Archangel Gabriel: Stay in the Flow Through Balance & Surrender


Archangel Gabriel via Shelley Young

Greetings, Dear Ones, as always we are pleased and honored to be in your presence today. We wish to speak to you today on the importance of keeping your balance and surrender to the flow.

You are feeling the acceleration of the energies of now. These energies are only going to continue their very rapid forward movement. You are in a time of great acceleration. You are ready for it and from the right viewpoint it can be most exciting, indeed!

We understand that rapid forward movement can be a most disconcerting sensation to those who are having a human experience. Simply put, great speed and movement can feel very scary, if you feel like you don’t “have the wheel”. And this is what we would like to help you with today.

The only time these energies will be frightening, Dear Ones, will be if you are not using your skills to go with the flow. The fastest way of riding the tide of events is through complete surrender to the flow. It is as if you are gathered at the top of a very fast moving river. If you are immediately terrified about swallowing water and getting hurt and where you’ll end up, you are going to end up very battered indeed by the time you get to the end of the river. In your fear you may attempt to cling mightily, fighting against the flow. In that position you might get hit with all kinds of debris and unnecessary discomfort. If nothing else, you will exhaust yourself in an exercise of futility.

What if instead, you clambered into the front of a life raft with your beloved soul family and looked at it like a great white water rafting adventure? You can throw your hands up with excitement and joy as you sail through the choppy waters. What if your new mantra becomes, “Wow, what a fantastic ride!” What if you whole-heartedly embrace the wonderful new vistas that become available to you? Sounds like a much more pleasant experience, does it not?

Those who are embracing the adventure of it all will land in the pool of tomorrow with heightened senses and joyful expectation, exhilarated, ready to have the wondrous experience of co-creating what the New Earth has to offer. You see, Dear Ones, you are ready. Your love and faith are your life jackets. Your guides and intuition are what keep you firmly in the boat. You decide how much fun you have on the journey. It is your choice.

Again, we wish to remind you that the times we are in now are the times that your soul has been waiting, in many cases, for millennia to experience. You have made it! Enjoy your just rewards! Finally the gates have opened to the attraction that you couldn’t wait to see. Enjoy it! Treasure it! Cherish it! You have earned your place on the ride. When you land in the new energies that are waiting for you, you can then step into your role of empowered and joyful creators of the New Earth.

Let us put it to you this way. It is as if you have been saving your allowance for a delectable new treat. And when you get to the treat store, someone tells you that it is called ice cream and immediately you fall into doubt. What if I don’t like it? I’ve worked so hard to save my money. What if I give my savings for it and it ends up hurting me? Do you see how ridiculous this is, Dear Ones? We are telling you, not only can you have the delicious ice cream but you can have the sprinkles and yes, even the cherry on top.

Now we understand that it is all fine and dandy to speak in analogies but you may desire more specific advice. Allow us to give you some suggestions on what you can do to navigate the rapidly moving energies.

First, remember what you know. You have worked hard to come to this place. Your soul got you here because you are ready. Do not allow others to sway you from what you know to be true. More importantly, do not allow yourself to sway you from what you know to be true through the old energies of fear and doubt.

Use your tools, Dear Ones. By now you all have the skill of balancing yourself, whether it be through yoga, meditation, stillness, a walk outside, energy work, visualization…whatever it is that works to bring you back to your centered point. Make that practice a priority because it is through that practice that you will allow yourself to shift with ease with the energies. We are not saying that you must use any certain method. If an activity brings you peace and joy and the desired energetic shift, that is all that is required.

Ground yourself. Very fast moving energies can cause sensations of dizziness, vertigo, difficulty in focusing (both your vision and your thoughts), breathlessness and anxiety. Keeping yourself well grounded will help.

Surrender. You may need to surrender several times a day or you may have one great, “one size fits all” surrender, but it is through the act of surrender that you enter into the flow with ease. And again, the flow is the fastest, most efficient and comfortable way to where you want to be.

Use your guides, Dear Ones! Are you aware that there are Balance Guides available to assist you at any time? Do not be afraid to use them! That is what they are there for, and it is their greatest joy to assist you during these amazing times. Simply calling on them with your inner voice and asking them for their assistance is all that is required.

Honor and love yourselves! It is through unconditional love for yourself that you will be anchoring the very energies that are required for the New Earth. Allow your light to shine. Treat yourself like you are the most precious being in the world, because that is exactly what you are. Honor yourself with what you expose yourself to and what you put into your body. Remember who you really are and the very important role you are playing as a human who is on the planet at the time of the creation of the New Earth.

Hone your focus. As things get very busy and critical, getting distracted is not helpful. Focusing on the elements that are of the greatest importance is the key to keeping things simple and using your energy wisely.

Dear Ones, we implore you. Do not make things more complicated than they need to be. If you follow these simple steps, you will be navigating these accelerated energies with grace and ease and in doing so, you will be honoring your highest purpose. This is all we have for you today.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
Transcribed by Terri DeMarco
Twitter: @trinityesoteric

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