SaLuSa: As the Dark Hats Withdraw, Disclosure Will Soon Become A Reality

Salusa via Laura tyco


Laura: Good evening SaLuSa. It is so nice to hear from you. Here is our first question: “SaLuSa, You have already referred to us as Ascended Beings in previous times. Being so, why cannot I feel like that? I am sure that I am in a different stage of evolution from the brothers with whom I am related to (I wonder if I am not estimate me too high). In fact though having been aware of my degree of evolution and trying the best to evolve and expand my consciousness, I am always in doubt if I will have the gift to ascend also this time. How can I know if I am doing all the needed to achieve it? Light and Peace”.


SaLuSa: From its moment of creation, a soul strives for self-perfection through many lifetimes, on various planets. Although all souls are of divine origin and part of divine creation, there are various stages of maturity and consciousness for each and every soul. Creation is forever expanding and reinventing itself through many forms and aspects. The level of consciousness of a soul is often referred to as the level of dimension it dwells in. This is why people often speak of a soul’s journey.


There are, at this time on Earth, a high number of incarnated Ascended Beings, of Angels and other highly evolved beings. However, there are also a great number of younger souls incarnated at this time on Mother Earth, who are blocked here because of the law of karma. Although all living beings are equally loved and receive equal help from the High Spiritual Hierarchy, many souls present now are stuck, so to speak on Earth for many lives.


We could compare this to a school with many children, in various classes. Although all children are equal as universal beings, their knowledge and consciousness are far from being equal. However it never means that a child of 4 years old is less loved, respected and helped than a 12 years old child. The level of knowledge and consciousness is just not comparable. All the children will eventually come out of school with their diploma if such is their wish. So you see, there can never be judgement on any of you dear souls.


Many of highly evolved beings chose to experience duality, in order to raise the vibrations on Mother Earth in view of Ascension. Mother Earth having expressed her wish to permanently leave duality, the High Spiritual Hierarchy has answered her call by asking many Ascended Beings to re-enter duality and show the way to those stuck in negativity and in karma. Originally all souls came from Source, and undertook various journeys in their evolution and exploration. However there comes a time when all souls must undertake a journey back to Source. This is a return and a homecoming. So, dear friend, you too were once an Ascended Being, there just is no exception to this rule.


The self-doubt and fears that you are experiencing are quite legitimate when souls dwell in duality. You are living in physicality and your bodies, on Mother Earth, are not what they are in other planets. The fear that most of you are experiencing is coming from the lack of connection to Source. Indeed dear ones, duality requires a conscious effort for your reconnection to the above. This connection can be achieved by bringing your attention to your physicality, to your experience in duality in the Here and Now. You human bodies are so tense that it is virtually impossible for most of you to experience your connection to Source, or Higher Self. Your emotions are high and low throughout your days. What matters most is to bring your attention, your consciousness, your light to the realization of having a knot in your stomach, as you often say, of having your chest tight, of experiencing how ready to jump your muscles are, while you are in your normal environment on Mother Earth.


Dear ones, all these emotions, fears, and tensions are seated inside your body. Your body is the seat of your heart, of your hormones, of your spine and brain. Your breath, food and water processing do not require your active participation, as Mother Nature has granted the mechanical functioning of your instinctive functions. However bringing your attention to sensing your body and to your feelings is bringing light into your life. By so doing you are bringing about somebody who is watching over you. One can then wonder who this energy watching is. We tell you that this Watcher is your Godspark, your I AM presence.


When you are in such a presence, you will feel different. You will have a renewed understanding, your feelings will be revealed to yourself, higher consciousness will pour into your ordinary thinking. You will open up your mind and your heart to higher consciousness, to higher dimensions. You will be connected to your inner world as well as your outer world. You will be present in the moment. Maintaining this connection with your higher self requires a great deal of will and of energy. Ordinarily it is impossible to do outside of your meditative state. You can also try this connection while you are walking, eating, or doing physical work. This is true prayer. All is possible to those who can achieve this level of connection for prolonged moments of their daily lives.


Laura: Thank you SaLuSa. Would you like to give us an update please?


SaLuSa: Yes of course. We are continuing our negotiations with the dark hats. As we approach Ascension at a fast pace, they begin to see how the energies are awakening you, dear friends. They can now see that they will not be able to keep you under their tight control for much longer. Some are now more willing in striking deals with light beings on your planet in order to be accepted in your new forming society. Others are eager to leave Mother Earth, as they know, by now, that they no longer have any hope of holding you down and preventing your Ascension. There are still a few dark hats in denial about the current situation, however, these will soon find themselves alone and surrounded by the light.


Many lightworkers are experiencing fatigue, emotional tensions, and doubt. We ask you to be aware of these, but not to let them take over your life. Remember who you are, remain connected to Mother Earth as much as possible. You can not embody love and feel fear at the same time dear friends. So please be kind to yourself, accept what is, and bear seeing your limitations in duality. Do not place judgement upon yourself and upon others. The time for living outside of the illusion is coming near. You will soon see without blinkers all that is around you and inside of you. Transforming these remaining energies is your final mission dear friends. Bearing to feel your body and your feet on Mother Earth while the superfluous disappears will demand courage and your loved ones will look up to you at this time. Be the love and light you chose to embody for this celebration of Mother Earth’s Ascension.


As the dark hats will withdraw, Disclosure will soon become a reality. Many will be in a state of shock at the news of all that has been hidden from them. Your government’s acts and secrets will shock people on your planets far more than the Disclosure of intelligent life in space. This is something all children know about and that everybody will have far less difficulties in accepting than was originally anticipated. As your vibrations are taking away the illusion about yourself and about your world, the existence of extraterrestrial life will come as a fait accompli to many on your planet. People  will experience little fear of us, and you will experience the love and joy deeply entrenched within your hearts towards each other and towards us.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and send you my love as well as my encouragements for weeks ahead. Your world will be transformed in many ways, and looking back on this, you will be amazed at the speed changes were created by you. Much light and joy will manifest on your world in the coming weeks.


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