower chakras so that they can transfer their encoding to the rest of your body, thus preparing it to receive the additional channels of your Love-Light-Intelligence. We are now being stimulated by the many Councils of the Creator to release that which has been held in denial and dormancy for thousands of years. The Masters are not referring here not only to the letting go of one’s negative emotions and programming, but also to the unfolding of one’s positive feelings and the divine inner programming that has been waiting for this release for thousands of years. Beyond the suffering of the ages which is recorded within each of us, there is much great news that has also been stored within the higher octaves of the self both externally and internally. Within the very deep recesses of your mind, heart and body are streams of joy and bliss that are connected to groups of enlightened beings who are your associates on the higher dimensions. Your 12-strand DNA, whether it is found to be actual or spiritual, is at least symbolically referring to this blessed reweaving of the Greater Self ito your body so that you may begin living as a whole Light Being on the physical plane!

The Lightworkers of Sweden are among the first filtering stations for these new energies. Our Spiritual Overseers are, therefore, anxious that you understand what is going on so that you can facilitate others who are opening up to the new energies. To come into perfect cosmic union with the Christ, you must move in conscious alignment with your own ascended state of Christ Consciousness. Only in this way can you/we collectively birth ourselves into a dimensional reality that is based on compassion and love for the Divine within all of life. The last time we were graced with passing through the initiation halls of the Diamond Ray most of us were on the continent of Atlantis. At the time the majority of Earth’s inhabitants chose to use the Diamond Ray for power, competition and control instead of love, mutual support and cooperation. It is taking an additional Diamond Yuga for us to once again be given the Divine Right of bringing our four lower bodies into resonation with our Ascended State of Christ Consciousness.

Ther responsibilities we are being asked to assume will be tremendously satisfying if you can see them from the perspective of the Higher Self. The power to exercise one’s own personal will has always been experimental. The inhabitants of this planet are now choosing their own future. The great gift of taking successive lives is not going to come so easily. Many souls will not be allowed to return to this planet for healing of for immediate reincarnation. They will incarnate on other planetary or stellar bodies that are conducive to their next stage of development. Earth has been an exile station for those who need healing. Because we were originally so filled with light and Love, our Spiritual Elders thought that we could hold our purity while healing great numbers of souls who were not being allowed to continue on with their planet’s evolution. What was being asked of us was a great exercise in dominion and steadfastness. We, however, did not hold the Light. Instead, we were drawn into the desires of others and we got lost in the confines of measured time, materialism, technonogy and lower-based sexuality.

We are being bestowed with so much Grace at this time becuse the Earth is ascending into a new dimensional frequency. If we are to go with Her, then we need to be quickened and healed of the pain of separation and fear. We are once again being given the opportunity to work with the Angels and the nature Devas and to co-Create with the Elohim, the Ascended Masters and the great Cosmic Beings. We hardly remember the true joy of living as love within the light-heartedness that was once the natural estate of this creation, this Garden of Eden in the unverse. It is, however, our destiny to remember.

Although we must now take the responsibility for clearing all past and furure thought projections that are limiting the full expression of the Christ Self, let us also remember that we are a great family who has been in this play together for a very long time! As we come to embrace our fellow travelers in true love, we will find great relief. Love is the only force that can heal the separation of lifetimes, and it is the only force that can bring our lower bodies into alignment with the Greater Self.

How powerful it has been for us to take to heart the commandments that continue to ask us to love the Creator above all else and to love our neighbour as our true SELF…. in fact, as GOD! To enter this next cycle in total TRUST, we are needing to really come to terms with whether or not we are even living these first two vital Cosmic Laws. We now have the opportunity of inviting the Spirit of the I Am Presence, the highest and most transcendental level of the Self, to enter more completely into this reality while we simultaneously rise to meet the vibrational Essence that It represents. We are being asked to spiritually unite in the Divine marriage of Mother-Father God within us in order to birth the Christ. The Holy Spirit must descend to activate the Radiant Flame that is within the chamber of every heart, for it is only there that the seed of the inner Christ can be awakened into conscious life.

Don’t miss this glorious opportunity by remaining stuck in your mind with beliefs and patterns that generations have instilled in your DNA to keep the old separation play alive. Everyone has been tuned to survival modes for so long that it does take a loving act of will to walk away from the past. This tremendous undertaking is being mirrored to us by many of our fellow Lightworkers. Stay connected to what is true, and don’t desert the Christ in yourself or in each other in the Garden of our Lord. Stay awake and stay loyal to your own God Presence. This is the challenge of every disciple during these testing, transitional times.

One way of accelerating your own transformation is to call forth your I Am or God Presence and ask it to literally take charge of your being, world and affairs!!!

If you have the intention to awaken the Christ Flame within your heart, then your Higher Mental Body or your Christ Mind can begin realigning you with your God Presence which is always living in the unlimited spheres of Unity Consciousness. The physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies are each being lifted or resurrected into Christ consciousness. As you begin receiving this Christ energy into each of your chakras, you may feel at times that you cannot take any more amplification. Conversely, there will be days when you may feel completely wiped out and unable to function. The Transfiguration is at hand for all true initiates and it will take many forms depending on what is being reflected or healed for coming into wholeness.

As you dial into your tremendous creative potential, you will learn how to coordinate all four lower bodies so that they can remain balanced. Only you can monitor the amount of pressure that you can take and still remain harmonious, creative and loving. Everyone has different upper (vertical) and outer (horizontal) limits. Some of you can go very far up into the subtle worlds and still remain physically balanced. Some of you can get way out into the material world and still remain spiritually attuned … some of you cannot. There is no judgment, only self-knowing. You will learn what pushes you into disharmony. Although moving into the new always creates a certain amount of discomfort, your transition does not have to become chaotic.

It is of primary importance that you know there is spiritual help for the asking. The angelic hosts are omnipresent. You must, however, call forth the Archangels and their celestial hosts if you really want them to respond to your requests. They are here to assist you in sustaining the feeling harmonies of your lifestream. The Ascended Masters can give you the understanding of what is occurring in both the feeling and the mental bodies. The angels and the Masters are both equally important to us at this time. The Elohim are also coming forward to teach us how to create in accordance with the Cosmic Laws that maintain Divine Order throughout all universes that are within our System of Worlds. They work extensively with our higher mental capacities.

Remember that Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings are not living in physical bodies! You must take dominion over your physical world by sustaining balance within and between the four primary expressions of the self… physical, emotional, mental and etheric. These bodies can then come into alignment with the higher dimensional Lightbodies which are always in harmonic resonation with the perfection of the I AM Presence.

Thank you for being willing to spiritually embody all that you are! It takes fully conscious Lightworkers to really create the massive shift that is needed to collectively move humanity’s consciousness into the fourth and fifth dimensions. Each of you has the potential for becoming such pillars of impersonal Light that the Diamond energies coming through the North Pole can literally pour through your form into the auras and hearts of all those around you. Every cell, the primary unit of God’s consciousness, sustains perfect electro-magnetic balance within the forcefields of your body. You can work with the Cosmic Laws that sustain your body by becoming aligned with the true North and south Poles. These are the apex points for the great Diamond Ascension Merkabah that is surrounding your world in the loving embrace of those who make up the Councils of the cosmic Christ. In our next transmission, we will cover the importance of your relationship to the south Pole.

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