Final Days of the Mayan Calendar and the 11-11-11

By Sandra Walter on October 11, 2011

The last days of the Mayan Calendar are here. Day 7 lasts from October 11 – 28, 2011, and then is quickly followed by the 11/11/11 gateway.

October 11 – 28: DNA window

Many teachers and leaders of the ascension process have mentioned that the gates for DNA encoding will close at the end of October. If for some reason you have not faced the darkness within and cleared out the emotional closets, or changed your diet/habits/thoughts/agreements to support the ascension process, then I strongly recommend you make peace with your choices. This is not about fear. Love that you have had an awakening and enjoy what presents in your lifestream.

Fear of not ascending

Please don’t embody this fear. It sets you up to be manipulated. Lower vibrations of worry, fear and control keep the carbon-based DNA structure from increasing its vibration. Know that everyone is ascending at the perfect time for their journey. Some may reach a state of neutrality, some may experience the 5th dimension, some may open up their higher skills, some may be in a better mood than before, some may leave the planet and go on to other journeys. All choices are honored; your free will creates exactly what you desire.

Balance throughout the Shift

Balance is key: we cannot have everyone ascending at the same time, just as we cannot have everyone awakened at the same time. The planet – and humanity – would explode if everyone was awakened right now. That would be a huge frequency increase; just work on your own vibration and don’t try to control others. Love the unawakened; they are (unknowingly) offering their service as vibrational balance until the very last moment. Not to mention the incredible gift they give to challenge us each day. We learn so much from them: what needs to be done, how to speak our truth, how to walk our talk in everything we do, how to love unconditionally. Honoring all journeys is crystalline consciousness. No more control, no more manipulation of others. All is being exposed in the Shift; be exactly what you desire from the New Earth.

The 11/11/11 gateway

The 11/11/11 marks the first opportunity – for those who have chosen to experience the high 4th dimension at this time – to walk through the portals which will present all over the planet. While hot spot sacred sites and energy areas amplify this opportunity, I don’t think it is necessary to be standing in the middle of stonehenge or Sedona in order to experience the first wave of ascension. If we’ve learned anything about this new Unity consciousness, it is this: the stargate you seek is within the Universe of your own heart.

That said, you might be experiencing an overwhelming urge to be in nature, or at certain spot, or with a certain group during this window. Gather, go have fun with this amazing time. Enjoy it! let your freak flag fly, this is no time to be shy about your spirituality. Make it whatever you desire. We have no idea what the 11/11/11 will feel like. We can only speculate because it has never happened before, and predictions have been undone at every turn. Know that the gateway is there for you, and will show you whatever you desire. Master your own journey. Command your creation; this is your lifestream, make it whatever you want.

My personal journey

I’m about to take advantage of the final window by spending some time in deep meditation and conversation with my divine entourage in the woods outside of Asheville, NC. I’m writing this from Tennessee, my last stop before the drive into Asheville. I may not have internet access for a while, which is a good fear to clear. While I am grateful to be of service, I realized that I needed to attend to myself for a bit. I’ll post when I can, tweet when I can, but I sense that the things I will learn, the experiences I will have during the window, will be of much higher service later on. I’m seeing incredible things these days, and desire to make the most of an energetically supported window of ascension.

I do hope you will honor this final Day 7. A calendar that has tracked consciousness for 16.9 billion years is coming to an end, isn’t that amazing? And we’re here to experience it – even more fun! Go and do whatever your higher levels are begging you to do. Be neutral about the outside world, keep breathing and stay in the flow of your divinity as creator incarnate.

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