Hilarion: Stay Centered as The Awakening Continues

Hilarion via Marlene Sweltishoff


Beloved Ones,

The focus for the coming days is to continue to stay grounded, alert and calm. Let the energies flow through you into the core of the Earth and back up to the Great Central Sun in a continuous and benevolent flow. Allow yourselves to release whatever remnants still remain for clearing as they surface, remembering that no matter in what manner they came forth, it just means they are moving out and away from you. Try not to get drawn back into the loop of these old energies, just intend that you are done with it and when it feels complete, ask Mother Earth to take those energies, transmute them and use them wherever she needs it most.

The Awakening Ones continue to gather in great numbers in every city, town and hamlet across the World. There is a groundswell of impetus that has not yet reached it’s peak and these gatherings will continue until those in power are forced to start making the changes to the system that are demanded. Gone are the days of those in positions of power who heeded not their people. A new day in the ways of governing the affairs of country and nationhood is looming on the horizon of possibilities. The Awakening Ones will not relent in their demand for justice for all that has kept the good people in every country chained to impossible systems of control.

It is now a time of grace for you Dear Ones, who have toiled unceasingly through many, many lifetimes to bring the current events to fruition in order to accomplish the Ascension of the Earth and all upon Her. As you continue to experience the release of all that no longer serves your Ascension Path, you will find yourselves supported in your daily lives in wonderfully synchronistic ways. Ask for whatever you need and then watch for it to be answered in quick and wonderful ways. Your Angels are eagerly waiting to serve in whatever way they can to help you move through this stage. Remember, they love you unconditionally and hold no judgments within them about anything you are experiencing. It is simply an experience, one that you chose yourselves, in order to learn specific lessons or gain specific insights and skills before you ever came into incarnation.

As you go through these experiences, know that there are millions of others who are also experiencing their own particular tests and challenges for their own spiritual education and learning and so, in your own realm, you are truly not alone. Do not become discouraged when the way seems dark, just keep on keeping on. By setting one foot in front of the other, miracles can be achieved. Adhere to your daily disciplines as best you can, get plenty of rest and relaxation and spend as much time as possible out of doors in Nature amongst the tree family so that they might give you support and healing when possible.

Find the means within yourselves to detach from any seeming chaos that comes forth and maintain those powerful visions of a better World for all upon your beautiful Planet. Daily focus on your heart chakra and feel the pulse of your love reach the hearts of everyone upon, within and around the Planet. It is your love united in Oneness that will change this World. Let all that you think, say and do reflect this.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion
©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff
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