The Arcturians: Qualifying for Ascension

Arcturians via Ridoar

Dear Ones,

It is quite a task to communicate with you all from a place that is of pure light while you are still dwelling in much density in your daily life. Only in your meditation we are actually able to come a bit closer to you. We are from a 6-dimensional realm which has both, translucent form, but fluctuating, and formlessness. Our main awareness, experience and identification is mere Being and Energy or Light. We experience also feelings which are of Divine Qualities: Joy, Love, feeling of Oneness, Beauty, Peace, Compassion. We never feel dissatisfied or have negative emotions. This is a sign of lower density and in your case of the experience of duality.

Some of you are worried and ask themselves whether Ascension is a possibility for them, not knowing whether they qualify and what to do about it. But we can assure you: you are absolutely able to participate in the Ascension process.
And so we emphasize that the best preparation you can do is to generate your daily experience while expanding in these feelings of Divine qualities, to practice them, and to replace consciously and willingly lower emotions, as soon they arise, with them.

Can you do this? Absolutely, dear friends! Each and all of you are able to feel and float with these higher Divine qualities, as they are your original feelings. You do not even have to “generate” them, you only have to allow them to be while you let go of the lower density emotions. When they occur, expand yourself, understand that you have been dwelling for a moment in the illusion of duality, conceptual thinking and separation, darkness and pain.

It is your heart that always knows silently the truth of this. Now, as the worlds are separating already, as the New Earth is shifting into her higher vibration, in actuality, it has become even easier for you to do so! It only requires of you to remember, to recognize the illusion and to allow yourself to collapse your contracted and negative feelings and thinking into the Oneness of Divine qualities. LET GO! Breathe! It is only a matter of allowing this awareness in you to unfold. And the old world is already disintegrating for you!

While doing so the Joy of Being will flood your heart with inherent ecstasy. It is all there, always has been, you do not need to “create” or to “develop” unconditional feeling, you have been it all the while, even in your darkest hour of suffering. THIS is the illusion you have been falling for. Wake up, dearest Ones, wake up! All signs are here for you to let this happen!
Joy, Happiness Is your true nature, and this is what ascension is all about: the returning to your God-given own true nature, to your own God-Self.

We love you, we appreciate and welcome your awakening and we support it with our blessings, always drawing you towards your own Divine Self.

We are the Arcturians!

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