Salusa: You are Entering a Period of Increasing Light

Salusa via Laura Tyco

Good evening dear friends. We are happy to see you make so much progress so fast. With this pace, you are building up momentum in spreading the light and love. Your feelings are opening up, as your body armour relaxes with the high level of vibrations directed towards you and Mother Earth. You will find yourselves more emotional and sensitive than usually, at times even teary. Once again, do not be alarmed by this. It is important to understand that being a witness to your inner changes is an important part in consciousness growth.

Some of you have very busy life styles, with little or no time to yourselves, no time to enjoy life or to just have fun and make new discoveries. Children are showing you the way dear ones; they are the key to your evolution. You must become like children again. Children live in the here and now, they need to have fun every day and they see every minute of their life as a gift and an adventure. They are open to all possibilities and put no limitations upon themselves. They accept the situation they are in with great love and joy, they are grateful for every minute they spend with their loved ones. Children are very sensitive to animals and to nature also. All is possible for them and fear is not usually part of their vocabulary.

We know that for the most part you are feeling tired of the duality world. You are looking forward for the end game so to speak. We wish to remind you that we too look forward to being acknowledged by you all, and to renew contact with you all dear friends. Do not despair, as events behind the scenes are slowly taking shape for a better world full of love and light. We would encourage those of you tired of waiting for disclosure and Ascension to contribute to spreading love and light vibrations. We remind you that you have chosen this life and that it is a great honour to being actively involved in planetary Ascension. You do have a specific role to play at this time, and if you feel bored or unfulfilled, perhaps this is an indication that you have not achieved your full potential yet dear friends.

You are about to enter a period for your planet where all will be much lighter. You will experience communicating with angels, but also with magical or fairytales like beings linked to Earth’s history. You will link with other dimensions and beings in perfect harmony, peace and love. There will no longer be any kind of pain or misunderstandings resulting from a lack of compassion, limited knowledge and limited consciousness. You will reclaim your divine right among us in love and joy. You will be again the powerful and loving beings you once were. You will experience the limitless possibilities that living in the here and now moment has to offer. This will seem like a welcome homecoming and a blessing when you will be aware of the higher realms again.

At this point in time, we ask you to focus on the high love and peace frequencies. There is still much pain and darkness on Mother Earth dear souls, so we do encourage you to help us counterbalance these dark and painful energies on the parts of your planet being in turmoil, fear and sadness. Keep the people of the war zones in your heart, think of them daily when possible. This may seem like nothing, but the love you are sending them and to Mother Earth will contribute elevating the light levels. Your love will help those in difficult times and they will understand what is needed now thanks to your help. As you know, even though our connection cannot be consciously perceived, it is there nevertheless.

Mother Earth is doing much of her work in order to proceed with her own Ascension. She is ready to shift into the higher dimension now and is continuing with the final stages of her cleansing. We have been active behind the scenes in lessening the consequences of her cleansing for your lives and shall continue to do so. Many of you require energy at the moment, as they are full of fear and doubt regarding the coming events. We keep trying to connect with those of you who are willing to make a telepathic connection with us. We can reach you from a great distance and send our love to the hearts of those in troubles times.

Know however that we do respect your space and only initiate contact with those who desire so and whose vibration are or the highest love and light. Our energies converge and we perceive your love for us. Our hearts and consciousness flow with light in our brief moments of consciousness sharing. This is a very pure, loving and trusting procedure that we are more than happy to proceed with. We feel in our hearts your pure and true intend for an open communication and respond with joy when invited to share a moment in the here and now in your presence.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and encourage you to consider what has been said today. Keep peace and love in your hearts. We are above your heads, although you cannot always see our ships. We are with you when you are embodying the frequencies of love and compassion. We are here to bridge your consciousness to the higher realms. Be peace, be love.

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