SaLuSa: We are Now Authorized to De-cloak and Initiate Mass Contact

SaLuSa via Laura Tyco

Laura: Good evening SaLuSa. With a few online friends, today, we were wondering about the situation in Fukushima at the moment. It is difficult to make sense of the various sources, and who to trust? We wonder if you could tell us anything about the level of radiations in Japan, and around the world, as a consequence of the tsunami of the 11th March 2011? Is the level of radiation dangerous for the Japanese people, and for other countries? Are you working in order to limit the spreading of the radiations? Is it safe for people who live in Japan?

SaLuSa: We have been working continuously in that area indeed since the very beginning of the situation. We would like to commend the Japanese people for remaining so calm given the circumstances, and for remaining at peace throughout these incredibly difficult times. It is hard for people who do not live there to image the difficulties met by these people. We have great respect for their courage and resilience. We particularly admire those who have and still are working at the Fukushima Daiichi plant. They have been exposed to incredible levels of radiations, and even we have been reticent to venturing near these reactors for some time. We have developed protective suits for our crews, which enables us to carry out regular work in order to limit the damage to the environment, to Mother Earth, and to all life on Mother Earth.

While we are not satisfied yet entirely with the level of radiations in the immediate vicinity of the nuclear power plant, however, we are indeed glad to announce that the situation is presently under control. There is no longer any immediate danger for the people living outside the contamination zone in Japan. Life can indeed resume almost as before for most of the Japanese people, as we have been allowed to intervene on their behalf, since the attack on their country was not a naturally occurring phenomenon initiated by Mother Earth.  So we are acting behind the scenes for the remainder of the period leading to your Ascension.  Consequently, the current situation is also safe for all people from all the countries, United States included.

Laura: Thank you SaLuSa. I am glad to know that my friends are now safe in Japan. Would you like to give us an update, since today is an important date I guess?

SaLuSa: Yes indeed. Today is important, in the way that the energies pouring on your planet are very clear, pure and contribute considerably in raising your vibration levels. You may suddenly find that many things have become very simple, when before you have struggled with them. Things come to you very naturally, and you are able to perform tasks with great confidence, joy and accuracy. You enjoy working, and all resonates at a similar vibration to yours. Things and people seem very united suddenly. Differences and difficulties seem a thing of the past for most of you. This is a wonderful precursor to what is yet ahead of you dear ones.

Remember dear friends to remain anchored deeply within your soul and your body. You are so often taken by performing your duties that you still tend to forget that you are dependent on your body, as long as you are in a physical three dimensional body. Many of you are anchored in their head centre, forgetting all about their feelings. Remember dear ones, that in maintaining contact with your body, you will be brought back within your heart space. Your heart is not in your head, but located in your body. So we urge you to connect with a deeper layer of yourself, other than what appears to be your thinking process.  Feel the tensions in your muscles, feel the position your body sits in, as you are reading this message, feel your feet connected to Mother Earth, and you may also sense our presence as you read our words. Let the air enter gently and naturally in your lungs, and out of your body again.

Can you feel us yet, dear ones? It may be easier for you to connect with your guardian angels, rather than us. Feel their bliss and love as you are reading our words, and as you are acknowledging their love and expressing gratitude towards them and towards us. We and they are always near you, just a thought away, just one breath away. It is much easier for us to connect with you when you are in a centred space, and are willing to accept us. We have been waiting for your acknowledgement for eons, and although we are reunited while you are asleep, your Ascension will allow you to move up on the vibrational ladder, in order to meet us. It is unavoidability and we are eager to have a permanent connection with you, and we know, that many of you are also wishing for our reunion.

Remember that the part of yourself which is connected to the higher realms, through your life force running through your spine, is located at the back of your head. This part is always quite, it has no need for words, and it enjoys perpetual silence. It enjoys peace also and always loves. This is the part which gives way to the part of head which speaks constantly. The front part of your head is always moving, it is always planning, commenting, reacting, judging, fabricating stories, even lying. This part has its rightful place also; however, it was designed to serve you in performing your daily tasks. This part has taken over your being for many countless generations. It is in your hereditary that this part has run out on you. It was designed to be that way after the fall of Atlantis, so that you, as a race, would not realize and be distressed by what has taken place there. The experience being so painful for you all, it has been decided, from above to put you in a state close to permanent sleep, even when in your so called awake state.

Dear friends, it is now time for the sleeper to awaken. It is now time for the part, which was originally designed to do and to obey the higher self, to serve the higher again. It is now time for this part to no longer be out of control, and run wild. It is time for your higher self to gently lead your life again. This will bring the light back on your planet, and with the incoming energies, will contribute to your Ascension. What is about to occur knows no limit, and it will be amplified by the many souls on Mother Earth. The vibrations will be seen rise from the entire Universe and resonate creating a wave of joy. We are here watching your awakening and to assist you in your work. As you know, from now on, our presence will be made more and more obvious. Our peaceful intentions will leave no room for doubt concerning our peaceful motivations towards you. The cabal plans for discrediting us are lacking the cohesion required within their group, in order to have been carried out successfully.

We shall continue our work more and more in the open. We are aware that many of you are very fond of us and we are grateful for your love and trust. The younger generations are by no way afraid of us, and have very lively knowledge of our existence and presence. They will help their families deal with the changes and with Disclosure, when the time for our presence to be revealed and will be made public. We truly rejoice ourselves at the now tangible perspective for First Contact. Weather Disclosure will be made by your governments or not, we are now authorised to decloak and initiate mass contact at the time best suited and at our own discretion. Needless to say, dear ones, that there is no much talk about this among all the space beings entrusted for taking part in this.

We are waiting for these meetings to lead to various agreements regarding dates and locations for multiple sustained appearances. These will be taking place for periods of time longer than usual, and in fact we are planning to remain decloaked for as long as allowed by your military. These events will take place initially in South America for the larger part, and shortly after will be repeated worldwide.  We do not wish to cause concern for you, so we are obliged to take this declaoking stage step by step. So please do not lose heart if the pace is not fast enough for you. As the changing world will be obvious to all, economical changes will also take place with full confidence. This will shortly be followed by political changes. We do not wish to cause too much anticipation and wish to let you enjoy the times ahead as events of unprecedented magnitude unfold in front of you.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and am glad to be the bearer of good news. May Light and Joy be with you always dear friends. Be ready for the events to speed up as October ends.

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